Senior appointments at String and Tins
Wednesday, 10 February 2021
rachel-calumRachel Hough and Culum Simpson
UK - Sound design and music production studio String and Tins has announced that Rachel Hough, who joined as EP in summer 2020, has stepped up to the position of managing director and award-winning sound designer and composer Culum Simpson also joins the team.
With over a decade of experience, Culum Simpson has worked in advertising, long form, feature film and video games, procuring a long list of loyal clients spanning agencies, production companies, and developers on both independent and global scales.
“Having worked with Mike at Jungle many years ago,” says Simpson. “I feel like I've always had an eye on String and Tins’ success. It's been amazing to see the studio gaining traction over the years, growing from its humble beginnings to the creative powerhouse it is today. Having the opportunity to work alongside Mike, Will and the rest of the team here is very exciting indeed.”
In her new role as managing director, Rachel Hough will continue to offer support to clients and the production department, finding solutions and assisting in delivering the best creative work possible. She will also look to drive further business growth whilst supporting and nurturing talent.
String and Tins partner Mike Bamford comments: “Culum’s sound and music skills are second to none and Rachel is such an awesome human being, I’m super happy to be leaning into 2021 with these new appointments.”

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