We Came As Romans on the road
USA - We Came As Romans recently wrapped the fall leg of their Darkbloom II headlining tour, a 30-date run with a lighting system from Bandit Lites. The metalcore band kicked off on 10 October in Indianapolis and made its way throughout the country, culminating in Nashville, Tennessee on 19 November.
Lighting designer Corbin Alvae worked with guitarist Lou Cotton and bassist Andy Glass who sought to recreate a ‘black hole’ style stage design and update it with a space feel. A 10ft diameter circle truss was outlined with Elation ACL 360i fixtures as well as Elation DTW Blinder IP 65 fixtures.
“The band played around with different ideas and concepts, but the final look that was seen on this tour was absolutely solid looking and how everything panned out at the end looked wild,” said Alvae.
The large circle truss required them to adjust depending on the stage space and trim height clearances as well as having alternative layouts.
“When Corbin approached me in August to begin designing this tour, the goal was an arena look in a club tour,” said Bandit Lites client representative Mark Scherer. “Presenting the bands idea of a ‘black hole’, we worked to pick fixtures that would have a big impact in a club setting. His design looked enormous on the club stages while maintaining a smaller footprint to fit into all venues. His design skills and talent led this to become a powerful rig that complimented the band’s massive sound.”
“The Elation ACL 360i fixtures shined bright,” said Alvae. “With the ability to do full 360 motions with the fixture and the speed of them, that really gave a lot of leg room for the programmer we brought in to make the giant ‘black hole’ come to life. Thanks, Jamie, for killing it!”
The team was able to rehearse at Bandit’s rehearsal facility Venue One, allowing them time to fine tune the system before they hit the road.
“Bandit as always has been a huge help making sure the idea and safety are all well thought out with our team, and they work to make our days on the road easy,” said Alvae. “Unfortunately, I was not there for pre-production, but luckily the touring team came in clutch and got this design up and running. Huge shout out to our PM, Sam, our stage manager, Lexi, our drum tech Aidan and our programmer, Jamie.”

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