Xilica releases Xilica Designer 4.0 software
Wednesday, 25 March 2020
xilicadesignersolaroconsoleXilica Designer 4.0 software offers integrators a single, centralised platform for project design
Canada - Xilica has announced the release of Xilica Designer 4.0 software, a flexible, universal, drag-and-drop platform that simplifies the design, configuration and integration of Xilica DSPs and third-party AV systems.
As with previous generations, Xilica Designer 4.0 software offers integrators a single, centralised platform for project design and management. Xilica Designer software provides optimised configuration of Xilica Solaro DSPs, as well as Xilica’s XWP networked wall controls, XTouch screens, and I/O expansion devices. It also handles configuration and management of any networked Dante device, and delivers comprehensive third-party control integration.
Xilica Designer 4.0 offers AV integrators more freedom to customise designs through Lua programming, a fast and powerful scripting language embedded within the software. “With Lua scripting, users can programme modules to flexibly control the equipment without limitations,” said Eddie Tam, director of engineering at Xilica. “That opens up new avenues for integrators to design complete AV systems with greater flexibility.”
Other Xilica Designer 4.0 software enhancements include an improved DSP schematic design that expands support for drawing elements. New capabilities include native insertion of comments and labels, resulting in clean schematics that are easy to read. Xilica engineers have also accelerated device boot-up times by 30 percent through updated firmware.
The new software release retains Xilica Designer’s drag-and-drop functionality, which simplifies how users incorporate popular AV products and models into their designs. Xilica’s intuitive functionality eliminates the need to flip between numerous menus or re-input product codes.
“System integrators have enough to manage, and the last thing they need is to experience difficulty in using design software,” said Joe Orlando, product manager - systems, at Xilica. “Xilica Designer Software is user-friendly with a quick learning curve, and naturally fits into the integrator’s design workflow rather than forcing them to work in certain ways.”
Xilica Designer 4.0 also takes project management into account. In the interest of keeping all project stakeholders on the same page, the software automatically generates crucial documentation, such as CAD drawing files and bills of materials. “Integrators can send these documents directly to purchasing departments,” said Orlando. “It is just another way that Xilica Designer simplifies the integrator’s life from start to finish.”
(Jim Evans)

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