‘The vision was to bring directional sound from the court, ice, and other areas of the arena into the suites’
Canada - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) recently announced its $350m renovation for the Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto Raptors (NBA).
This multi-phase renovation will see improvements to almost every part of the venue to greatly enhance the fan experience. The work began on the Mastercard Executive Suites level along with state-of-the-art technology upgrades, which was the start of the proof of concept with the upgraded audio system.
The initial audio design came from WJHW, a global design and consultant firm, who reached out to 1 Sound to specify 1 Sound’s Cannon C4i’s in the design for the Mastercard Executive Suites, Theatre Suites, and Mastercard Lounge. The goal of the design prompted by MLSE was for the audio system to fit in with the high-end finishes and feel of the room and have an enhanced audio experience in the suites while maintaining a small form factor.
The vision was to bring directional sound from the court, ice, and other high-energy areas of the arena into the suites to create an immersive experience. The Cannon C4i’s fit the bill with their high-fidelity sound quality, extended low frequency, and only taking up a footprint on the wall of a 6-inch box. MLSE produced a full proof of concept suite to demonstrate two Cannon C4i’s and other audio-visual technology.
Branch Audiovisual, with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, was contracted for the audio installation and worked with 1 Sound Custom Shop to satisfy the need for the loudspeakers to blend in. With this option available, MLSE decided to match the Cannons with the same paint colour used for the walls where they would mount the loudspeakers. Branch AV installed about 100 Cannon C4i’s with custom colour C-Clamps accessories in all of the arena’s suites with primetime viewing for games and concerts. Custom-coloured Cannon C5i’s with matching C-Clamps were utilised in the Mastercard Lounge, the shared-members dining space.
"I must say, we have been thoroughly impressed with the exceptional performance of 1 Sound’s products. Their dedication to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our values at BranchAV. We greatly appreciate their partnership and eagerly anticipate incorporating their outstanding products into our future projects," says Bob Guy, partner of Branch Audiovisual.
Based on the success of this project, MLSE upgraded the Raptors practice court’s audio system with Branch AV and went on to utilise 1 Sound’s line of bigger loudspeakers for the basketball court’s system.

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