SES completes major project for JLLighting
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
jl-lightingThe order included 72ways, HDPE distro and cables
UK - SES Entertainment Services has been working with JLLighting on their most recent batch of 72ways, HDPE distro and cables.
“We got a call from Jack (managing director) at JLLighting looking to purchase some of our SES 72ways as they wanted to move away from their previous supplier,” says SES group director Gordon Cooper. “The quote started off as three of these units however quickly turned into HDPE distro, moulded rubber K9’s, soca splitters, custom fan outs and Powerlock linking sets as well. Quotes and drawings were supplied quickly as there was a tight deadline to stick to.
“We worked closely with JL on the specs and branding to ensure they received exactly what they were after and only the best quality branded components were used on all the builds.”
The 72ways are 27u 19” racks are made from Zintec steel and have a black powder coat on them. The racks feature 400A PowerLock incoming with a 400A MCCB fitted with nudge bars and an unprotected link through. There is an overall VTVS switchable ELR allowing discrimination between units, a neutral loss relay for added protection of equipment when powering shows, 7 LED fault display on the front and back of the distro allowing the user to identify faults quickly, overall digital metering showing voltage and amps across all phases including neutral, a handy dual USB charging point and bi-colour rack lights front and back helping to illuminate all the breakers and sockets.
“On the outgoing side there are six 16A/230V sockets protected by 16A 30mA single module RCBO’s, 12 x soca with each channel having its own 30mA RCBO, 1 x 32A/400V socket with a 4P MCB and 1 x 63A/400V socket protected by MCB with VTVS switchable earth leakage. They also have the JL Lighting logo lasered in full colour and were fitted into custom flight cases that were free-issued to us.”
Looking at the 3 x 63A distro each socket features an MCB and VTVS switchable earth leakage relay. In terms of branding JL opted for their main logo on the lid with an added PAL label and then a button logo on both sides of the unit so the branding is always visible.
The K9’s and soca splitters are made from rubber for durability with the K9’s having RCBO’s on each outlet and both having the JL logo on a laser engraved plate.
Finally, all the cable has been fitted with the JL customised orange heat shrink which features their logo and a barcode. Length tape was also added to help easily identify cables and both were covered with a piece of clear shrink to prevent damage. A personal touch was added by engraving the soca ends which were supplied with large orange locking rings to match company colours and keep all kit uniform and identifiable.
“Overall, it’s been a real pleasure working with Jack, Dan, Ellie and the team starting this new relationship and once again supplying kit for one of the biggest names out there,” concludes Cooper.

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