Ofcom consultation on support for PMSE equipment owners

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - As many PMSE businesses and equipment owners will already know, last year the Government and Ofcom confirmed the timetable for the clearance of the 700 MHz band to make way for mobile networks. Being evicted from the band presents two immediate concerns for those operating in the PMSE sector.
First, they will lose varying degrees of their equipment’s tuning range, creating a need to replace redundant equipment. Secondly, as a result of this, there will be significant incremental costs imposed on owners. We know from the 800 MHz clearance, the financial reality of researching, purchasing, transporting, fitting, testing and utilising completely new equipment is a harsh one for businesses in the sector.
Ofcom has released a consultation document laying out proposed parameters for a support scheme for affected equipment owners. Their proposals state that eligible equipment must have been purchased before formal notice of clearance in October 2016; have more than 50% of its tuning range in the 700 MHz band; and be in working order. Ofcom’s funding proposals would currently result in eligible claimants receiving 47% of the retail value of appropriate replacement equipment, with the rate card to be drawn up in the coming months.
As it stands there will be no cover for the costs of accessories, administration, finance costs or logistics, and the 47% figure will apply regardless of the age or expected life of the equipment being surrendered. There is also no funding for equipment below 694 MHz made redundant by DTT channel changes. Ofcom’s propos


Elation expands LED wash Fuze series

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Europe - When Elation Professional launched the Fuze series at last year’s PLASA show, the company filled a niche in the market for dynamic LED wash luminaires with a line of modern PAR lights that project a high-quality flat field of light yet emulate the classic lens look of a traditional Fresnel.
Now, Elation is expanding the series with the addition of the new Fuze PAR Z175, a full-colour LED PAR light designed for use in all types of stage wash applications from theatre, TV studio and HoW environments to touring and special events.
With the Fuze series, Elation chose to improve upon the pixelated lens face of ordinary LED PAR fixtures by replicating the classic look of old-school pars and moving wash fixtures that so many designers and artists prefer. Like other lights in the Fuze series, the Fuze PAR Z175 uses single-lens RGBW COB LEDs to project a single homogenous beam of light with an evenly lit lens face that appears as one colour instead of individual LED diodes.
The Fuze PAR Z175 houses an advanced 175W RGBW COB LED engine for a wide palette of colour choice with smooth, single source colour mixing that gives fully premixed looks and an extremely flat field of light, the quality of light that today’s top designers demand. Besides their non-pixel look, designers have valued the Fuze series for their ability to wash a surface or subject without the multi-shadows created from traditional LED wash fixtures.
The Fuze PAR Z175 is powerful enough to use in all sizes of rigs and can project 15,026 LUX @ 6.6 ft (2m) when used full on


Sennheiser 9000 gives clarity to Ed Sheeran tour

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - Ed Sheeran has always enjoyed huge popularity, but with ÷ (Divide) having dominated the international album charts since its release and the accompanying ÷ tour selling out the instant dates were announced, it has never been higher.
The tour began in Europe in Turin in March, travelling to Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain before heading to the arenas of the UK and Ireland. It has worked its way round South America, Central America and Mexico in May and June, then back to the UK before heading over to the US.
Ed is once again using Sennheiser’s flagship Digital 9000 Series microphone system and 2000 series wireless monitors, supplied by production company Major Tom.
Chris Marsh, Ed’s production manager, as well as front-of-house and monitor engineer, has been with the singer for six years and has an intimate understanding of what he wants and needs. Ed has been using Sennheiser microphones from the very start and switched to Digital 9000 during his 2014 US tour for his vocal, loop vocal and guitar.
“We had Ed’s guitar on a cable and DI for four years, because I simply couldn’t find a wireless system that gave us the sound that we needed to deliver his performance,” Chris explains. “On first listening to the 9000 system, we discovered it was the most transparent sounding system we had ever heard. We were only meant to be checking it out on a soundcheck, but Ed and I both agreed we had to use it that night, and we have ever since.”
Four mic channels are dedicated to Ed

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Welcome to the future of high-tier digital wireless technology

Axient Digital makes everything perfectly clear.
Both AD series and ADX series transmitters are compatible with a shared Axient Digital receiver platform. This scalable wireless system includes a groundbreaking micro-bodypack and provides incomparable sound for a wide range of applications and settings.


Nexo initiates STM Partner Network

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

World - With more than 100 rental houses worldwide now offering the STM Series modular line array, Nexo is creating a special Partner Network for customers of its flagship sound reinforcement products.
Since 2014, the STM Series of high-performance configurable line array modules has achieved global acceptance. STM modules have been put into rental inventory in more than 50 countries, as well as being specified for installation in numerous theatres and auditoria, sports arenas and stadia. The arrival of the compact STM M28 main module has enabled many smaller rental companies to join the STM elite user group, and reap the benefits of the versatile modular design.
Aimed at the touring and rental sector of its business, Nexo’s new Partner Network will bring STM owners and users closer together in a programme for global cooperation, with Nexo and with each other. One of the primary reasons for establishing a detailed international database of users is to facilitate crosshire, subhire and collaboration between STM rental houses.
The STM Partner Network programme is being overseen by Val Gilbert, Nexo engineering support manager for touring and rental. “The modularity that is the hallmark of the STM Series makes it uniquely suitable for collaboration between rental suppliers. It is easy for smaller companies to pool STM resources and be able to pitch together for larger festival and event contracts.”
A major component of the Partner Network is the provision of high-level education, training and certification. A newly-designed ETC3 training co


National Building Museum relies on Chauvet

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

USA - Awe-struck. That sums up the feeling that visitors experience when they step into The National Building Museum. Located a short distance from the U.S. Capitol, the stately Italian Renaissance Revival structure that was built in 1887 is breathtaking in its scope and elegance. Its vast central hall has housed presidential inaugural balls from the time of Benjamin Harrison through Barack Obama. The Corinthian columns that line its great room are among the tallest in the world.
The Bozzuto Management Company recently held an employee award ceremony at the museum. Bozzuto Management focuses on creating extraordinary experiences for their residents and wanted to provide that same level of detail and care for their employees. To create this upbeat atmosphere, while accenting the building’s impressive architectural features, a multi-faceted lighting design by Brett Angstadt was anchored by over 120 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
“When you create an event design in a building like this, it’s obviously very exciting,” said Angstadt of Showtime Sound. “At the same time, however, this is also a corporate event - so your design has to take that into account. You can’t simply light the building as a museum; you have to take care of the event aspect of the evening, which is why you need to have very flexible fixtures.”
Exemplifying the flexibility that Angstadt had in mind were the 60 Rogue R2 Washes in his rig. He positioned 20 of the RGBW moving heads on the upstage and downstage truss for stage wash during the awards segment of the event


7thSense powers journey through music history

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - The British Museum Experience (BME), a new museum dedicated to popular music honouring the global influence and history of British music and artists, is now open and in full swing at the Grade-II listed Cunard Building in Liverpool.
At the heart of the attraction, the main stage show is powered by a 7thSense Nano-SDI media server featuring a specially produced digitally-projected performance by music legend Boy George, and a large-scale stage hologram – all integrated by DJ Willrich.
The BME was originally housed inside London’s O2 venue between 2009 and 2014 – while a few items from the original site were recyclable, the new permanent home and themed zones of the BME have seen a full technology and content refresh.
Visitors are taken on a chronological journey of British music history from 1945 to the present day as told in eight state-of-the-art interactive exhibition galleries – as the final zone experience comes to an end, guests find themselves in the flagship ‘Main Stage’ attraction with a performance from singer, Boy George.
On stage, a Delta Nano-SDI Media Server powers a 13,000 lumen Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser II projector to screen a custom five-minute show produced by Graham English & Co. Once the front projection screen retracts into the ceiling, the high impact display system projects Boy George as a hologram onto a HoloNet gauze screen spanning the full width of the stage.
Josh Miller, DJ Willrich director, explained: “We needed the projected video of Boy George on the HoloNet screen to be brig


dLive in the round for Toppers in Amsterdam

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Netherlands - Ampco Flashlight Rental selected Allen & Heath’s dLive S Class system for an annual concert at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijf Arena for renowned pop group, Toppers.
Formed by Dutch singers, René Froger, Gerard Joling, Jeroen van der Boom and Jan Smit, the band performed in the round on two consecutive nights, in a sing-along event that has been staged every year since they formed in 2005.
This year, the band’s long-standing FOH engineer, John Kriek, selected a dLive system for the first time, comprising two S7000 and a S3000 Surface with three DM64 MixRacks and two DX32 Expander racks for FOH, fitted with several gigaACE and Waves3 network cards. The gigaACE cards were used to create digital audio splits between the three systems and the Waves3 modules were used for live recording, backing track/click playback and plugin processing.
“dLive’s sound quality and headroom are amazing. The system also enables you to make music without the need for a degree to learn how it works! The technology is way ahead of its time, and the best part about dLive is it enables you to use the same show file on any model without compromise, so I can mix on a S7000 one day and a S5000 the next,” comments Kriek.
One S7000 surface was employed to mix the band, the other was for vocals and melody instruments, and the S3000 managed pre-recorded backing tracks and orchestral samples. All three dLive surfaces utilised their 96kHz AES3 outputs which were fed to a loudspeaker management system.
A ME personal monitoring system comprising th


Robe can Be Itself on Sheryl Crow tour

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

USA - Multiple Grammy Award winning singer songwriter Sheryl Crow is on the road with her new Be Myself album, together with a new lighting & scenic concept created by LD Jeremy Roth which includes Robe Spiider and BMFL Spot moving lights.
Jeremy landed the gig after production manager Rick Purcell saw his designs for the current tour by Chicago alt-rockers Wilco and made Sheryl aware of his work. They and her management team all wanted a more theatrical presentation that was based on soft scenic elements.
This provided the starting point for the design, together with extensive discussions between Jeremy and the artist about how stage aesthetics related to the vibe and direction of her album. Lyrically, the new songs deal with a disconnect in relationships fuelled by excessive electronic communications and over-exposure through social and other media distracting from real interactions.
Sheryl wanted to create a regal performance space that looked to have become distressed over time while Jeremy was keen to work with Valerie Light and Infinite Scenic again - who made his Wilco forest set. After extensive brainstorming, all agreed on an old railway station as the environment, with gothic stained glass windows creating an archway to serve as a mid-stage portal, with a tunnel of rusty pipes trailing off into the distance behind.
Using coated gauze material for the stained glass and a selection of back-painting techniques on the tunnel backdrop allowed these surfaces to be back-lit to create dynamics and effects throughout the show.


Upload the rig to Download the show

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - You don’t get a Kerrang! front cover without blowing people’s socks off and that’s exactly what Biffy Clyro did at Download when they headlined w/e 10 June. “We used the exact same show we toured at the end of last year,” said LD Richard Larkum, “With my full light show and all the physical and video elements of Misty’s original stage design.”
That’s no small undertaking, the set is a striking example of forced diminishing perspective created from a stepped stage and portals constructed of video tiles in concentric array with an elongated landscape screen behind. It’s as eye popping as live video gets and is in no small part due to Larkum’s masterful combining of video and lights as a coherent whole.
“We took the production back into rehearsals for this, a one day set-up, two days working as we had a lot of new faces in the Lighting, Video and Set departments,” continued Larkum. “Video Design, who supply the rear screen and portals, devised with our rigger, Yose Lawson a means whereby we could deploy the whole system for a festival show and have it concealed for all the preceding acts.
“Essentially the stage set split into about six pieces for temporary storage backstage while the portals were on a Kinesys system that tracked to each side of the stage and were then raised out of the way for the rest of the day. It was a lot to do, for the Download show we worked from 2am through till 11am on show day to rig it all. It's such a busy time of year that key members of the original Video Design crew were just no


Ambersphere backs Classical Spectacular

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - For nearly 30 years, Durham Marenghi has been lighting Raymond Gubbay’s Classical Spectacular show. Marenghi’s designs for this production have enthralled audiences at the Royal Albert Hall for decades as he describes, “Classical Spectacular has developed from an all Parcan rig with me operating on a Celco Gold to the addition of Vari-lites on an Artisan desk. I believe that we had the first Vari-lite fixtures outside of Rock ‘n’ Roll from the VL1 upwards, through the LSD Icon control and fixtures and then on to a full automated system controlled by a grandMA from MA Lighting.
“Over the years, we have created a massive library of musical pieces with many different rigs and the grandMA2 has converted a lot of this data into the current repertoire. I know of few other control systems that could have achieved this.”
With MA control at the heart of the design, Marenghi goes on to reflect on how the rest of the rig has developed. “Since those years of the Par64, my fixture choices have obviously moved on a little! These days it is a Clay Paky rig that creates what I am looking for. The new Scenius Unico allows me to create some almost laser like lines using the shutter blades and the great optics while the Scenius Spot model gives me a wide range of the gobo options to keep each of the twenty odd musical pieces looking different especially with that superb range and depth of colour choices.”
Sharpys remain a mainstay of Marenghi’s rig but the newly upgraded Mythos2 have impressed: “The new lamp has made all the di


White Light on song for The Beggar’s Opera

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - Written by John Gay and with music arranged by Benjamin Britten, The Beggar’s Opera is one of the most renowned folk operas of all time. Since its first performance at Lincoln’s Inn Fields Theatre, London in 1728, there have been thousands of productions across the globe. The latest comes from Birmingham Conservatoire who recently performed the show at the city’s Crescent Theatre. White Light was called upon to provide the lighting equipment.
Upon its initial performance, The Beggar’s Opera parodied life in 18th century London and poked particular fun at the fashionable Handel operas of its day. This revival from Birmingham’s Conservatoire begins as a modernised version of the classic story and features a lighting design by Charlie Morgan Jones.
Charlie comments: “This production of The Beggar’s Opera starts as an up-to-date retelling, offering something fresh and vibrant for its audience. For my design, I worked closely with Colin Judges (set designer), Matthew Sharp (opera director) and Jack Ramplin (associate lighting designer) to create a feel which we felt served this story.”
The creative team decided to embark on recreating the feel of a dilapidated theatre. Charlie states: “Colin created this incredible design which was essentially made up of theatrical flats and scattered rubbish. It really brought to life this sense of derelict and decay and this was something I wanted to highlight in my lighting.”
To achieve this, Charlie drew on WL’s extensive hire inventory. He states: “Whenever I l


G-LEC Solaris enters the Galaxy at Climate Planet

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Denmark - A gigantic 24m diameter ‘earth globe’, known as Climate Planet, has been dominating the Aarhus skyline since early June - to coincide with the Danish city being appointed European Capital of Culture.
Encapsulated within this giant model of the Planet is a smaller sphere, and as visitors arrive at the spectacular high tech exhibition on climate change during the six weeks it will be stationed in Aarhus, they will be immersed in a surreal world of twinkling stars, generated by G-LEC Solaris LED balls.
Climate Planet is the brainchild of Henrik Rud, CEO of Koncept Aarhus, and he was soon sharing the idea of what he believed would be the largest facsimile of Earth ever produced, with Lars Nissen, operations manager at event A/V specialists, Comtech A/S. “When I first heard the idea I thought it was crazy,” admits Nissen.
The Comtech specialist in turn contacted Kasper Gissel at GLP, with whom he has a long association, most notably working with him in 2009 at The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen. On that occasion Nissen, then with Seelite A/S, deployed more than 1000 of the early GLP Impression fixtures to light the plenum rooms, television broadcast locations and other ancillary areas in a remarkable feat of energy conservation.
This time his interest was in creating a galactic starry sky. “I asked Kasper what we could do, knowing that once again, one of the provisos was that the exhibition should not consume much power.”
GLP had the appropriate solution in G-LEC’s pioneering system. Vi


Claypaky is number one on Stormzy tour

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UK - The Claypaky Mythos2 luminaire was selected for its advanced optical features and superior colour mixing by lighting designer Steven Bewley to support his high-impact lighting design for record-breaking British grime artist Stormzy in his recent UK tour.
Bewley, who has worked with rap artists such as Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah, was head-hunted by Stormzy after the rapper saw the designer's work for fellow artist Wretch 32.
"I worked closely with Stormzy's production managers Bronski and Trevor Williams to design two sets of shows for the debut album tour Gang Signs & Prayer,” says Bewley. "One design was larger and for a series of three 'one-off' performances at the Brixton O2 Academy. The other design was what we used for the main bulk of the tour in smaller venues."
The larger show design saw an expanded visual package of 14 independently moving screens and 20 x Mythos2 supplied by the tour's rental partner, London-based lighting and rigging rental experts Neg Earth.
"For the one-off shows, we placed the Mythos2 behind the screens and above head on a series of moving trusses," says Bewley. "The fixtures shone through the architecture on stage, creating big, stadium-like looks for crowds. We used the Mythos2 because we knew the fixtures were bright enough to punch through the light emitted from high-output video screens and had a zoom range that could create this stadium feel.
"As a hybrid light, the Mythos2 is the perfect solution," says Bewley. "It saved us having to hire twice as many fixtures, which, given t


Baltic Princess sets sail with L-Acoustics

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Scandinavia - Owned by AS Tallink Grupp, the Baltic Princess cruise ferry sails between the Finnish city of Turku and the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Built at a cost of €165m in 2005, it can accommodate 2,800 passengers and was designed with luxury in mind.
Audico, Finland’s largest AV company, undertook the task of supplying and installing an L-Acoustics PA for the refit of the ship’s audio system, a project that spanned two years and took in all four of the ships entertainment areas: a nightclub, pub, live entertainment venue and disco.
“The first phase of the project was the ship’s main venue – The nightclub. The ship’s owners wanted to have the best possible audio system for its new, high-profile live music repertoire,” says Audico’s Pauli Molnár, who was working on the project in conjunction with consultant Tuomas Karppinen. “L-Acoustics was specified because it provides great intelligibility and transparency in its reproduction, which is in line with the ship’s luxury ethos.
“The nightclub’s existing system already had more than enough nautical miles under its belt, so it was time for a renovation. We were convinced that we could do everything required in one package that is powerful, clear and compact. Achieving this is always a challenge, particularly in this sort of environment, but with L-Acoustics products we have the right tools at our disposal. All L-Acoustics products have the same sonic signature, which meant we were able to use a mixture of cabinets from different ranges, as was appropriate for each space


The Week in Light & Sound

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Northern Nights - The Edinburgh International Festival will open its 70th-anniversary year with a major public event in Edinburgh's St Andrew Square. Bloom will be the third opening event by EIF associate artists 59 Productions. For the first time, it will be held over two evenings, on 4 and 5 August. It will combine large-scale animation with architectural projection-mapping techniques using the facades around St Andrew Square as a vast canvas.
Under the direction of 59 Productions founder Leo Warner, the square will become an immersive environment, incorporating a newly commissioned musical score from composer Nick Powell. Warner said: "We decided to place audiences inside the event, encompassing them within nearly half a linear kilometre of projection-mapped architecture and bespoke lighting fixtures. We will use music, sound and light to tell a story celebrating the 70-year history of the International Festival and the associated Edinburgh festivals, and the immeasurable impact that it has had on the cultural world."
Gold Standard - Six of the UK’s leading drama schools have been awarded gold status under the government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework. Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama – which encompasses Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, LAMDA and RADA – all received the rating.
Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Chicken Shed Theatre Trust were both given a silver ranking


2017 Behind the Scenes Holiday Cards

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The 2017 Behind the Scenes Holiday Cards are on sale now. There’s no better way to spread holiday cheer than with these unique cards created especially for Behind the Scenes. Sending a BTS holiday card helps spread the word about the charity and lets your family, friends, customers or colleagues know it’s important to you to assist those in need in our industry.
Three card ordering options are offered: personalised cards with a company logo and custom message, card packs of 10 with a standard greeting, and electronic versions for delivery by email. Orders will be taken until 29 September, 2017 to arrive by mid-November.
All proceeds benefit the Behind the Scenes charity which provides financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured. View and order cards at
This year’s designs are particularly evocative of the season and include the work of four students - Taylor Brooks, William Gerton, Delayne Henderson, and Cassidy Woodburn - from the Fine Arts Academy at Mt. Vernon Senior High School in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Robert Mendoza returns with another of his popular whimsical creations and Brian Fockler contributes a striking card featuring the BTS ghostlight.
(Jim Evans)


Roland debuts multi-format matrix switcher

Monday, 26 June 2017

Europe - Roland Professional A/V has introduced the XS-1HD, a compact multi-format matrix switcher that combines the power of the popular XS AV Matrix Series and the size and features of the V-1 video switcher series. The XS-1HD provides multi-screen output destinations for confidence monitor, main and side screens and overflow rooms.
The diminutive XS-1HD features four HDMI inputs with scalers and scaled outputs all while measuring just under 13 inches x 4.5 inches x 1.4 inches in size. It is power packed with professional live production tools that include keying and picture-in-picture effects with full HD support.
The XS-1HD accepts a variety of video signals from sources such as cameras, computers, and media players ideal for corporate production, worship and rental applications. The XS-1HD is equally at home in banquet venues, halls, theatres, or e-learning studios that use multiple output destinations to displays, pixel accurate scaling for LED Walls and projectors.
Complex systems that would otherwise require touch panels, video switchers, audio mixers, and control panels can be implemented using just the XS-1HD, which simplifies production and streamlines workflows. Event setups can be recalled from scene memories, and the USB memory stores switcher setting as well as still images.
Frame synchronization and scaling are provided on all inputs. The high-quality 4:4:4/10-bit processing accommodates resolutions up to WUXGA/1080p. In addition to matrix switching, a split mode allows up to three inset windows to be composited into a backgro


Hawthorn goes to Ambersphere for Robert Juliat

Monday, 26 June 2017

UK - “Robert Juliat are the gold standard of followspots and whenever we’re looking to add more to our inventory, they’re our go-to brand.” So says Hawthorn’s Group Director of Hire, David Slater who have just expanded their inventory of followspots with a significant purchase of fixtures from Ambersphere Solutions.
The company opted to add to their Cyrano stock and to make a new investment purchase of the LED 300W Roxie. Slater explains the choices, “The Cyranos have proved so popular we felt it was right to add to our current stock. Their really impressive tight beam and long throw makes them perfect for larger venues and arenas such as the recent UK Tour of Sister Act and the British Bodyshop Awards at Battersea Evolution.
“The saving on replacement discharge lamps, due to the amazing life of the LED light engine and low power consumption of the Roxie 300W followspot were definitely influential features in the decision to invest in our first LED followspot,” continues Slater.
“They’ve been designed specifically for the smaller venue which makes them great for amateur theatre, schools and other similar venues where space is tight. The Roxie can squeeze in the smallest location and still deliver a premium quality light with all the features you expect from a premier manufacturer like Robert Juliat. Our client base stretches from the largest of productions to the smallest of events and each one is just as important as the other. The Roxie provides the perfect solution when space and budget are high on the agenda without compromis


CLF LEDwash XL lights Jett Rebel tour

Monday, 26 June 2017

Belgium - LD Ruben de Snoo chose the new wash fixture with independent LED battens to enlighten all musicians in order to create more depth on stage.
Additionally, de Snoo was also very pleased with the 30° and 50° lens system of each fixture. “Because of the two different lenses I was able to create an even wash throughout the whole band, where other fixtures provide a hotspot below the hips of band members. Also the fixture is able to deliver smooth & saturated pastel colours, ”added de Snoo.
“The LEDwash XL is a compact, light weighted fixture which is very easy to apply on our shows, so it will definitely part of our club tour the second part of 2017.”
The LEDwash XL wash fixture has two LED segments. The two horizontal LED battens can be manually tilted and controlled separately. Because of the 30° and 50° lens it is possible to use the fixture as wallwash with both parts complementing each other. Also, the fixture can be used to illuminate two different surfaces simultaneously.
(Jim Evans)


Chauvet introduces Ovation wash batten

Monday, 26 June 2017

USA - Chauvet Professional continues to usher in a new era of colour mixing opportunities in wash lighting with the introduction of the Ovation B-1965FC. Like its predecessors, the Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC, the new 1.2m batten utilises a RGBA-Lime colour mixing system, allowing designers to create a richer and broader range of colours as well as brighter whites.
“The Ovation B-1965FC gives us a complete range of batten washes with RGBA-Lime colour mixing,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers immediately appreciated the brighter output and more realistic colour washes they could achieve with our Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC and they can expect the same from our latest batten. Lime fits into the optimal wavelength for the human eye, which is critical to the performance of these fixtures.”
Powered by 196 RGBL LEDs, the Ovation B-1965FC has an illuminance of up to 5,000 lux at five meters, making it one of the brightest battens on the market. In addition to its brightness and long throw distance, the fixture is versatile with multiple control personalities for complex programming schemes, up to seven sections of control and 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colours. The user-friendly batten offers RDM, Art-Net and sACN as well as standard 3-pin and 5-pin DMX control options.
Other standard features include a Virtual Colour Wheel that matches popular gel colours, temperature pre-sets for easier programming, and a linear holographic diffuser that locks into place for wall and cyc grazing. The fixture’s adjustabl


Colour Sounds enjoys Wildlife

Monday, 26 June 2017

UK - Lighting and video rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment is enjoying another majorly busy festival season, supplying over 50 events up and down the country over the course of the summer.
One of the early highlights was Wildlife staged at Shoreham Airport (AKA Brighton City Airport) on the south coast, a musical adventure organised by SJM and curated by popular dance artists Rudimental and Disclosure, now in its third year. Colour Sound has also been involved from the start.
This year west London based Colour Sound supplied lighting for four stages and LED screens for one.
Wildlife 2017 radiated friendly vibes as everyone felt the love and enjoyed some fabulous weather, together with a dynamic and diverse musical line-up with outstanding performances by the likes of Fatboy Slim, Jess Glynn, Eric Prydz, Dizzee Rascal and many, many more.
James Hind, Colour Sound’s crew chief worked with a team of 14 lighting technicians, programmers, operators and shackle-counters.
For three of the arenas X1 (the WHP Presents Stage), X3 (Tropical / Sounds of the Future) and X4 (Elrow Presents Sambodromo do Brasil), lighting was designed by Simon Barrington of Sibar.
For X1, Colour Sound’s new AquaBeam IP rated beam moving lights were perfect for this large outdoor stage which replicated the shape of the actual Brighton City Airport terminal building with large LED screens.
The 60 x AquaBeams framed the LED surface on all sides and were positioned on the floor along the PA wings, providing powerful beams and effects that worked in


New Flare Q+ on Clean Bandit tour

Monday, 26 June 2017

Europe - Grammy winners Clean Bandit are an EDM tour de force. Following their critically acclaimed appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival earlier this month, they played Glastonbury and have other summer festivals around Europe through August. The American leg of their tour is scheduled for October. In large venues and small, 18 Solaris Flare Q+ fixtures are integral to the band’s show.
“We’re using two sets of six for side-washes, and seven units upstage, all with Kasmer diffusers for a really clean look,” says tour lighting designer and programmer, Liam Griffiths. “I wanted the diffusers to hide the LED sources, which can be harsh on camera. I use the fixtures in two-pixel mode and as strobes. I've used Flares on almost every tour I've done and the new Flare Q+ is far brighter. Most of the time I actually find myself restricting them to 75%!”
Show design is by Rob Sinclair, with the entire lighting package for the European tour provided by Entec Sound and Light of London. “We had been speaking with Paul Hartley at TMB about the new Flare Q+ and were aware of its power and potential,” says Adam Stevenson, Entec’s assistant head of lighting. “When Sinclair and Griffiths specified Flare Q+ and Kasmers for the tour, it was a perfect opportunity to make the investment.
“The fixtures are everything we thought they would be and way more. Their increased output and versatility as a combination wash, strobe, and blinder, with the new quiet mode for theatre or studio use, make Flare Q+ ideal for a variety of applications and an exc


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