Vitech US will cover key Latin American countries
Latin America - tvONE has announced its partnership with Vitech US as a distributor for tvONE brands in Latin America. Vitech US will cover key Latin American countries as well as the Caribbean and Mexico.
Vitech US has established a solid reputation for delivering quality products, integrated solutions, distribution, transportation coordination, financing, and outstanding support to its channel partners since its inception in 1997.
Green Hippo will now be available to customers in select countries in Latin America, thanks to Vitech US's extensive network and expertise in channel distribution. This move will provide Latin American customers with direct access to Green Hippo’s award-winning Hippotizer media servers, enabling creative media manipulation and 3D mapping solutions for a wide range of applications, from live events to fixed installations.
"Vitech US has a strong track-record in channel management and distribution for ProAV technology products, making them an ideal partner for tvONE in Latin America," says Vince Schuster, vice president of sales, Americas, tvONE. "We are confident that this collaboration will not only expand our presence but also provide customers in these regions with exceptional service and support."

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