Theater Akzent chooses Robe DL Series
Friday, 17 March 2017
robe-theater-akzentTheater Akzent Theatre is a busy producing and receiving house located in the Wieden district of Austria’s capital city (photo: Louise Stickland)
Austria - Gerhard Scherer is a happy man since 24 x Robe DL7S Profiles and DL4S Profiles - 12 of each fixture – have been installed at the Theater Akzent Theatre in Vienna - a busy producing and receiving house located in the Wieden district of Austria’s capital city, famous for its culture and charm.
Head of lighting Gerhard has been working at Akzent since it was founded in 1989 in the grounds of the former Palais Nathaniel Rothschild. Its post-modern architecture was designed by Rudolf Jarosch and it offers a 455-seat main house, a studio that can accommodate 80 people and a 380-capacity event space.
When it came to the most recent technical upgrades for lighting, he was looking for powerful, refined profile LED fixtures with additive colour mixing, and Robe's DL range ticked all the boxes!
Also responsible for lighting 90 per cent of the incoming shows, this has made Gerhard’s life infinitely easier and more enjoyable - and he’s not looked back.
For him, the DL7S profile in particular is "one of the best luminaires I've ever seen” and very different to what he would normally expect in the white ranges from an LED lightsource.
They considered several different options by four leading brands including Robe before making the investment, although right from the start Robe had an edge because 11 years ago, Akzent purchased some ColorSpot 700E ATs which are still working well.
"They have been used almost every day for all of that time and there's never been a single issue," confirms Gerhard . . . almost surprised himself with this remarkable track record.
The DL4Ss were purchased first, and they were such a success that a year later, they followed up with the DL7Ss, which feature the seven colour LED engine, incredibly smooth and even colour mixing and a very high CRI and is "in a class of its own in terms of quality," says Gerhard.
Akzent is part state funded and part self-financed. The show schedule is very tight, but with the DLS Profiles in house - they are rigged on various over-stage pipes - they can now be infinitely more flexible in their approach to lighting any type or style of performance.
(Jim Evans)

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