Rockart Design celebrates sixth birthday
Thursday, 20 April 2017
Rockart Design collaborated with Australian artist Dami Im, who was second in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest (photo: Andres Putting Eurovision)
UK - Production design and creative direction firm, Rockart Design celebrated its birthday last week after six successful years in operation. Founded by Nicoline Refsing, previously of Stufish, the company’s impressive client list includes One Direction, Duke of Edinburgh and Eurovision Song Contest.
Nicoline’s foundations as part of Stufish, saw her work with Mark Fisher on some of the world’s biggest shows, including The Rolling Stones, U2, Take That, The Brits, Cirque Du Soliel and the Pink Fun House tour.
Founded in 2011, Rockart Design has worked worldwide. In 2014, Rockart was responsible for the creative direction and content design for all 37 participating nations for the Eurovision Song Contest, and has continued to develop artists every year since. Last year, Rockart collaborated with Australian contestant Dami Im, whose striking performance saw her finish in second place in the competition.
In 2015, the firm was challenged to win over new streaming audiences for The Riot Games - League of Legends. A completely new trend in the world of major events - E-Sports hosts arena spectaculars for online gaming. Rockart provided the design for four international arena shows.
Recently Rockart provided a full range service including creative direction, screen content, production and lighting design for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards 60th Anniversary event.
With more Eurovision performances in the pipeline, and a recently completed production design for the SWATCH Your Move product launch, founder Refsing reflects, “We are really happy with this achievement and thrilled with the new opportunities that have come our way. Our passion for creating outstanding performances means we enjoy every project we work on and have been able to deliver on each new challenge that has come our way. We’re really excited for the year ahead.”
(Jim Evans)

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