Shure Axient co-ordinates NRL Grand Final
Friday, 22 November 2019
shure-axient-digital-nrl-grand-final-1JPJ deployed a site-wide fibre optic network carrying both Dante and MADI for interconnectivity
Australia - On Sunday 6 October, the Canberra Raiders squared off against the Sydney Roosters at the NRL Grand Final in front of 82,922 spectators at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, with millions more watching the broadcast. Impressive numbers - as was the 229 radio microphones active at the ground that Peter Twartz, radio frequency manager for the stadium and the NRL, had to coordinate to work flawlessly with one another.
Wayne Mulder, engineering coordinator for production provider JPJ, made Peter’s job that bit easier by using Shure Axient Digital and PSM1000 IEMs across pre-show entertainers OneRepublic, the choir, MCs, hosts, and national anthem performers. All up, 52 channels of Shure’s premium wireless mic and monitor products kept the show running flawlessly in an extremely hostile RF environment.
“At JPJ, we wouldn’t use anything else but Shure Axient for this kind of application,” declares Wayne Mulder. “The mics have to work when millions are watching, and Axient Digital’s performance is flawless. I trust Shure Axient completely - it turns on, does what it says it’s going to do, and even in the crazy, hostile RF environment of the NRL Grand Final, it’s bulletproof.”
Wayne and the JPJ team chose four handheld ADX2 transmitters for the main vocal channels, running in dual frequency diversity mode. This mode sees a redundant signal transmitted from the ADX2 to the receivers, which automatically select the best signal from the two independent frequencies. Both are automatically managed, and change undetectably if RF problems occur.
JPJ deployed a site-wide fibre optic network carrying both Dante and MADI for interconnectivity, making integrating Dante audio from the Shure Axient receivers a simple matter of connecting to the network. Settings in the transmitters themselves allow JPJ to keep control data streams and Dante separate. Three AXT600 Axient Spectrum Managers were used to monitor and control the top, middle, and lower tiers of the stadium respectively.
(Jim Evans)

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