Stage Electrics enhances Looking Backward
Friday, 9 February 2018
looking-backward-2The University of Birmingham’s drama students’ adaptation of Looking Backward
UK - An investment in a pair of 7,000lmPanasonic projectors has enhanced the University of Birmingham’s drama students’ adaptation of the book Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy.
With the requirement for a projector that could achieve a high level of output to cut through stage lighting plus project onto two different surfaces during performance, the University of Birmingham went to Stage Electrics for guidance.
Stage Electrics’ Paul Lucas liaised with the Universities Drama Department to interpret their requirements. He says: “It became apparent that the department wanted to acquire professional technical equipment that exposes students to the leading brands and technology. They needed projectors that could be used for full performances, delivering a high-quality presentation whilst still being portable enough to move between their various spaces and studios; I knew Panasonic’s PT-DW750 was exactly what the university needed”.
The PT-DW750 has an operating noise of just 30 dB which makes it suitable for noise-critical situations, along with image projection quality, a single chip DLP and 7,000 lm, Stage Electrics knew that this projector would be the tight fit – a choice Phil Speck, a technical tutor and lighting designer of the University of Birmingham’s Drama Department, agreed with.
“As a department, we could not be more pleased with the PT-DW750’s and the variety afforded by the options of control and input,” reports Phil. “Stage Electrics were great in listening to all the requirements we had and provided us with a range of options at very competitive prices. They took the time to listen to any queries, ensuring that the purchase was exactly what was needed.”
(Jim Evans)

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