Surrey Business School upgrades with Shure
Tuesday, 7 August 2018
surrey2The new 400+ seat lecture theatre
UK - An AV overhaul has transformed a 400+ seat lecture theatre at the Surrey Business School at the University of Surrey in Guildford.
The audio installation, a collaboration between Shure and systems integrator Snelling Business Systems, created a single AV system suitable for lecture theatre / classroom theatre, live events and cinema theatre without the need for prior training or dedicated IT support.
Shure’s technical team created a system designed for switchover from one user mode to another at the touch of a button. The team provided technical support and streaming tests across campus between lecture theatres to asses Microflex Wireless capabilities for RF stability and networked control.
“The vast capabilities of the system are perfect for the range of uses we have, from lectures to live events and conference, as well as a cinema,” comments Rob Purcell, head of learning spaces technology at the University of Surrey. “During everyday use, there is no set-up required, which ensures that the academic tutor is confident they can use the system without IT support. Traditional lectures and seminars can be recorded at the press of a button, making the resource perfect for today’s online learning environment.
“Another great aspect of the design is its adaptability. Within the first six months the AV system has enabled us to rearrange the space radically to facilitate multiple layouts and forums. Having an AV system with such high-tech specifications means that all of our events exceed the expectations of the often high-profile attendants.”
Steve Royans, business development director, Snelling Business Systems, adds: “Given the brief of the project to extend system flexibility, Shure were a natural choice for our client, largely due to the available API, Remote Management, and System Integration capabilities.”
“We required a system which is not only simple to use in day-to-day operation, but also operable in multiple setup modes,” adds Purcell. “For example, the lecture theatre has three widely varying user groups and the system must respond to their requirements, while masking the complexity of the underlying technology. While academics require a system that is up and running at the touch of a few buttons, the live events team require a far more complex array of options.”
(Jim Evans)

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