Shure extends Microflex line
Tuesday, 17 August 2021
mx415dual-clecterna415dgwsrearpreampsThe Microflex MX415 Dual Cartridge Gooseneck Microphone
UK - Shure is launching its new Microflex MX415 Dual Cartridge Gooseneck Microphone, to provide ‘maximum versatility and a streamlined appearance for applications where great sound and great looks go hand-in-hand’.
Mounted to a single, flexible gooseneck, the sleek, low-profile dual cartridge housing ensures every word is captured simultaneously by two cardioid cartridges, each to a separate output preamp - ensuring reliable, multi-feed audio with a streamlined appearance for major broadcast events, corporate presentations, and all other critical use cases.
“The Microflex MX415 Dual Cartridge Gooseneck Microphone provides the same legendary audio quality customers have come to expect from the Shure Microflex wired line, delivering reliable, high-quality audio for high-stake moments,” said John Born, associate director, global product management, at Shure. “When critical events are on the line, the MX415DUAL captures it all - twice.”
Each audio signal path is completely isolated with its own ground to ensure that electrical interference is not transferred between mics. With the integrated CommShield technology, RF interference from mobile devices is rejected, resulting in a clean signal to keep the focus on the speech. The most demanding situations are now covered by Shure’s new MX415DUAL, guaranteeing that the highest-profile speakers will sound extraordinary and deliver their messages successfully.

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