Tylösound turns to Elation for court illumination
Monday, 18 June 2018
world-table-tennis-championships1The 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships were held in Halmstad, Sweden
Sweden - When the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships were held 29 April-6 May in Halmstad, Sweden, the tournament attracted a worldwide viewer audience of 400 million. Lighting and sound rental company Tylösound AB served as the official technical supplier to the Championships and used Elation Professional’s Fuze Wash 575 cool-white LED PAR moving head luminaires to meet the strict illumination requirements.
Held at Halmstad Arena, with roughly 3000 live spectators each day, the event featured eight days of live TV and was streamed live. Light levels onto three centre courts - and every area of each court - were carefully monitored. “We required a measurement of at least 1600 lux on each 9 x 20m court,” stated Paul Aladin, owner of Tylösound AB, supplier of lighting, sound, smoke and LED screens for the event.”
Working with Elation, Aladin initially based his calculations on the use of 48 Fuze Wash 575 fixtures per court. “We found however that we got measurements of 1600-2000 lux using only 32 fixtures per court so we were able to use fewer fixtures than originally planned. It worked very well.”
32 Fuze Wash 575 fixtures were rigged above each of three table tennis courts at a trim height of 12 to13m – 96 fixtures total with eight held as spares. A very smooth, uniform light quality was essential, something the Fuze Wash 575 excels at with an extremely accurate colour temperature and high CRI of 95.
“We measured the CRI all over the court at 95,” says Aladin. “It was very consistent and measured even everywhere, which was amazing.” Tylösound had tested the Fuze fixture a month prior to the World Championships at a European qualification tournament, also held in Halmstad, and found it produced the high quality of light they needed.
The Fuze fixture was used for more than court lighting. The daylight white moving heads worked with colour-changing moving heads during player introductions and music breaks, as well as a pre-event ceremony. On the tournament’s last day, while centre court was lit for the finals match, special seating was brought in on the other two courts and spotlighted using the Fuze fixtures.
(Jim Evans)

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