Westlake school mixes it with DiGiCo S21
Thursday, 20 May 2021
digicoocs1Oaks Christian School’s Jonathan Hagberg (left) and David Alexander with the new DiGiCo S21 digital console
USA - Established in 2001, Oaks Christian School (OCS) in Westlake Village has quickly flourished over the past two decades to become one of the most sought-after private middle/high schools in the West Los Angeles area. With a number of the school’s events now being held outdoors on its 25-acre Conejo Valley campus per current health and safety protocols, OCS recently purchased a portable sound reinforcement system that is being piloted via an S21 digital mixing console from DiGiCo.
David Alexander is Oaks Christian School’s technical director as well as the facility manager for the Bedrosian Pavilion, the campus’ 30,000sq.ft multipurpose performing arts centre that opened in 2007. “We have a large-format desk as our mainstage console at the pavilion, but it’s far too big to move quickly and deploy easily as an outdoor desk for mid-size events,” he says. “We needed something that would be much more portable, but also wanted something that would sound great without requiring additional outboard gear. The DiGiCo S21 was perfect.”
OCS typically pairs its new S21 with either two or four stacks of JBL line arrays, each featuring two self-powered VRX932LAP full range cabs and a single VRX918SP subwoofer. “Our new rig is designed to fill the gap for any and all outdoor events, including High School worship events - we are doing them on a grade-level-only basis for now to keep our students and faculty appropriately distanced - and admissions events, like our Family Tour Day and Open House. Eventually, when we are cleared, the new system will also be supporting games for our athletics dept, including football, soccer, basketball and volleyball, as well as any performing arts events that may start up outside.”
Oaks Christian School audio engineer and production technician Jonathan Hagberg is most often the one who is tasked with running the new DiGiCo/JBL setup for the school, which boasts an enrollment of nearly 1,500 students between the fifth and twelfth grades. “I’m really enjoying the S21,” he says. “We used it to record our Middle School Talent Show, as well as deployed it with two stacks of the VRX cabs for a Junior class Chapel out on the football field, and it was a champ!”

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