TAB / Goose share Robe lighting vision
Friday, 24 February 2023
robe-goose-readingGoose play Reading, Pennsylvania (AZN Pics)
USA - The sold-out co-headlining Trey Anastasio Band (TAB) and Goose winter 2022 tour played multiple arenas along the north-east coast and was a massive hit with fans, who, not only enjoyed some superlative music, but also witnessed a collaboration between the two artists’ respective lighting designers.
Marc Janowitz (TAB) and Andrew Goedde (Goose) plus their lighting directors / programmers and operators on the road, Patrick Hayes for TAB, and Tony Caporale for Goose, engaged in teamwork and creative synergy to make this happen while utilising Robe moving lights.
The mix of Robe Fortes, Tarrantulas, Spiiders, Spikies and Tetra2 fixtures was supplied by Gateway Studios & Production Services (GSPS), together with all the tour’s lighting equipment.
There was no playback video onstage, but all the shows were streamed, so both band sets were lit for a full live broadcast camera package, as well as for the live audiences.
For expedience and efficiency, some lighting elements were shared but there were also individual aspects to each rig to meet all the various creative requirements. With Goose playing first, their complete floor package and risers had to be struck after their set each night. TAB’s set up and the relevant overhead lighting bars were flown out and in during an impressive lightning-quick 20-minute changeover.
This feat of creative co-operation, production value, and logistical planning was masterminded, coordinated, and supervised on the road by production manager Jesse Sandler.
The 90-minute Goose set, and 30-minute changeover was followed by 90 minutes of TAB playing some of their most popular numbers. The show closed with a combined 15-minute encore.
At the start of this tour, both TAB and Goose had been on the road throughout 2022, so base lighting designs existed for both, which assisted their integration for this double headliner.
The existing TAB rig was almost doubled in size to fill the arena sized venues, with three overhead trusses – front, mid and back – on which were hung 27 x Robe Fortes, 17 x Spiiders, 26 x Spikies and some strobes.
Both bands shared the downstage overhead truss (loaded with 10 x Fortes and six Spiiders), plus two upstage / downstage oriented side trusses flown at the downstage corners, each rigged with five Robe Spiiders deployed for cross stage washes.
Seventeen of TAB’s Spikies and 17 more Spiiders were rigged on nine vertical ladders on their upstage truss, and their mid stage truss also had a ladder below the centre point with a single Spikie.
Goose’s two overhead trusses featured 16 x Fortes and 16 x Tarrantulas, eight each on the upstage and mid.
All the floor-based kit was designed and rigged on wheeled towers and dollies to facilitate its rapid positioning onstage for smooth changeovers and to ensure it was practical to tour.
Goose’s floor package was slightly larger and included their 16 x Robe Tetra2s attached at jaunty angles on eight floor stands. They also had eight Fortes behind the low riser line for blasting in high impact light and beam effects from behind.
Pat operated TAB’s lighting using a Hog 4 console while Tony used a grandMA3 for Goose.
Led by crew chief Chastity O’Bradovich, Gateway’s crew was comprised of dimmer tech Benjamin Beardon, and lighting techs Joshua Blair, Geoffrey Bourlet, Andrew Kenneth, and Daniel McDonald. Gateway’s project manager was Conway McDonald-O’Lear.

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