Million Dollar Quartet engages with Chauvet

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

USA - The value of one million dollars in 1956 is equivalent to over 899m today. However, even that lofty figure doesn’t come close to doing justice to the success of the four superstars who are the subject of Million Dollar Quartet.
The Tony Award nominated musical takes audiences back to 4 December 1956, a day when budding stars Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley got together for a jam session at Sun Records Memphis studio. A recent revival of the musical at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire captures the magic of that long-ago moment, thanks in part to a transformative lightshow designed by Carl Rajotte, who also served as artistic director and choreographer.
Using a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Events United, Rajotte created big, engaging looks that took audiences out of the small recording studio where the play is set (and the actual jam session took place), and transported them to the big-time concert stage. In so doing, his design not only engages the audience on a deeper emotional level, it also underscores the significance of an almost overlooked jam session that brought together four young musicians who would go on to achieve global fame.
Million Dollar Quartet takes place in a studio, which calls for a design that’s pretty basic,” he said. “We do that, but we also go beyond that to give the audience a glance into the future of these four huge icons -- and their many important live stage performances yet to come.”
Rajotte achieves this effect


Malaysian awards take SHAPE with Green Hippo

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Malaysia - The Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios was the scenic setting for the TM Group Awards 2017, and AC Lighting Services Malaysia (ACLS) took charge of the prestigious event’s video design and programming.
The annual gathering sees up to 2,500 TM Group staff, from across Malaysia, come together to recognise achievements from all divisions in the company. The TM Group is Malaysia’s leading telecommunications company, having launched in 1946 and since evolved to become the country’s largest broadband services provider.
ACLS is Malaysia’s Green Hippo dealer as well as a lighting and visual creative. Charged with designing and planning projection coverage for the event, ACLS also handled media server solutions. The team, led by visual programmer Kumar Shan, specified a pair of Hippotizer Karst, a single Hippotizer HD V3, plus a Hippotizer Grasshopper V4. ACLS linked this cocktail of Hippotizer Media Servers, using all eight outputs, to projectors via fibre optics. All the Hippotizer Media Servers were Art-Net controlled by MA2 on PC command and fader wing.
Critical to the success of ACLS’s plan – “vital for this gig”, said Kumar – was SHAPE, Hippotizer’s complete 3D projection mapping tool. Using SHAPE, Kumar and his team controlled three projectors in portrait mode to create a 16802 feet backdrop; two projectors for the stage front façade; a brace of projectors for the shark tooth screen; and a further projector pair for IMAG screens.
CD Advertising, with input and approval from TM Group, designed the stage and screen


FRAY Studio creates for The Tempest

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - UK - Adam Young and Finn Ross, founders of Olivier Award-winning visual storytelling outfit, FRAY Studio, are the creators of the much-talked-about video environments showcasing in the current Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production of The Tempest, now on at The Barbican in London.
FRAY worked in collaboration with Intel and in association with The Imaginarium Studios on the production's highly-acclaimed stagecraft, described by The Financial Times as 'State-of-the-art', and by the Daily Telegraph as 'true to the hype of breath-taking order'.
Known to have a considered approach to modern stagecraft, FRAY has designed for critically acclaimed theatre productions including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. For The Tempest, FRAY designed, produced and mapped the show's rich onstage video sets.
"When we began working on the video environments for The Tempest we took a lot of inspiration from the pastoral work of British and Irish artists," says Ross. "We looked at Turner, Francis Bacon, Romantic artist John Constable and most notably David Hockney.
"Plays can be very literal," says Ross. "We had to build first on that and then design out of it. An example where we could really explore this was the Masque scene. The world of The Tempest up until that point is a muted, moody place. The Masque goes into this mad, huge world of glorious colour and painted loveliness.
"For this, we decided to move from the very Turner and Cons

featured video

Welcome to the future of high-tier digital wireless technology

Axient Digital makes everything perfectly clear.
Both AD series and ADX series transmitters are compatible with a shared Axient Digital receiver platform. This scalable wireless system includes a groundbreaking micro-bodypack and provides incomparable sound for a wide range of applications and settings.


Fisher Productions invests in Setsquare

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - Fisher Productions, one of London’s leading event production companies, has invested in Surrey-based Setsquare Staging, the event construction business founded and run by managing director, John O’Gorman over the past 25 years.
Chief executive officer of Fisher, Graham Beswick says: “We are extremely excited to embark on this new venture. Setsquare is a creative and technical hub, that has been manufacturing extraordinary work for over a quarter of a century. This is an exciting opportunity for both Fisher Productions and Setsquare Staging to develop a staging capability second to none.”
John O’Gorman, founder of Setsquare says: “I first met Graham when I was approached by Fisher Productions ‘to do more business together’…By the end of our first meeting, I had an investor in the company. Graham is everything that myself and the staff at Setsquare have been waiting for. We started as a family affair and have enjoyed continuous growth over the years, with last year alone accounting for a 35% increase over the previous year.”
The companies have worked together in previous years and will combine their services to bring the best of each to the industry. Setsquare will maintain its management and premises in Mitcham and will continue to deliver what it does best; technical solutions to produce and install client’s concepts across the globe.
Fisher Productions will maintain its dedication to service the iconic and historic venues which require the highest levels of service, skill and discretion.
(Jim Evans)


K-array features in Tuscan concept store in Milan

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Italy - Tuscany recently expanded its boundaries with the Milan opening of Toscanino, a concept store developed with the intent to spread Tuscan culture, values and traditions outside of its region.
Created to meet the growing demand for quality, Toscanino promotes and cultivates items made in Tuscany around the globe by providing top-of-the-line products and craftsmanship typical from the region manufactured by 150 of the most reputable brands and artisans in the gastronomic and home furnishings sectors.
Located in the heart of the fashion capital, the store includes a restaurant, a food market and a kitchen for teaching as well as tasting. The project was developed by Tuscan Simone Arnetoli, founder of Galateo Ricevimenti, who aims to open another 8 outlets in Europe by 2020 and distribute worldwide to countries like Japan, China, the United States and Russia.
With such attention to Tuscan quality, it was no surprise the company stakeholders selected K-array as the audio solution for their store. Underlining the store’s ethos, K-array’s products and innovative technology are made in Tuscany - researched, designed and produced from start to finish - in the countryside outside of Florence.
Taking advantage of the speakers’ discreetness, Toscanino had four ultra-mini Lyzard-KZ12 line arrays installed in the mezzanine of the store. The loudspeakers were paired with two compact Rumble-KU26 subwoofers for the low-end frequencies. On the ground level, three Kobra-KK52 speakers and one Rumble-KU210 subwoofer have been employed with one Kommand


Hawthorn gears up for record-breaking Fringe

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - Featuring over 53,000 performances across 300 venues, this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe promises to be the busiest year ever; none more so than for full technical production provider Hawthorn, who are supplying more equipment to the festival than ever before.
Celebrating 70 years since its inception, the world’s largest arts festival returns to Edinburgh this August for another celebration of creative freedom. Attracting thousands of artists and many more spectators, the festival’s programme is jam packed with theatre, comedy, dance, music and cabaret performances.
Heading to the festival for the 28th time, Hawthorn will this year be working with new client, Summer Hall as their full technical supplier providing lighting, sound, rigging, power and drapes. Describing itself as a vibrant cultural village in the heart of Edinburgh, Summer Hall will host 140 shows over the course of the festival, gathering a unique array of international creative talent.
The company will also once again be supporting Assembly Festival - the longest running of the multi-venue operators – as well as continuing their collaboration with Paradise Green and New Town Theatre.
With decades of experience in working with large and small venues alike, Hawthorn’s Hire team are well placed to provide the technical support for the vast array of performances that will be relying on their equipment. With technical kit running nearly 24 hours a day over the course of the 25-day long festival, reliability is paramount. Having a strict maintenance policy, where ev


Compact Nexo systems for leading Paris institution

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

France - The Ecole du Louvre is a very prestigious higher education institution, one of the most important in the art history world, and situated at the heart of that world in the Louvre museum in Paris. Created in 1882, the school was originally dedicated to archaeology but soon expanded to related disciplines such as history of art and anthropology.
With a long-standing tradition of providing lectures to the general public as well as an education to students, the Ecole du Louvre’s four lecture theatres play a vital part in the school. AV installation company Lagoona Lyon was chosen to renovate the audio speciifcation for these amphitheatres, choosing a mix of Nexo and Yamaha elements to create a visually low-profile high-performance technical standard for the Ecole.
Astell Design, specialists in large-scale installations, was in overall charge of the renovation of the four theatres. Consultant Rémy Bréan describes the decision “to offer the latest technologies available in the world of live shows and events. As paradoxical as it may seem, our specifications have been based on the same requirements as the acoustic reinforcement for an artist’s live performance. Our aim was to broadcast as discreetly as was acoustically possible, giving our pupils a comfortable listening room, virtually a concert hall, to limit auditory fatigue over the duration of their teaching.”
The Lagoona team, led by managing director Frédéric Bezard, was tasked with designing a sound reinforcement system that would guarantee excellent speech intelligibility at low


CPL enjoys glorious Glastonbury 2017

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - CPL (Central Presentations Ltd) enjoyed another glorious Glastonbury Festival, supplying projection to Arcadia’s giant recycled metal spider, which hosted their Metamorphosis show.
The west Midlands based rental specialist also supplied a lighting and rigging package which was utilised across the lively Shangri-La late night area - which this year saw the Truth main stage emerge from the embers of the previous Hell, and the site expanding its daytime activities via the Shangri-La International Television Centre (SHITV) transmitting debates and discourse on DIY culture and a range of other topics.
A third area of the festival for CPL was delivering projection to the movie theatre at Williams Green, working with The Live Firm which screened Supersonic, a British music documentary directed by Mat Whitecross detailing the formative years of super-group Oasis and the height of their success in the 1990s.
CPL’s Richard Burrow was on site to oversee operations and collaborate with the various technical crews involved in running these different areas on the ‘creative’ edge of the festival.
The current projection system for Arcadia’s spider was originally designed by CPL for the launch of the Metamorphosis visual extravaganza in 2015 and comprises six Panasonic PT-DZ 21K projectors, each beaming onto the front and back of each of the three spider legs.
Motion graphics – created by Tom Wall from blinkinlab are mapped precisely on to the legs using a media server and the Metamorphosis show cues are all


Zara Larsson in the mix with dLive

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Europe - Swedish singing sensation, Zara Larsson, is currently on tour around European venues and festivals with an interchangeable dLive mixing system from Allen & Heath to manage FOH and monitor sound.
Performing at venues across Europe, as well as on the festival circuit, the team wanted an audio system to suit both full concert and fly-in festival production. Consequently, PA company, Parashoot, provided an inter-changeable dLive system with S and C Class units to cater for both scenarios.
“From experience, I know that dLive is trustworthy, and the fact that Parashoot was able to support us with a fly-in option meant dLive was the right choice for this tour,” explains monitor engineer, Sebastian Meyer. “dLive sounds great, and is really intuitive to use - I found everything I was looking for almost instantly when I started programming the system, and I haven't found any limitations yet! The quick Copy/Paste function has really helped me a lot with spare mics and FX mics.”
“I’ve got hooked on the multiband compressor and the dynamic EQ, particularly for Zara’s vocals but also for drums and electronic sounds. It’s extremely efficient, yet transparent,” adds FOH engineer, Anna Dahlin.
The dLive system comprises a S7000 Surface with DM64 MixRack for monitors, and a S5000 Surface with DM48 MixRack at FOH, which can be swapped for the ultra-compact C1500 Surface for any fly-in dates. There are also two GigaACE network cards and 2 FibreACE cards to provide added flexibility, and a Dante card for live recording.


Colour Sound enjoys the Best of The Kooks

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - West London-based lighting and visuals rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment supplied a bespoke built touring lighting ‘specials’ package to alt rockers The Kooks for their recent The Best of … so Far tour.
This UK leg of the tour closed with a high-profile gig at London’s Alexandra Palace for which additional lighting production was added, together with IMAG video.
The band has been a Colour Sound client for some time and this tour was project managed by Alex Ryan, who worked closely with Kooks production manager Dave Skelton, who is also their monitor engineer.
The need was for a tourable, quick-rig solution to get their own lights in and up-and-running every day, which could then be used in conjunction with the venue’s overhead house rigs.
Alex and the Colour Sound team designed and fabricated the five custom dollies which were on wheels and made from modified pre-rigged truss sections in which the lights also travel. They were simply wheeled into the gig each day, tipped vertically and secured on special floor bases.
The dollies are also designed specifically to fit three-wide-two-deep in the truck for fast and expedient loading.
Rigged to each dolly truss section were 10 x ProLights 7 LED wash moving lights, two Martin 3000 strobes, two PixelLine 1044 LED battens and a 4-lite Mole. So the swift and straightforward exercise of rolling them off the truck and onto the stage immediately put over 100 lighting fixtures right there and ready-to-go within half an hour of tipping the truck.
In addition


Depeche Mode relies on beyerdynamic

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Europe - Depeche Mode launched a world tour to celebrate its latest album, Spirit in Stockholm on 5 May. In the first part of the tour, the band will be performing 34 shows in front of 1.5m fans in 21 different European countries. The musicians will then continue their tour in North and South America.
In order to ensure that the Depeche Mode sound comes across as it should live in the various arenas throughout the world, sound engineer Antony King is placing his trust in a whole range of beyerdynamic products. “Unlike in the studio, where we have the optimum conditions for audio work, achieving a good live sound always involves successfully overcoming the challenges posed by the respective venue. And when it comes to dealing with such unavoidable circumstances, it’s great to be able to rely on technology that is designed to overcome any obstacle,” explains King.
The experienced sound engineer uses beyerdynamic’s TG 1000 digital wireless system to ensure that he can handle any radio frequency interference anywhere in the world – as well as be able to deliver the best possible sound quality. A TG 1000 handheld transmitter with TG MM1w interchangeable capsule is used to test the sound system during the preparations at each venue.
Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan and guitarist Martin Gore both use TG 1000 handheld transmitters with hypercardioid TG V70w interchangeable capsules for their vocal performances. The band’s long-serving live sideman, Peter Gordeno, on the other hand, uses a wired version, with the dynamic TG V70 live vocal


A-T and Allen & Heath tour with Bryan Ferry

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Europe/USA - During an extensive tour that will see him play headline shows and festivals across Europe and the US, Bryan Ferry is relying on Audio-Technica AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic microphones to deliver his distinctive vocals. Other Audio-Technica models are in service for his 10-piece backing band, while monitoring duties for the tour are handled by Allen & Heath’s dLive S Class mixing system, distributed in the UK by Audio-Technica.
Monitor engineer Tom Howat reports: “The AE6100 made a great impression on Bryan as soon as we started using it in rehearsals. He loved the sound of it – which is almost condenser-like in its openness. But because of the hypercardioid pickup pattern it minimises on-stage spill. We’re using two AE6100s, one for his main vocal and one at his keyboard position and it’s really an excellent choice.
“We’re also using the new Audio-Technica ATM350a cardioid condenser mics for toms and saxophones – we have soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes – and they sound very full but natural on everything. We love those mics and the drum mounts in particular are fantastic.”
Supplied by Britannia Row Productions in Europe and Clair Bros in the USA, Howat’s dLive system comprises a S5000 Surface with DM64 MixRack, DX32 Expander Rack, and two IP8 controllers for remote access. Howat has used dLive on previous tours, including Paolo Nutini and Morrissey.
“Once again, the dLive delivers clarity and precision,” he says. “Mixing in-ear monitors for a 10-piece band comprising some very well-known an


MDG ATMe haze generators tap into 42nd Street

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - MDG reports that two of its ATMe haze generators have been chosen for the current musical production of 42nd Street at London’s Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
This production, with ‘Sheena Easton in the starring role, makes the most of the stage area which is packed with props, sets and a huge cast. It was obvious from the start that a haze generator was required that could easily deal with the enormous stage space, for the entire show, without compromising the performances or the extensive lighting rig supplied by White Light.
MDG’s ATMe haze generator proved ideal for the job. “I first came across MDG about 10 years ago on a show in South Africa,” says Declan Randall, associate LD to 42nd Street’s lighting designer, Peter Mumford. “I was so impressed with the haze that I went backstage to investigate what they were using. I’ve been a fan ever since.” Mumford and Randall opted to use two of the ATMe units - next-step developments from the ever-popular MDG Atmosphere - because of its more efficient power consumption and increased output, which it combines with a high level of controllability.
“On a show like this with high production values we could have chosen pretty much whatever we wanted,” continues Randall, “but as far as I’m concerned, MDG is the go-to manufacturer and the one to use whenever possible.
“Aside from the energy and output benefits, the ATMe has the added improvement of total 0-100% variable output which you can control via DMX/RDM, and a 100% duty cycle. On 42nd Street the genera


CEG doubles up on MA2 Light

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - After a successful year with their first gandMA2 Light, Cambridge based CEG Hire & Productions decided to invest in a second console to ready themselves for the busy upcoming summer season. Director Ben Bowles contacted Ambersphere Solutions: “I’ve known our Ambersphere representative Matt Cowles for several years now: we have confidence and faith in his advice and support so he was our first port of call. His enthusiasm for working with us is a breath of fresh air. He’s always available for answering queries and is super-efficient at turning around requests.”
Ben explains the rationale for another purchase, “Since we purchased our first grandMA2 products last year, both our Light and Command Wings have been used on a variety of theatre, rock ‘n’ roll and corporate projects in the UK and across Europe. Whilst we don’t always have particular jobs lined up for particular items in our inventory, we take a holistic view of market availability, especially during peak times of year and make sure we have stock to cope with demand. We’ve been constantly asked for more MA control than we own so it was inevitable we looked at adding another console to our stock.”
When asked about his reasons for choosing the MA brand, Ben is clearly enthusiastic, “The MA ecosystem of consoles, networking solutions and software provide unmatched functionality in the lighting and video control marketplace - we simply couldn’t work in this sector going forwards without being involved with MA2. Add to that the fact that we’ve not had a single issue wi


New Ayrton fixtures for Tom Petty anniversary tour

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

USA - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers celebrate their fortieth anniversary and 13 studio albums with their current five-month (53-date) tour of the US and Canada, with an additional date in London in July.
The band’s long-term lighting designer and director, Stanley A Green, who has worked with Petty since 2001 in various roles, chose Ayrton LED fixtures as the backbone of his lighting design. He is one of the first to use the new MagicPanel-FX and MagicBlade-FX units, which he incorporates alongside Ayrton’s MagicBurst and MagicDot-R fixtures to form a palette of rich colours and variety of looks and textures that reflect the musical diversity evident in the band’s long history.
“I first experienced Ayrton’s MagicPanel 602s when acting as LD for John Legend a few years ago,” Green says. “I wanted to use them again so I used both MagicBlade-R and MagicPanel-R on Tom Petty's Mudcrutch tour in 2016. When Mark Fetto at Morpheus Lights told me about the new ‘FX’ versions, I went and took a look right away…and I knew I had to have them for my next tour. The zoom and extra brightness makes them incredibly versatile fixtures.”
Green chose to use 12 MagicBlade-FX units rigged on the downstage of each overhead rectangular truss for audience washes, effects and a nice rich, even wash on the band, and also at downstage left and right positions from where he uses them as low sidelight on Petty.
Fourteen MagicPanel-FX fixtures are ‘sprinkled’ throughout the overhead rig and used as main high sidelights for Petty, and as backlights


Altman appoints Asia-Pacific sales director

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

USA - Altman Lighting has announced the continued expansion of their International sales division with the appointment of industry-veteran Jimmy ‘JR’ Chai as their new APAC sales director. With considerable experience in both the architectural and entertainment lighting industries, Chai will oversee all sales channels across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, while strengthening key relationships with distributors, dealers and lighting professionals throughout the region.
“I have personally known JR for a number of years and with our growth in the Asia-Pacific market, we are very fortunate to have him join our sales team to strengthen our client relationships and continue to expand our market presence,” stated Julie Smith, Altman Lighting general manager.
“Over the last several years, the Asia-Pacific market has experienced a sustainable growth in the architectural and entertainment lighting industries,” said Chai. “Knowing the history behind Altman Lighting, and the passion behind the leadership team, I am very excited to be joining their International Sales division and I look forward to continuing to build on our strong client relationships.”
(Jim Evans)


Modular rigging solutions from Global Truss

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

UK - The Prolight Concepts Groups portfolio has been further enhanced with the addition of a comprehensive range of interchangeable rigging solutions from Global Truss.
The T piece drop arms and extensions, modular U frames, top bars, clamps and stirrups provide the perfect solution for creating vertical lighting fixture arrays, and present an adaptable, flexible system that offers an extra dimension to stage designs, and is also compatible with Global Truss ‘PL’ series Trussing.
The components are ‘quick to rig’ using conical connectors; the U frames have safety bond points and other components use threaded Truss Pins with Nyloc nuts for added safety.

See the Global Truss Modular Rigging System below

(Jim Evans)


The Week in Light & Sound

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Something for the Weekend - With Glastonbury taking a year off in 2018, there's already one new festival hoping to fill the mud-and-music gap. The BBC has announced plans to host The Biggest Weekend while Glasto has its traditional fallow year. The four-day festival will take place in May across four sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The Biggest Weekend is scheduled for the late May bank holiday weekend (25-28 May) - earlier than when Glastonbury normally is. More than 175,000 tickets will be made available, which is more than the number sold for Glasto, but this one is across four locations.The BBC said it will bring "the biggest artists in the world" to the event - but headliners won't be announced for some time yet. Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 and 6 Music will all broadcast live sets from the weekend, while BBC Two and BBC Four will lead the TV coverage.
Rolling On - Keith Richards has revealed that The Rolling Stones are to cut some original material for the first time since 2005’s A Bigger Bang. Their last album Blue & Lonesome, which came out last December, comprised purely of classic blues covers.Now, guitarist Keef, has revealed in a video interview for his own website, that the band will be back in the recording studio together "very, very shortly".
Global Role - Actor and writer Michelle Terry has been appointed artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe. She replaces Emma Rice in the role, who leaves officially in April 2018 following a row over her use of artificial


J&C Joel appoints new dealer in Hungary

Monday, 24 July 2017

Hungary - J&C Joel, has appointed Szinpadtechnika Kft as its new bronze dealer in Hungary.
Szinpadtechnika was established in 1998 and is now one of the leading theatre engineering companies in Hungary. They design and produce stage machinery for theatres, cultural centres and film studios as well as providing machinery maintenance services for more than 50 venues all around Hungary and getting involved with scenery design.
The firm is also gaining recognition from the theatres in neighbouring countries and in light of this is aiming to be the leading company on the field of theatre engineering in the Carpathian Basin region.
Norbert Horvath, sales manager at Szinpadtechnika, said: “We are really excited to introduce the innovative solutions of J&C Joel in Hungary. I’m sure our customers will be really interested in the great product range that J&C Joel has to offer.
“We appreciate that from now on we can rely on this partnership. We hope that the great expertise of J&C Joel will complement our product and service range and together we can provide complex solutions for our clients.”
Roland Rizk, J&C Joel’s Europe and Russia regional manager, said: “We are confident that partnering with Szinpadtechnika has a great potential to develop the business in Hungary. We are looking forward to tackling the market potential and to leverage on our combined expertise to deliver state of the art projects in the region.”
(Jim Evans)


MADRIX appoints Procom as Middle East distributor

Monday, 24 July 2017

Middle East - After several years of close collaboration and projects in the region, Procom and Prolites are now the official distributors for MADRIX for the Middle East. With this move, MADRIX has expanded the distribution rights from Lebanon to all Middle East countries.
"We are very proud of the trust that MADRIX has put into us in expanding our distribution role. This is a great opportunity but also a responsibility to support the thriving MADRIX community. We are committed to offer the best support for MADRIX users in the Middle East", said Rami Harfouch, business development manager at Procom.
"While there is a strong brand recognition of MADRIX, we believe there is room to increase the awareness about the full potential of the MADRIX software and hardware and emphasize its role in creating robust, trouble-free solutions with superior levels of control", said Wiam Boutine, the MADRIXproduct expert at Procom. Most recently, Procom and Prolites have supported the delivery of two premier pixel mapping projects powered by MADRIX, the legendary Garten club in Lebanon as well as club VII in Dubai.
"We are incredibly excited to announce this cooperation. Together with Procom, we are now eager to offer our LED lighting control products proudly made in Germany to the entire region.", says Christian Hertel, sales manager for MADRIX.
Procom will showcase MADRIX at the upcoming Prolight+Sound Middle East exhibition in Dubai and host a training on the software.
(Jim Evans)


Twisted Audio video wall for Lovebullets house

Monday, 24 July 2017

UK - Twisted Audio, the Peterborough-based events production company, recently utilised nearly 18sq.m of IP65 rated ProLights AlphaPIX6T 6.6mm pitch LED video wall for the Lovebullets house and disco parties stage, which this year was re-located to the Glade area at Glastonbury Festival.
Owner Barry Williams, who has been supplying to the UK dance scene for over two decades, purchased the system from the specialist video sales division of A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd, the UK distributor for ProLights AlphaPIX.
Since purchasing the video wall last year for a major European sporting event, Barry has been really pleased with its performance and thought it would be ideal for the Lovebullets stage at Glastonbury, where it was configured as a large 'eye candy' backdrop behind and along the front of the DJ booth. The screens were fed various hi-energy graphical video content and branding during performances.
Barry commented: “I love this ProLights screen. It's 6mm pitch, very bright and being IP65 means I can utilise it for indoor or outside use - a great return on investment and I will definitely be buying more.”
Head of video for the Lovebullets stage, Paul Jackson, commented: “Thanks to Twisted Audio in collaboration with Lovebullets and Intentcity, I was supplied with a beautiful ProLights AlphaPIX6T screen and a Green Hippo Amba media server. The screen gave great clarity and brilliant colour balance and saturation. We used the Amba to map to the different screens integrating a high-powered laptop for mixing seamless visuals to com


Robe specified for Atlas Theatre institution

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Netherlands - The newly built and inaugurated Atlas Theatre in Emmen, Netherlands is a multifunctional performance space in the heart of the city and part of a 250m euro development.
In addition to the two Atlas auditoriums - with capacities of 822 and 300 – the complex also includes a full convention centre, catering outlets, offices and is an access point for the Wildlands Adventure Zoo - and Robe moving lights.
The plan to replace the old De Muzeval theatre in the city actually took around 40 years to come to realization for a complexity of reasons. The construction eventually commenced in 2014 and was finished in 2016, with its spectacular, gleamingly modern architectural style, the state-of-the-art facility opened in autumn of last year.
In the meantime, the technical specifications had been completed by acclaimed Amsterdam based theatre consultants Theateradvies, and the bid to supply lighting was won by Controllux.
Twenty-four moving lights were on that space, for which Controllux proposed 12 x Robe DL7S Profiles and 12 x BMFL Spots as the most practical and flexible premium-brand options for the theatre. The project was managed for them by Kuno van Velzen.
The construction company completing the build is also responsible for the building’s maintenance for the next 20 years, so reliability was key to choosing kit.
The technical team led by Koos Maris and including Nick Unij and Jan Honouwer – both also involved with the old theatre - were delighted with the choice of Robes.
The original plan was to have 24


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