Strand theatrical LED luminaires now shipping
Friday, 12 June 2020
strandThe new Strand theatrical luminaires are available now
USA – Strand has announced that their new line of LED theatrical luminaires are now shipping. The new fixtures, which include an updated Leko LED Profile, feature an RGBALC colour system and target theatres, houses of worship, TV studios and other performance spaces.
"There has been strong excitement about the new Strand luminaires, and customers are eager to see the fixtures in person," says Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. "The wide colour spectrum, high CRI and easy-to-programme SmartColor Control system have generated a lot of excitement in the market, and we are eager to have more customers see how truly excellent the quality of light is on these fixtures."
SmartColor Control on the new Strand luminaires allows programmers to quickly leverage the full power of the RGBALC (red, green, blue, amber, lime and cyan) colour mixing system with less effort using traditional CYM+CTO controls.
The Strand Leko LED Profile and Cantata LED Fresnel are also available in two white output versions - a warm tunable white (2700K to 4500K) and cold tunable white (4000K to 7000K) variety - for better reproduction of skin tone and other colors on stage. The tunable white fixtures offer a consistent CRI exceeding 94 across all color temperatures, as well as high TM30 and TLCI values.
"The full RGBALC colour system in these theatrical fixtures ensures designers can achieve the same deep colors they once obtained with gels, while the cold and warm tunable white options on the new Leko and Cantata luminaires offer designers beautiful colour rendering across the entire temperature spectrum," explains Palmer. "Thanks to SmartColor Control, designers can achieve these colours faster and more precisely using the CYM+CTO controls they are familiar with."
The following luminaires and now shipping: Strand Leko LED Profile - the modern successor to the iconic Strand Leko that inspired generations of designers; Strand Cantata LED Fresnel - available in full colour, warm tunable white and cold tunable white varieties, with >94 CRI, TM30 & TLCI across all models; Strand Coda LED Cyc - the full colour Strand Coda LED Cyc light offers an output of over 11000 lumens at a high >94 CRI, TM30 & TLCI along with a fanless design, split zone control, and steerable beam control; Strand Aurora LED Strip - available in 4- and 12-cell configurations, and Strand Leko LED Outdoor Profile - a version of the Leko LED luminaire in a sturdy IP65 housing with a host of dedicated features that address the needs of outdoor performances.
“The new Strand luminaires build upon the decades of industry leadership in theatrical lighting and offer a complete solution of fixtures that address modern challenges,” adds Sameer Sodhi, business leader, Vari-Lite and Strand at Signify. “The Leko is an industry icon for a reason, and we are proud that the new updates to it and the rest of this theatrical range leverage this wealth of experience and offer customers incredible colour rendering, deep colour hues and simple-to-use colour mixing all in a single, cohesive family.”
(Jim Evans)

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