Time flies in Orange County with Chauvet
Friday, 19 May 2017
timeThe lighting design at Time is by Steve Lieberman’s SJ Lighting
USA - There are no straight lines in Time, the new Orange County club designed by Davis Ink, Ltd. That’s one reason why the dance floor is visible from anywhere in the venue. The lighting design by Steve Lieberman’s SJ Lighting features a “digital chandelier” made of Chauvet DJ MotionOrb fixtures along with some power packed spot and wash lighting from Chauvet Professional Rogues.
“The space inside this venue is almost amoeba-like,” said Lieberman. “It’s a single flowing and very immersive unit. Davis Ink completely ripped the former retail store apart down to the bone to create the new structure. We identified focal points throughout the space and used those locations to create our dimensioning and distribution of fixtures. Since the space is so different we spent a lot of time evaluating how each space would transition into the next.”
Among the focal points Lieberman worked with is the towering 35’ ceiling over the dance floor. It rises more than 15’ over the rest of the room. “Having a high ceiling gave us the opportunity to do something very special,” he said. “We utilized all the planes of space that this height created. Since the walls are so tall, we took advantage of that and had LED strips and other fixtures follow the walls from the lower ceiling to the higher ceiling.”
Hanging from the middle of the ceiling is (quite literally) the centrepiece of Lieberman’s lighting design, a massive digital chandelier made of over 100 Chauvet DJ MotionOrbs. “The chandelier has a classic look, with a digital backbone; so the effects that we can run through the MotionOrbs in it are infinite,” he said. “This is the centre of our design and everything else we have done emanates from there.
“The MotionOrbs are a DJ based fixture, which I’m not sure were ever meant to be used in such a grand capacity,” continued Lieberman. “We ordered a demo kit and tested the MotionOrbs in our shop. We were very impressed with how they performed. So, we then began the tedious process of creating a 3D layout that detailed how we wanted to arrange them. After close collaborative conversations with Davis Ink, we developed what you see hanging now. So yes, it worked out very well.”
In addition to the MotionOrbs, Lieberman used 16 Rogue R2 Spot and 16 Rogue R1 Wash fixtures in his design. The two types of Rogue fixtures are evenly distributed around the main dance floor, supplying visual energy with their rapid movements, intense colours and (in the case of the Rogue R2 Wash) crisp gobos.
(Jim Evans)

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