Robe on ambitious Arsenal album launch
Tuesday, 10 July 2018
robe-arsenal-albumArsenal’s Antwerp album launch (photo: Louise Stickland)
Belgium - Robe’s Pointes, Spikies, Spiiders, LEDWash 300s and CycFX 8s proved themselves invaluable when lighting designer Wouter Vebeke had to squeeze a somewhat ambitious lighting rig into Mercardo, Antwerp, for the band Arsenal’s new album launch.
Wouter has worked with Arsenal - the name came from a World War II weapons depository adjacent to their studio in Brussels - since 2011. They are one of the most popular bands in Belgium, known for their dynamic mix of electronic music and fusion of multiple genres to create a unique sound that’s earned much international acclaim.
They wanted a special location for the launch of their sixth studio album In the Rush of Shaking Shoulders, an album which explores themes and theories related to chaos v structure. After throwing many ideas about, band leader Hendrick Willemyns hit on the Mercado. Originally part of a grand city centre post office building and more recently reinvented as a funky indoor food market, Mercado is used as an event space, and is on the Groenplaats, right in the heart of the city.
With 10 band members and a small stage, space was always going to be an issue. The band wanted to create a jungle onstage – as a metaphor for the ‘chaos’ part of the new album, so a veritable forest of greenery and plants made up the stage set!
Added to that, two emergency exits either side of the stage needed to remain clear, rigging was limited and the ceiling was low, all of which were key to the evolution of the lighting design along with the ‘Squeezability’ factor which enabled him to shoehorn 80 Robe moving lights plus other fixtures into the venue!
The Robe lighting fixtures he chose were all small and versatile – with 25 x Pointes, six Spiiders, 20 x Spikies, 19 x LEDWash 300s and eight CycFX 8s, all supplied by rental company Splendit.
Wouter used a ChamSys console for control and there were also some strobes, LED strobes, blinders, plus LED PARs on the floor in addition to all the Robes.
(Jim Evans)

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