Sennheiser returns to The Great Escape
Wednesday, 16 May 2018
sennheiserSennheiser is celebrating 20 years of its Evolution wired microphones
UK - Sennheiser is making a return to Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival from 17-19 May, where it will be celebrating 20 years of its Evolution wired microphones.
To mark the occasion, Sennheiser is taking its 20 Years of Evolution tour bus to the festival where it will be inviting artists to talk to Sennheiser representatives and discuss their equipment and audio requirements. Festival-goers can also experience the sound of Sennheiser microphones - which are also being used throughout the festival - and enter competitions to win Sennheiser headphones.
Sennheiser’s SpeechLine Digital Wireless range will also feature in the festival’s conference meeting rooms.
The tour bus will be located on New Road and will also host the first Sennheiser Sessions outside the bus on the Thursday (17 May) and Friday (18 May) at 5.30pm.
(Jim Evans)

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