All the new software features are backwards compatible with original DP-F/N hardware
UK - Wharfedale Pro has announced the release of updates to its DP-F and DP-N series amplifiers. The output power, model numbers and configurations remain the same, but updated DP-F and DP-N models will now feature updated DSP controller software features, increased internal DSP functions, new IPS colour displays, locking XLR connectors and AES/EBU inputs. These new features represent a huge upgrade to Wharfedale Pro’s amplifier offerings.
These upgrades are supported by the simultaneous release of the updated v1.1.8 DSP Control software. The scale and expanded feature set of the DP-F and DP-N upgrades means that not all of the new software features are backwards compatible with original DP-F/N hardware. However, users of current DP-F and DP-N series amplifiers will still benefit from multiple improvements in the DSP Control Software. Even the original DP-F and DP-N amplifiers will now gain various new features through the release of DSP Control Software v1.1.8.
Alex Lane, applications and solutions manager at Wharfedale Pro explains: “With the DP series, we set out to create an accessible and powerful amplifier platform. The DSP models (DP-F and DP-N) required us to build a software platform that is intuitive and uncomplicated without compromising on performance or the essential tools needed for effective system engineering. Whether it's two loudspeakers on stands or a full large format line array system, the amplifier ecosystem needs to fit this scope.
“With the introduction of v1.1.8 software we have two new features based directly on customer requests,” continues Lane. “The groups and general tabs now allow for quicker setup, verification and tuning. In addition, and to ensure the headroom to realise the full potential of the platform moving forward, we have now launched the v2 amplifiers. These feature AES/EBU inputs, an upgraded DSP allowing for more flexibility on input matrixing and more EQ filters, and internal memory upgrades for device preset saving. The new colour display also allows for easier meter viewing and an improved user experience.
“We are always keen to listen to feedback from product users in the field and welcome any suggestions for the DP platform,” concludes Lane. “Maybe your idea will find its way into the next update!”
DP-F and DP-N series are also supported with downloadable loudspeaker FIR presets from the comprehensive Wharfedale Pro preset library.

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