koiKOI-USA Awards now open for nominations
Thursday, 24 May 2018

USA - The Knight of Illumination Awards USA (KOI-USA) is now open for nominations.
The KOI Awards, launched in the USA in April, have been celebrating the achievements of lighting and video designers working in a range of entertainment genres in the UK for 10 years, with the first US edition set to coincide with LDI 2018 in Las Vegas.
Nominations for KOI USA are rolling in across all three categories - Theatre, Concert Touring & Events, and Live for Broadcast - with five awards in each category up for grabs. To be eligible for nomination, productions must have been performed or broadcast in the USA between 1 August 2017 and 31 July 2018.
In the UK, the organisers have reported “a record number of nominations” ahead of the 30 June deadline.

Visit the relevant website for more information on how to nominate:
KOI UK: www.knight-of-illumination.com
KOI USA: www.knightofilluminationawards.com

The five awards in each category at KOI USA are:
Theatre - Dance, Opera, Plays, Musicals and Projection Design;
Live for Broadcast - Scripted Series, Unscripted Series, Awards Shows, Set & Video Design, Entertainment & Events;
Concert Touring & Events - Events, Video Content, Club, Stage, Arena.

KOI organisers, Live Design and The Fifth E

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- A group of professionals consisting of member organisations*, manufacturers and designers from across the live entertainment industry took part in a “very productive” meeting in Brussels on 17 May on the issue of stage lighting with the European Commission . . .

th-seriesMartin Audio launches high powered TH Series
Thursday, 24 May 2018

UK - Martin Audio has announced the TH Series, comprising two high performance, all-horn, three-way systems in horizontally and vertically-formatted package.
Designed to complement the styling of its CDD and BlacklineX Series, the TH Series are suitable for nightclub and large-scale installations.
Dom Harter, managing director of Martin Audio, comments: “TH Series is an important addition to our growing portfolio, offering a high-powered solution with modern styling that will help continue our market share gains in the install market.”
THH is configured in a horizontal format while THV is its vertical counterpart. The driver complement in both systems has been engineered for exemplary performance in all bands.
The Hybrid low frequency section comprises a horn-loaded 15” (380mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil driver that is reflex-loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural horn cut-off point. The LF driver features a water-resistant cone and triple roll surround for increased excursion.
The mid-horn has a unique ‘phase-ball’ loading device which maintains the constant directivity characteristics of the horn at the upper end of its range. It is driven by a 10” (250mm) midrange driver with an aluminium demodulating ring for improved high-mid clarity and reduced distortion when driven hard. The 70˚ x 40˚ HF section features a neodymium 1” (25mm) exit compression driver with a Kapton diaphragm for high sensitivity and extended HF performance.
The internal mid/ high passive crossover allows these three-way systems to

aravind-1websafeQSC appoints chief technology officer
Thursday, 24 May 2018

USA - QSC has announced the appointment of Aravind Yarlagadda as chief technology officer and executive vice-president (product development). He will oversee all aspects of product development for QSC.
Yarlagadda has over 25 years of product development experience and joins from Schneider Electric, where he held senior executive roles in product management, research and development, marketing, strategic partnerships and new business initiatives. He also held senior leadership roles at Invensys, Tyco and Quest Software.
Joe Pham, president and CEO of QSC, comments: “Over the past years, we have continued to make large investments into our product development organisation, and as a result, we now have a sizeable organisation poised for continued innovation. Aravind’s new role will allow us to organise product development as its own major function under one senior executive leader. We are delighted to have Aravind join the Executive Team and are confident that his experience and expertise will be invaluable as we expand our capabilities to support our next phase of growth.”
“I am very thrilled and honoured to become a part of the QSC team, and to positively contribute to the QSC growth journey,” adds Yarlagadda. “With the IT-AV convergence trend picking up, I am personally very excited to leverage enterprise technologies and unlock the new wave of disruption in the AV&C industry.”
(Jim Evans)

website-screenshotCymatic Audio launches website and web store
Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Netherlands - Cymatic Audio has launched a new website (www.cymaticaudio.com) and an online store. The move embraces a fresh new look for the company including a new logo, downloadable from the website as part of the online media kit.
The new website embodies a fully updated look and feel with responsive design that works on any platform. Accessibility has been improved, with special emphasis on customer support while an improved ‘where to buy’ section enables users to find their nearest dealer at a glance.
“I’m absolutely delighted with the new site,” comments Cymatic Audio sales & marketing manager, Conny Kensy. “It looks really attractive and it’s extremely easy to use. All of the user interfaces have been improved, and we have a really comprehensive ‘Community’ section where users can easily find all the support they need.”
(Jim Evans)

stage-set-2017Stage|Set|Scenery at BTT Dresden conference
Thursday, 24 May 2018

Germany - From 13-15 June 2018 the international trade show and conference for theatre, film and event technology will be represented at the Stage Technology Conference (BTT) of Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) at the Ostrapark in Dresden.
The BTT is an advanced training event organised by the theatre and event technology industry in German-speaking countries. A total of 84 companies will be represented there, including established family-run firms and innovative enterprises, ranging from small start-ups to major market leaders.
This year, the Stage Technology Conference is taking place for the 59th time. At the same time DTHG will be holding a ceremony to celebrate its 111th anniversary. Dr. Günter Winands, ministerial director and head of department at the government representative's Office for Cultural and Media Affairs, Marc Grandmontagne, managing director of Deutscher Bühnenverein, and Bert Determann, president of the international organisation OISTAT, have all agreed to attend.
The extensive programme of supporting events comprises around 70 lectures, seminars, round table discussions, workshops and excursions. High points of the conference will include the SoundLab, specially designed for the BTT and Stage|Set|Scenery, the technology presentations at the Anatomical Theatre, and presentations by the stage-set artists and sculptors of Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Dresden. Participants will also have an opportunity to exchange views with representatives of educational establishments, associations, accident insurances as well

david-hasselhoff-with-ld-martin-kamesHasselhoff tours Germany and Austria with Elation
Thursday, 24 May 2018

Europe - Former Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff recently toured Germany and Austria on his 30 Years Looking For Freedom tour, with a lighting rig that included effects from Elation Professional Chorus Line 8 and Lumina Matrix fixtures.
Audio, video and lighting for the tour, which ran 11 April to 4 May, was by Austrian-based rental and production company MartinKames.com with lighting design by company owner Martin Kames, who developed a special rapport with the television and music star.
Kames landed the job after sending Hasselhoff a 20-minute video in which he presented his company and his design ideas. “It took me half a year to finally reach him directly but after he saw the video he immediately called me and told me I’m on board so my perseverance paid off,” he explains. “It was a very unique experience to work with a movie star. He had a totally different approach and way of seeing things.”
Hasselhoff was very involved in the planning, according to Kames, and had some ambitious ideas for the tour. “He had constantly new ideas and it was my job to put them together into something realistic and unique,” he says. One of those ideas was a set of on-stage steps that the designer lined with rows of Chorus Line 8 LED pixel bars.
“The staircase was the main and most essential part of the stage design and the Chorus Line 8s were essential for unique light beneath all of the steps,” Kames states. “We made custom-built mounting frames underneath each riser so they could still rotate, which

wicreations-eurovision-2018-dsc1315Wicreations elevates Eurovision 2018
Thursday, 24 May 2018

Portugal - Stage engineering specialist WIcreations supplied four of their heavy duty TP06 stage elevators to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) production which was headed by technical directors Ola Melzig and Tobias Åburg.
The event, viewed by 200m across the globe, was staged at the Altice Arena in Lisbon.
The four TP06 lifts were installed under the stage which was part of the elaborate set designed by Florian Wieder, and were used for two of the 43 finalists, Austria’s third placed Cesár Sampson and Belarus contestant Alekseev.
The project was designed and co-ordinated for WI by Geert Stockmans and tech’d and looked after on site by Mateo Marastoni working alongside Robert Roos who was the production’s props and special staging co-ordinator.
One TP06 lift was positioned centrally beneath the stage and surrounded by the other three, all of them supporting a trussing structure with a 6m triangular section of decking on top. This top section split in two – donut style – with a central cut out that could elevate independently on the middle lift.
For Austria, the whole wedge section lifted up several metres in a dramatic moment with the artist on top to reveal a set of vertically rigged LED battens below, on the underside. Chasing and twinkling, these gave the appearance that the artist was floating in the air as the platform rose up, all helping to make him a favourite with the crowd.
While the Belarus entry didn’t make it through the first semi-final (also televised) this year, it was not before a rousing perf

pepsilituation2websafeThe Pepsi Lituation Experience gets Outline
Thursday, 24 May 2018

Nigeria - On a night filled with fun and ceremony, all underscored by an explosion of powerful music, Pepsi unveiled four of Nigeria’s foremost DJs as their ambassadors. The quartet of DJ Obi, DJ Cuppy, DJ Spinall and DJ Xclusive, considered to be A-list DJs rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry, brought their A-games to the Lituation Experience.
Artists such as Tekno, WizKid, Tiwa Savage, among others, came to perform with them on their set. There was also a special appearance onstage by the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 3 contestants.
Cytech World Communication was the tech company contracted to make this entire night happen. They supplied stage, lighting and audio, with the show set-up on two stages at each end of the venue.
On one side was the Main Stage for all the performances and at the other end, basically at the back of the venue, was the second stage which featured a 3D screen, used mainly for the DJ main intros.
The audio set-up on the Main Stage PA included 12 x Outline GTO C-12 (six per side) with 10 x Outline DBS 18-2 Subs (five per side), plus two Outline Doppia II 9075 (one per side), which were front-fills for the audience next to the stage ramp.
For the delay speakers from the main stage there were four Outline GTO C-12 per side over two Outline Lab 21 to get the height necessary for complete coverage.
Onstage, the 4 DJs all pre-set on a long DJ table to ensure there was good even coverage for their monitoring. To achieve this, Cytech used two Outline Doppia II 9075 per side over two Subtech 21

st-rose-of-lima-3Altman LED retrofit at St Rose of Lima
Thursday, 24 May 2018

USA - In 1946, more than 100 founding parishioners came together to build a community where families could worship as one, establishing the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community. Built around a host of ministries that include a school, an early childhood centre, and various summer programmes, the sanctuary within the community is relied upon as part of the foundation for spiritual growth.
With an outdated lighting system which needed replacement, the church worked with the Houston-based manufacturers rep LESCO Lighting Technology who installed a bright and energy-efficient worship design using Chalice LED downlights and Pegasus LED Fresnels from Altman Lighting.
“This was our first time working with the congregation at St. Rose of Lima, and we were brought on to help them update their current house and stage lighting system to LED technology,” said Manuel Moran, LESCO Lighting Technology. “In this phase of updating the system, we would need to still use their existing dimmer rack, so we suggested using the mains-dimmable technology of both the Chalice LED downlight and the Pegasus LED Fresnel.
“Their existing house lights were just 10 to 12-inch recessed cans each using a 500W halogen lamp,” continued Moran. “Additionally, they also had 500W halogen PAR lights that were being used to light the alter and the cross. As these lamps were becoming more costly and difficult to find for replacements, they wanted to convert to LED lighting for both the energy and cost savings. Throughout our discussions on what they wanted, we knew the Chalice an

first-baptist-church-thomasville-ga-interior-lightAlcons assists diversification in Georgia church
Thursday, 24 May 2018

USA - Updating the audio system in traditional churches to successfully host a wider variety of worship styles is a problem faced by many systems integrators. It’s a problem that Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems are well-equipped to solve, as the latest in a number of recent US house of worship (HoW) installations proves.
Since the early 1990s, First Baptist Church in Thomasville, Georgia, has diversified from being a largely traditional HoW to hosting a much wider variety of events and has grown to serve a larger more diverse congregation as well as a variety of worship events and services.
The primary use of the audio system is on Sundays, which begin with a traditional service - featuring the church’s pipe organ, choir, piano and orchestral instruments - followed by a contemporary, praise and worship-style service with modern instrumentation, including drums, electric guitars and keyboards. The church also stages a wide program of special events and performances, including the annual Disciple Now (DNOW) youth weekend, for which the main sanctuary is transformed into a major contemporary music venue.
To accommodate this growing array of needs, the existing centre cluster system was proving completely inadequate. A challenge was that the sanctuary is diamond shaped, with the stage, choir stalls, organ and pulpit located in one corner. With the side walls moving outwards from the audio system, this meant that it had to consistently cover considerable width as well as depth.
The church contacted its regular systems integrator, Thomasville-ba

twiddle1mandypichlerwebsafeTwiddle goes Rogue with Evan Antal
Thursday, 24 May 2018

USA - Late in 2016, research agency Gallup conducted a survey of jam band fans to determine the “approval ratings” of different groups. The Vermont-based quartet Twiddle earned the highest score, even edging out fellow Green Mountain State stars Phish. Although the first-place finish might have surprised some, it wasn’t particularly shocking to the legion of Twiddle fans that turn out to see the band play at festivals and music halls from Maine to California.
Twiddle has recorded upwards of 50 EPs as well as multiple studio albums, but for the band’s true fans the greatest pleasure comes from seeing them perform live. Joyfully blending reggae, funk and rock, with some spirited dashes of hi-def shred thrown in, the band takes fans on a carefree journey, where a delightful surprise seems to wait around every musical bend.
Adding to the magic at a recent Twiddle performance was a free-ranging Evan Antal-designed lightshow anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures, supplied by KTR Lighting.
Antal, who designed for Zeds Dead and several others before he set aside lighting full time to pursue law school, rolled into the historic Strand Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island with a floor package of eight Rogue R1 Spot fixtures. Happily for him, he encountered a house rig that included six Rogue R2 Spot and four Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, as well as eight Legend 230SR Beam units. Meshing his package with the house rig, he created a lightshow that brought the entire 104-year-old venue into his client’s embracing performance.
“The show at

boujikianbrosbeirutdemoClair Brothers confirms Lebanese distribution
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Lebanon - Clair Brothers has added Boujikian Bros. Co. to its growing list of distributors.
Established in 1984 as a supplier of a wide range of electronics accessories, Boujikian Bros. refocused its attention towards audio, lighting, rigging, staging as the company recognised the potential in the Lebanese market, as well as other expanding markets in their greater region. The company serves educational and religious institutions, corporate, governmental, and military sectors
Gary Boujikian, president and general manager, comments: “The quality products we provide are central to our success. It’s why when the opportunity arose to represent Clair Brothers, we didn’t hesitate. Loudspeakers don’t get any better than what Clair Brothers designs and manufactures, and the people at Clair Brothers couldn’t be nicer or easier to work with. I could tell right away when we first met and signed on at PL+S 2017 in Frankfurt that this relationship would be a smooth one.”
Josh Sadd, vice president and chief engineer for Clair Brothers, hosted a product demo of the kiTCURVE12+ Line Array System, 1.5AM+, 8CX-P-100, and 12Sx in Beirut for an audience of eager industry pros and interested potential customers. “I had heard that the Lebanese have a taste for quality and high standards in audio and it was very evident in the turnout for our event. It was great to meet the many people who attended.”
(Jim Evans)

zero-ohmZero-Ohm brings innovation to InfoComm
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

USA - Montreal-based Zero-Ohm will show MS-4R5, a two-input, two-output rack mounted system at InfoComm 2018. Meanwhile, the new MS-2R (2000W version) will debut at the Las Vegas-based event. The company’s Multispeaker system won a Best New Product Technology award at the Innovations Showcase at InfoComm 2017.

“Our primary product is well beyond the testing phase,” says co-founder George Dracopoulos. “There are existing installations that have been operational for over three years. Our technology already provides the key benefit of full range sound on major installs that far exceed the limitations of traditional 70V and 100V solutions. Building on the revolutionary design, that eliminates the need for transformers, we continue to push the frontiers of big sound with our plug-n-play system."

The Zero-Ohm Multispeaker system is a passive device that interconnects between any amplifier and multiple loudspeakers without worrying about amplifier speaker loads, impedance and extremely long cables runs. This device allows users to connect 20, 30, 40 or more speakers in parallel to one amplifier without the use of transformers. Up until now, the ability to connect multiple speakers in parallel was confronted by the issue of operating the amplifier at a safe impedance. Although there are amplifiers that operate at 4 ohms and 2 ohms safely, any effort to drive them below the rated resistance load led to device failure. The system is ideal for major audio applications:test

nexus-dry-hire-goes-large-with-color-force-iiNexus Dry Hire goes large with Chroma-Q
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

UK - Lighting and rigging specialist Nexus Dry Hire has added 30 of Chroma-Q's flagship Color Force II 72 LED fixture to its stockholding.
The purchase of the 1.8m battens was facilitated by Mike Docksey at Chroma-Q UK dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies.
Nexus' managing director, Tom Agar comments: "At Nexus we are always looking for leading technologies which we believe will become the next industry standard and product of choice amongst our production and rental clients. After studying the market, we chose Color Force II as it is exactly the right product for our requirements. It's a very high-quality light source, covers multiple applications and is well made, so we believe it has great rental potential amongst our client base."
Agar adds: "I can't fault Mike and A.C.'s support with getting the deal through, which happened really quickly to meet our customers' requirements. We look forward to building on what is already a fantastic relationship with A.C. through further Chroma-Q purchases, as well as other leading brands within their portfolio."
After being shipped straight out to Japan for a client, the Color Force II 72 fixtures are now back in stock at Nexus' UK warehouse, ready for hire.
(Jim Evans)

starchurch3Star Church reaches more worshippers with Chauvet
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Indonesia - Broadcasting and live streaming services have opened up more ways for Star Church to grow and reach new worshippers. However, with this opportunity has come the new challenge of lighting services in a way that not only appeals to people at the church, but can also meet the more critical demands of the video camera.
With this issue in mind, the dynamic Indonesian church turned to its long-time vendor Asiis to create a video-friendly lighting package for its newly built campus, which is located in a shopping mall.
Asiis met Star Church’s expectations by creating a carefully planned lighting system that includes over 65 Chauvet Professional fixtures and is controlled by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console.
“The HD video camera is much less forgiving than the human eye,” says Asiis’ Andy Mulya Sutikno, who oversaw the project. “The lighting in Star Church’s new building was designed to provide the colour temperatures and smooth, even fields of light that would look great on camera without detracting from the live experience inside the church.”
Key to the new lighting design are the 16 Ovation F-165WW Fresnel fixtures that are flown on truss just beyond the stage apron. “The colour temperature and consistency of the light from these fixtures results in very natural skin tones on camera,” said Andy. “They also make it easy for the church to go from covering the whole stage to focusing on specific individuals. Moreover, with the even light field there are no distractive shadows.”
In addition to the Ovation fixture

rj-mediavision-see-caption-in-word-docMediaVision invests in Robert Juliat Merlin
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Thailand - MediaVision of Thailand has invested in a pair of Robert Juliat Merlin followspots supplied by Total Solution Marketing Pte.
MediaVision provides equipment and services for local and international concerts, as well as corporate events and conferences. Robert Juliat’s Merlin 2500W HMI touring followspot was ideal thanks to its rugged body, powerful output and 3°-12° zoom range, making it suitable for venues of all sizes.
“We chose the Merlin after Total Solution brought it to our attention in late 2016. We needed a followspot that was reliable and versatile enough to adapt to the many demands of a rental company,” says MediaVision’s Joe Thanaruch. “Robert Juliat’s reliability and build-quality is well-known, and Merlin turned out to be surprisingly light-weight for a followspot of its size.
“We were also happy that it proved easy to use with no complications. But the real selling point for us was Merlin’s internal power supply which makes it so easy to transport and set up at every event and venue. Finally, we have always trusted Total Solution’s after-sales service and reliable support for many years which made our purchasing decision very easy.”
(Jim Evans)

robe-city-65-music-festival-singapore-2018-jap3718Robe catches the beat at City 65 festival
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Singapore - The Fort Gate at Fort Canning Hill in Singapore provided the backdrop for the 2018 City 65 Music Festival. The location, known for expansive lawns and greenery, has become a hub for cultural and creative activities and a venue of choice for many outdoor events.
Craig Burridge was asked to co-ordinate the Main Stage production and lighting design for the one-day event by organisers Michael Spinks and Rachel Mason from City 65 Music Pte Ltd. The main stage line-up featured five diverse bands, three playing in daylight and the final two in the dark, for which Craig used 50 Robe fixtures - 24 x Linees, 10 x ColorStrobes, six PixelPATTs and 10 x LEDWash 600s - positioned prominently on the rig.
The venue is managed by the National Parks, and there are some strict rules and regulations designed to protect the environment. No production elements can be within 2m of any tree, so the 9m wide by 8m deep stage was allocated a space between two, right in front of a ‘heritage tree’ which “made a fantastic backdrop” explained Craig.
He had a free creative hand with the design with a few important prerequisites including that it was a functional and practical space for the bands and audio / backline crews to achieve quick changeovers. This meant leaving the stage floor relatively clear.
In addition to this, his aesthetic goal was to provide three distinct but related visual themes that would work for the diverse genres of music covered by the final three bands on the bill - hard rock / metal, indie jazz and progressive rock respectively.

bromptonTOA provides sound advice to Brompton Oratory
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

UK - Audio technology from TOA Corporation UK has recently been specified throughout the Brompton Oratory in London.
Consecrated in 1884, the oratory has utilised audio equipment for many years, but required the latest technology to replace the aging system. Worthing based System Design Audio was called in to specify, configure and install a new solution.
“As a specialist in church sound systems we have grown our business purely through word of mouth,” explains Peter Hearn, managing director at System Design Audio. “Our reputation has spread throughout the religious community and now this type of work forms 99 per cent of our business activity. Having already completed projects for hundreds of churches, I was delighted to receive a call from Brompton Oratory and, after carrying out a full survey, we presented our recommendations.”
Brompton Oratory’s previous audio system had been in-situ for over 30 years and although still functional, it produced distorted sound by today’s standards. Those speaking also had to get very close to the microphone to ensure their voices were picked up, while people with quiet voices were often inaudible in various parts of the church.
“Audio technology has moved on considerably over the last two decades and it was clear that we would be able to configure a system that improved overall quality of sound,” adds Hearn. “About 12 years ago TOA Corporation UK introduced one of the first line array speaker systems, which we installed at Arundel Cathedral. During that installation we took out 44 speaker

galeckiinfernohi1D.A.S. reinforces Inferno: The Fire Spectacular
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

USA - Currently playing at the Paris Theatre in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Inferno: The Fire Spectacular features magic extraordinaire Joe Labero alongside Europe's most extreme fire artists. Here, guests witness a gasoline spectacular that mixes a variety of favourite acts and illusions with death defying fire stunts. To ensure the sonic aspects of the show are every bit as vibrant as the visuals, a new D.A.S. Audio sound reinforcement system has been installed.
Las Vegas-based AG Production Services was contracted by Darrell Clulow, director of technical operations for Caesars Entertainment, to design and deploy the new sound system at the Paris Theatre. Ricky ‘Bongos’ Galecki, project manager and head of audio services, oversees all of the audio design and implementation for AG Production Services.
After consulting with the theatres management staff responsible for show production to determine their requirements, the decision was made to deploy D.A.S. Aero 20A powered, compact line array elements, augmented by LX-118A powered, arrayable powered subwoofers, and Aero 12A powered, two-way, mid-high line array modules.
According to Galecki, “With seating for 1,200 people, the Paris Theatre is a spectacular mid-size room. For a space this size, it was critical that the new sound system provide even coverage throughout the space while delivering crisp, articulate speech intelligibility and natural sounding music reproduction characteristics. We’ve had excellent results with D.A.S. equipment on other installations, so it made

cpl-arcadia-london-2018-photo-by-luke-taylor-25CPL Invests in projectors for Arcadia London
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

UK - Central Presentations (CPL) has invested in six new Barco UDX-4K 31,000lm laser projectors which were deployed on their first event at Arcadia London last weekend.
The vibrant two day alt.culture festival, music and performance extravaganza celebrated the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Arcadia concept, and was staged in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with the famed Spider at the hub of the performance action.
CPL has been involved with Arcadia since 2013 when the 50 tonne Spider - the conceptual brainchild of Pip Rush and Bert Cole crafted from reimagined military hardware and other recycled industrial waste - first landed at Glastonbury festival.
For the last few UK appearances of the arachnid, CPL has been part of a dedicated production team delivering crisp, detailed projections onto both sides of the three giant legs, which are fundamental structural elements of this awesome 360 degree visual and sonic spectacle.
The new projectors arrived just in time at CPL’s West Midlands warehouse for the London event, which was built around Arcadia’s Metamorphosis experience, a dynamic combination of ambitious engineering, acrobatics, stunning visuals and sonic excellence that WOWed everyone in Olympic Park. The festival also included a sizzling line-up of other electronic talent, with all the main action taking place in and around the Spider.
CPL’s team was project managed by George Oakey who was joined by Jack Sykes and Robin Emery. They worked closely with Arcadia’s production manager Dorian Cameron-Marlow a

eugene-yeo-and-glenn-lin-of-acoustic-and-lighting-systemspreviewDPA names distributor for Singapore and Thailand
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Singapore - DPA Microphones has appointed Acoustic & Lighting Systems to handle the distribution of its entire product range in Singapore and Thailand. DPA has also appointed Arcadia Tech as a direct dealer in Singapore.
Ken Kimura, managing director of DPA’s APAC office, says: “We are excited to have both companies looking after DPA and are confident this move will benefit more professional users in the regional audio community as our upgraded mics with the CORE by DPA Technology is being introduced in both territories.”
Headquartered in Malaysia and with offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, Acoustic & Lighting Systems is one of the most prominent audio visual and lighting companies in South East Asia. Established in 1993 as a live sound company, A&L has expanded over the years to encompass broadcast and, more recently, the corporate AV sector where it sees plenty of potential for growth.
Eugene Yeo, the Singapore-based general manager of A&L, adds: “We strive to work with brands that can add value to our own brand portfolio, but also to the general pro audio community. As a company with a strong heritage and unique technology, DPA has definitely created a distinctive brand identity in the market. Furthermore, it also offers discreet solutions to a wide range of end users whose demand for high quality microphone products is growing all the time.”
Yeo notes that this is the first time A&L Singapore and Thailand have worked with a major microphone manufacturer and both teams are looking forward to promot

adjADJ to distribute Compu Show control software
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

USA - Effective immediately, ADJ Products is taking over the development, support and sales for the Compu Show lighting control software previously offered by Elation Professional for the past 10 years.
ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales, explains: “As ADJ’s fixtures have evolved, we felt it was important to grow our DMX software line as well. Our existing myDMX control software has been a very successful product worldwide for ten years, but we felt we needed to offer something with more power and possibilities. Compu Show is a proven system that offers lighting designers powerful features and flexible control options to allow them to make the most of their lighting rigs and fully realize their creative vision.”
Compu Show is an advanced DMX control software application for PC, that is designed for programming and controlling large rigs of moving heads and other professional entertainment lighting fixtures from a PC. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including nightclubs and lounges, churches, concert tours, festivals and other big one-off events.
The software offers a large library of over 10,000 fixture profiles as well as a tool for easily creating custom profiles. It also features live Midi to control the software functions from a hardware desk such as the Elation Professional Midicon 2, a unique ‘pages’ concept where each fixture type has its own page which is built automatically depending on its attributes and features. Quick access switches are included to call presets such as colour and GOBO, while dy


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