‘Theater Erfurt is recognised as one of the most modern venues of its kind in Europe’
Germany - Theater Erfurt is synonymous with sophisticated musical theatre, enriching the cultural scene of Germany's Thuringian state capital through operas, musicals, and concerts performed by the Erfurt Philharmonic Orchestra. Built in 2003, Theater Erfurt is recognised as one of the most modern venues of its kind in Europe, offering immersive sound and excellent sightlines. It has recently enhanced its 800-seat main venue with the addition of an ETC ArcSystem Pro LED lighting system.
Previously, the theatre's ceiling was adorned with ETC Source Four PAR fixtures that utilised traditional incandescent lamps to provide a warm and uniform light. However, in a bid to promote sustainability and energy efficiency, Theater Erfurt’s technical director opted to replace these older luminaires with modern LED technology. This change promises to bring a new level of efficiency to the theatre's lighting system.
“Our team actively participated in the task at hand and presented various innovative technical solutions," says Mathias Meyer, head of TAL Chemnitz, who assisted with the project and supplied the lighting package. After careful consideration, the decision was made to opt for the ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Round LED lighting system from ETC, controlled via a wired DMX connection. ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Round are high-output, smooth-dimming luminaires for medium to long throw illumination. The circular luminaires have several suspension options and include the option of Fade to Warm technology that mimics an incandescent look.
According to Meyer, the fixtures stood out for several reasons. "First, the exceptional quality of light is absolutely on a par with the previously installed lamps,” he says. “The brightness and colour rendering perfectly align with the needs of the technical team and the musicians." The lightweight design and craftsmanship of the ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Round also offered advantages. “Installing the LED systems was a breeze thanks to the clever use of the existing ceiling recesses, saving time and eliminating the need for any additional construction work.”
Resource-saving efficiency was evident in other areas too. "With the new LED lighting, energy consumption is reduced by around 80 per cent," adds Meyer. "Plus, the thermal load on the room and - quite significantly - the maintenance costs are also reduced." Moreover, ETC consistently upholds its commitment to providing outstanding customer service. "With a 10-year warranty on the LED module, nothing stands in the way of long-term use."

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