SOS gives light to the Hope School
Friday, 9 February 2018
sherryn-riley-dwr--sos-with-val-rogers-hope-schoolSherryn Riley (DWR & SOS) with Val Rogers (Hope School)
South Africa - DWR Distribution’s initiative SOS Charity Fund helped secure bedside lamps and other lamp fixtures for The Hope School in Westcliff, Johannesburg.
The school provides education for around 200 students - from the age of three to those in grade 12 – with physical disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds.
Recently a company approached the Hope School to assist them with the refurbishment of the hostel bathrooms. They then took it a step further and generously decided to upgrade the girls’ dormitory with new furniture, bedding and curtains. All that was needed was mattresses and lamps.
The receptionist at the school, Val Rogers, who assists with fundraising, was set to task and sent out e-mails to various companies. She wrote: “Our school tries as best we can and we do have a programme, which enables families with a need. On Fridays, the identified children get food parcels to take home with them. We have a lot of wonderful hardworking therapists at our school who assist the children and the results speak for themselves. That said, our school is nearly a hundred years old and due to this, we have some areas that need assistance. There is a project in progress in our girls’ hostel and I am asking if you could help by sponsoring our school with the possibility of twelve bed lamps.”
It seemed a small request and the SOS were glad to help. As additional dormitories are revamped, the SOS has pledged to supply additional lamp fixtures.
DWR has put out an invitation to the pupils from the Hope School to visit its office and if there is anyone interested, to receive console training and exposure to the industry. Who knows, we may just find an upcoming lighting designer or audio engineer.
(Jim Evans)

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