Wyrestorm: fully operational, with exceptions
Monday, 30 March 2020
wyrestormWyreStorm - functioning as normal, with some exceptions
USA/Europe - Manufacturer of 4K and full HD AV signal distribution and control solutions, WyreStorm reports that it is monitoring daily all situations related to Covid-19 that may impact its business, following CDC guidelines and making sure that safety precautions are being taken.
“As an essential business, our warehouse is fully operational and making shipments daily, including in areas that have mandated shutdowns. We have not seen any major concerns in terms of our inventory and will continue to monitor this in the days and weeks to come,” says the company.
“At this time, we are functioning as normal, with some exceptions: Our sales team will not be making in-person customer visits for the time being, but they are always available by phone and email to answer any and all questions.
“We are continuing our work from home plan that was announced on Tuesday, 17 March. This is in effect for our office-based employees, excluding warehouse staff.
“We are encouraging everyone to order online. If you do not have a login to access your account online, or if you do not have an online account, request one here. We will work to get you up and running as fast as possible. We will continue to reach out periodically with any updates. Be sure to keep up with us on our social media platforms - such as LinkedIn and Twitter. In the event you may have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your regional sales associate, or contact info@wyrestorm.com.”

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