Team Robe T1 rides the Western Cape
Thursday, 14 March 2019
bike-rideTeam Robe T1 - Paul Newman and Mike Hewan
South Africa - Team Robe T1, consisting of Paul Newman of Lucidity Technical Production Services and Mike Hewan, a seasoned pro, will be competing in the 16th edition of the Absa Cape Epic challenge hosted from 17-24 March. Both local and international mountain bikers will confront the tough eight-day adventure through the Western Cape Region in South Africa.
For the third consecutive year, Robe Lighting and DWR Distribution have stepped in as sponsors, the team named after the T1 series of LED bases moving lights, a fixture that can be used for theatre, television and touring applications and also be connected to the Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting system.
As the owner of Lucidity, a busy Johannesburg based technical supplier, a draw card for Paul Newman is to get out on his bicycle and leave life’s troubles behind, even for just a few hours. “We all need something to keep us from going mad in this industry and cycling keeps me grounded,” he said.
Team Robe T1 are grateful to Josef Valchar from Robe Lighting and DWR, who have taken a keen interest in this sport and who have invested in the form of sponsorship.
(Jim Evans)

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