Waves eMotion in the mix for Gus Dapperton
Wednesday, 8 November 2023
cooperdavisphoto2Cooper Davis is controlling both the FOH and monitor setup for the tour
USA - Front-of-house and monitor engineer Cooper Davis (The Regrettes, No Vacation, The Happy Fits) has chosen the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer and Waves plugins for American singer songwriter Gus Dapperton’s 2023 world tour.
Cooper explains why he chose the Waves eMotion LV1 for this tour: “Superb sound! This is a club tour carrying audio and lights in a single trailer, so the audio package had to be compact, yet powerful. And this LV1 is definitely powerful.”
He continues: “Another advantage of using the LV1 mixer is the ease of use and its advanced engine. Operating the LV1 is quick and effective. The console is very user-friendly and the layout is customisable. Working on the console is like a free-flowing movement of listening, decision making and executing. Furthermore, the ability to scale the size of the system up or down depending on the needs of the show really adds extra value.”
Cooper, who is controlling both the FOH and monitor setup for the tour, is using Waves’ LV1 64 Live Mixer - 64 stereo channels housed in an OCD-Labs Litefly surface case, holding a Waves FIT Controller and a single Dell 24-inch touchscreen plus an additional touchscreen for quick access to floating plugins. His main server is a Waves Extreme-C SoundGrid Server with an extra one for redundancy, plus a One-C SoundGrid Server for “offloading some DSP of my FX processing” he adds. “I also have a few analog pieces I have been collecting in my FOH rack that I use via inserts within the LV1.”
Waves plugins, seamlessly integrated within the eMotion LV1 interface, play an essential part in Cooper’s workflow. “My top Waves plugin is the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ and then the API 2500 compressor, PSE (Primary Source Expander), SSL E-Channel strip, the CLA-76 Compressor/Limiter and the CLA-2A Compressor/Limiter. The F6 is a workhouse plugin and my go-to EQ. It’s set as the default EQ on all my input strips. The dynamic features of this plugin grant it exceptional power and enable me to resolve a wide range of issues.”
Describing his monitor setup, Cooper notes: “On stage, the Dapperton tour includes a DSPRO StageGrid 4000 and a DiGiGrid IOX. The total IO count from stage is 44 Inputs and 22 outs. I use Netgear GS110TP switches on each end of the snake. The GS110s are running a fibre lag configuration offering redundant fibre lines from stage switch to FOH switch.
“I also have a Midas M32C with a Waves DN32-WSG Card installed, and that acts as a headless rack mixer for the band’s IEMs. All inputs are patched device-to-device from my SoundGrid IO into the M32C input channels. Then, the mixes are patched back out device-to-device to the stage IO to drive the IEMs. It’s a very sleek way of integrating a small rack mixer monitor console.”
Summing up, Cooper remarks: “Selecting the LV1 mixer was an easy choice for this tour. This live mixer enables me to mix fast and effectively, with all the tools I need right at my fingertips.”

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