Welshly Arms tour Europe with dLive
Thursday, 20 December 2018
davidsieversfohwelshly-armskalle-knipstDavid Stevens at FOH in Cologne
Europe - American blues rockers Welshly Arms have recently completed their European tour with an Allen & Heath dLive system handling FOH duties. The latest tour supports their newest album release No Place is Home.
The band’s set-up consists of a dLive C3500 at FOH with a CDM32 fitted with a Dante card, placed centre stage. dLive’s Tie Lines patching option is utilised to provide a digital split over Dante to an additional console on monitors. Additionally, a DX168 expander is positioned stage-right for extra analogue I/O.
FOH engineer David Sievers comments: “When it comes to deciding on which desk and gear to use on tour, there are so many options now, but dLive really stood out against the rest. I chose dLive due to its flexibility, its great sound and the fact I can add a Waves card to the surface and a Dante card to the MixRack.”
Sievers adds: “I also like that dLive comes in a compact solution too and in the future, I’m looking to invest in a C1500 with two IP8’s for fly-in dates.”
The C3500 and CDM32 also handles the FOH mixes for the opening acts on tour, Sievers comments: “This tour includes both support bands using show-files on my desk and while one of the support acts has their own FOH engineer, the other needs to use the house engineers - most of whom have never worked on dLive before.”
(Jim Evans)

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