Technical Direction Company opens doors
Friday, 11 August 2017
tdcGuests had the opportunity to see some of the world’s latest and best video technologies
Australia - TDC – Technical Direction Company supplies innovative video technologies to high profile live events, light festivals, TV productions and live performance.
The recent TDC Open House held at TDC’s Alexandria Headquarters on 2-4 August enabled production professionals to get their hands on the latest technologies, talk to expert TDC teams about how these new tools can be used in future projects, and to peek at the latest tools and technologies coming out of worldwide R&D labs.
“While we’ve always been known for using the latest video technologies in innovative ways to realise our clients’ projects, we’re now getting ahead of the game by developing and deploying technology such as automation, motion tracking and real time content generation that will be the future of live entertainment,” said Michael Hassett, managing director at TDC. “Throughout the open house event, our clients rebooked for double appointments and brought their important clients with them. The audience included many of Australia’s leading production people from TV, corporate, theatre, artistic groups, graphics houses along with eager students from NIDA and the Australian Film and television institute.”
These VIP guests had the opportunity to see some of the world’s latest and best video technologies.
TDC has expanded their capabilities to include show pre-visualisation, motion tracking, automation with technology demoed by TDC experts using d3, Notch, Blacktrax, the latest UDX projectors from Barco, along with TDC’s broadcast OB capability, and high resolution creative LED offerings.
The showcase concluded with a resident technical DJ and party!
(Jim Evans)

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