Work Pro debuts LightShark desk
Thursday, 20 April 2017
ls1workpro3The LS-1 is the first in a planned series of console releases
Germany - At ProLight+Sound, WORK PRO launched the LightShark project, a lighting software that is neither installed on a PC nor operated entirely from a console.
It's a system based on the Web, offering the possibility to be controlled from many device such as a PC / Mac, tablet or smartphone, operating with the software whithin the light console. The console (the first in a planned series), named LS-1, has playbacks faders, flash buttons, encoders and a 4.7 "screen that interacts with the processor, at the same time via Wifi, its showed a graphical interface and the power of a touch monitor in another device.
In this way, several advantages are obtained: No need to install any applications on the PC or tablet as they connect to the console via the Web; The graphics power of the monitors is developed by the PC or tablet leaving the console only DMX processing work. With up to eight DMX universes, LightShark offers enough power to perform small and medium events.
(Jim Evans)

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