Simon King flies solo with La Traviata
Thursday, 20 April 2017
simon-king-2017Simon King programmed the lighting on a grandMA2 (photo: Lauge Sorensen)
South Africa - Simon King is flying solo after working at the State Theatre in Pretoria for 28 years. He recently took a seat behind the grandMA2 to light La Traviata, performed at The Joburg Theatre by the Joburg Ballet, and complimented with the music of Giuseppe Verdi.
“The ballet is by Veronica Paeper, a renowned South African choreographer from Cape Town, and Peter Cazalet, the set designer,” said Simon. “They have specific looks so when I create something they will say ‘yes or no’, or perhaps ask me to tinker. These are classic productions but I’m also given the liberty to play. Having worked with the ballet company since 1993, it’s like working with old friends.”
Simon programmed the lighting on a grandMA2, what he describes as his happy desk. “It always works for me –it’s like my other limb and I’m very comfortable on it. It never gives me problems, is easy, fast and never crashes.”
Simon also made use of the venue’s in-house Robin 800s and MMX Spots. “The Robin 800s were used to dress the set, as side lights and for little effects. They were very busy,” he said. “The MMX spots were used for soft gobo lighting and set and dancer specials.”
(Jim Evans)

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