Winter Jam 2020 rocks with Bandit Lites
Thursday, 13 February 2020
winterjam2020The tour returned to an end stage arena design
USA - Bandit Lites once again provided the lighting for the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, Christian music’s largest annual tour. According to Pollstar, attendance often outpaces any other tour’s attendance during the year’s first quarter. The evening of live concerts by top Christian artists includes a roster of Passion, Crowder, Austin French, Andy Mineo, Hillsong Young & Free, Building 429, Red, Louis Giglio, Newsong and more.
After a few years with an in-the-round design, the tour returned to an end stage arena design, allowing the space for a large upstage LED wall. Due to an 8 mil blow through LED panel, production designer Jerry Holcomb was able to place Elation Paladins behind the wall.
“With the tour having several more worship-oriented bands, we knew we needed a lot of upstage light looks punching through the bands,” Holcomb explained.
To accomplish this, Martin MAC III Profiles are placed on the upstage end while the trusses are loaded with Elation COLORado Solo Battens, and low side truss on the both sides continue the low upstage lighting looks.
“We are using a large amount of the Solo Battens, and Bandit worked out a way that they can stay on the truss during transport which saves a lot of set up time,” Holcomb said.
Bandit Lites supplied more than 130 fixtures for Winter Jam, including Robe BMFL Spots, Chauvet Maverick MK3 Spots, Chauvet COLORado Solo Battens, Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders, Elation Paladins and Martin MAC III Profiles.
“Each year I look forward to seeing the direction the Winter Jam lighting design will take,” said Bandit Lites business development officer, Brent Barrett. “Working with Jerry and Kurtis is always an adventure that includes creativity, honesty, realism with a good amount of humour sprinkled in. I know that each design will be a new concept and not simply a recycle of the previous year. Jerry and Kurtis have both become friends that go well beyond business associates; I am very appreciative that Bandit is allowed the opportunity to be a part of the Winter Jam Production family.”
Bandit’s crew is comprised of Nikki Dotson, Darryl Newcombe and Cody Cheatham.
“Bandit shows up completely prepped and ready,” praised Holcomb. “Load in and load out of even the first rehearsal days went as smooth as could be.”
(Jim Evans)

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