SSL Live L300 on Dawid Podsiadlo tour
Friday, 22 November 2019
rafal-smolen-l300-consoleFOH engineer Rafal Smolen relied on SSL L300 consoles
Poland - Singer-songwriter Dawid Podsiadlo found fame by winning the second series of Poland’s X Factor in 2012, securing himself a recording contract with Sony Music. Following the success of his two Diamond certified albums, Podsiadlo embarked on a stadium tour, where FOH engineer Rafal Smolen relied on SSL L300 consoles, supplied by GMB Pro Sound and Polish distributor Audiotech Commercial.
“The L300 was the best possible choice for this tour,” says Smolen. “I got comfortable working with it, as it quickly became apparent that whatever I did on this console would always sound exceptional.”
One of the Dawid Podsiadlo concerts was held at the National Stadium in Warsaw, which Smolen says was always intended to be a 'one of a kind' show.
“We wanted it to be a real, one-time event that would really amaze people and make them want more. That was our goal,” he says. “I am not someone who likes to brag, but it was the National Stadium, which is the venue where probably 90% of the live music concerts that took place there were a disaster, because it has horrible acoustics and it's a really difficult venue to play music in.
“However, this event was a great success. It was attended by music journalists and other musicians, and all the feedback said it was the first concert that sounded fantastic, which was a really great achievement for us and our partner company GMB Pro Sound who worked on the PA.”
Dawid Podsiadlo has some smaller gigs planned for 2020, where Smolen reports that he will be using SSL once again.
(Jim Evans)

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