Robe MegaPointes back Isracard spectacular
Wednesday, 16 May 2018
robe-isracard-2018-photo-by-tomer-foltyn-501The event was staged in Pavilion 2, Tel Aviv’s biggest venue (photo: Tomer Foltyn)
Israel - Light architects Cochavi & Klein produced a 'show-stopping' lighting designs for a major event staged in Pavilion 2, Tel Aviv’s largest venue. They were working for production company MPLive who delivered the event for financial services giant, Isracard.
The format was a gala dinner for around 2,500 people, a live show featuring a star-studded line-up of popular Israeli talent onstage including Infected Mushroom and others, culminating in a party. Eran Klein operated the lights working closely with stage designer Omer Israeli, Cochavi & Klein’s project manager Dor Aichner and video designer Rubi Saati of Studio Vega.
Omer and Eran chose Robe moving lights to deliver serious impact and effects, with 12 x Mega Pointes - used for the first time live in Israel - plus 30 x Pointes, six Spiiders, eight BMFL Blades, eight 8 x BMFL Spots and three Patt 2013s on the rig.
Cochavi & Klein was asked on-board on the strength of their impressive portfolio and reputation for bringing fresh creativity and innovation to visual stage and performance concepts. MPLive approached them after consulting with the event’s technical producer, Itamar Bar Shavit.
The eight BMFL Spots were used upstage at the back for beam work and effects behind the bands, with the eight BMFL Blades downstage providing tight and accurate key lighting utilizing the shutters.
The Spiiders were positioned for doing cross and side lighting onstage from the two most downstage ‘city’ towers.
Pointes were rigged on top of the ‘city’ towers, with the MegaPointes deployed in a line behind the musicians.
The Pointes and MegaPointes were the workhorse fixtures of the show.
They created all the bold, raucous, ‘in-the-face’ looks, huge dynamic scenes and fluid movements filling the air with a lively mix of aerial effects and beam-tastic WOW factors, often receiving audible gasps from the audience as the lightshow ramped up!
The MegaPointes created great ambience and atmosphere for the different acts appearing onstage.
Other lighting fixtures included sun strips, strobes, magic blades, and blinders. Lighting, sound and rigging for the event was supplied by one of the leading Israeli rental companies, Simul Argaman.
(Jim Evans)

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