SA industry stands together with #LightSAred campaign
Friday, 17 July 2020
lightsaredIndividuals, companies and anyone concerned about the future of live events can participate
South Africa - The South African event industry is planning a widespread protest action to highlight the lack of government support for the sector, which has been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
Taking place on 5 August, the Light SA Red campaign is calling on anyone concerned about the future of live events to join in by illuminating a building in ‘emergency red’.
The campaign is inspired by Germany’s Night of Light and the UK’s Light It In Red. To shine a light on the lack of state backing for the industry, it will take place exactly five months since South Africa enforced a blanket ban on all live events due to COVID-19, leaving many freelancers, venues and businesses out of work.
“The South African events industry is dying, and we are being ignored,” say the organisers in a statement. “Our aim is for government and financial institutions to extend financial relief to those who earn a living in the technical production and live events industry until we are permitted to resume work. In addition we would like government to engage with elected leaders within SACIA and the SA Events Council, and provide a platform for our voices to be heard. Lastly, #LightSAred demand that the government recognize and support the non-profit organisations that are trying to sustain destitute members of the technical production and live events industry.”
Those who wish to take part need to illuminate in red a building in red, take a photo and share it by using #LightSAred.
“The events industry is aboard a sinking ship, and we are headed for the rocks,” the statement adds. “Help us light the warning beacon and #LightSAred to remind government and private industry just how much is at stake.”
Visit to find out how you can participate.

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