Shure supports Hazel Iris album launch
Wednesday, 14 November 2018
iris-shureHazel Iris celebrates the release of her first full-length album
UK - On 25 October at London’s St. Bartholomew-the-Great at Smithfield, storytelling singer-songwriter Hazel Iris celebrated the release of her first full-length album, Nine Sisters.
Shure supported the event with KSM8, BETA52, SM137, SM81, KSM141, BETA98, SM57’s and SM58 microphones and PSM300 in ear monitoring systems.
Peter Junge, engineer in charge of recording and filming the event, comments: “For the Hazel Iris album launch, we used Shure microphones on every instrument. Not only was the live-sound superb but the recording also came out really well. Listening back I was very surprised by how focused it all sounds and how little issue with bleed or ambience we have on the signals. Very often, when using that many condenser microphones in a church, there can be a problem. However, the sound is nicely separated and I’m pleased I'll be able to make a studio quality mix from it.”
Marc Henshall, senior marketing specialist, pro audio, adds: “For the industry to thrive, it’s imperative that we support truly unique talent. Shure have a proud history of supporting great music over many decades, and when Hazel approached us with the ambitious concept for her next album launch, it was clear this was an event we wanted to support.
“Far from a standard album launch, Hazel has worked hard to bring in broader creative aspects, including theatrical elements. We’re a huge advocate of theatre at Shure, and we recognise the importance of this sector in what it brings to the UK creative industries, both culturally and fiscally. Hazel’s work in bringing popular music closer to theatre and classical music is refreshing and exciting.”
(Jim Evans)

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