ecodesign-updateEcodesign latest - New draft released
Monday, 15 October 2018

Europe - On Tuesday 9th October, the EU released a revised version of their proposed new Ecodesign and Ecolabelling Lighting regulations. These are the intended final versions of these regulations.
The full texts are available to read via the links below.
From an entertainment lighting perspective, this version is almost entirely unchanged from the draft published in July. There is a minor addition of a new exemption for some specialist fluorescent lamps used in the film industry. And the exemptions established in the July draft, which cover many areas of entertainment lighting, remain in place.
However, this draft does not address any of the issues that the entertainment lighting industry’s Ecodesign Task Group have been trying to raise with the EU since the publication of the July draft.
This means that some key issues remain:
- requirement for lighting fixtures to use less than 0.5W of power in standby mode (when not emitting light), which is not achievable for DMX-controlled lighting fixtures that have to respond immediately to cues.
- inability of high-powered white LED sources to meet the efficiency requirements because of the combined impacts of the Auger effect, thermal effects and in-built optics. Many such sources are far from achieving the regulation limits.
- the definition of green used in colour-tuneable (additive colour mixing) fixtures, which is not set at the right point for the most efficient design of colour mixing systems.
- a number of specific lamp bases and white light sources for which exemptio

music-lightsMusic & Lights opens new headquarters
Monday, 15 October 2018

Italy - Music & Lights celebrated the official opening of their new headquarters, dedicating a day of exclusive celebration for customers, partners and international distributors.
The new base represents a further phase of development, with its over 40.000sqm surrounded by greenery and with a covered area of 10'000sqm, which brings together offices, research and development, production, laboratory and logistics.
An organisation that has acquired over the years a growing international reputation, with its brands that today are at the top of the professional entertainment industry.
This innovation played a central role in the distributor conference, held on the morning of the event and reserved for the international sales network.
Then, in the afternoon, the doors of the new exhibition areas opened up; a complex of over 1000sqm, including a stage set up with 700 Prolights and Tribe fixtures, Loudspeakers DAD, Protrussfacilities and a showroom, where the main solutions from each brand are represented.
"Our solutions are the ideal partner for every type of event, and our development projects, determine a continuous growth of professionalism and innovation. As a group we are engaged in the search for new technologies and an ever-increasing focus on the needs of the market,” said managing director Fabio Sorabella.
Francesco Sorabella, M & L president, adds, "After more than 25 years in entertainment, we are proud that Music & Lights is among the most successful companies in the sector. In the last 10 years the company has

blizzardWORK PRO expands LightShark distribution
Monday, 15 October 2018

Portugal - Following a series of recent meetings with distribution companies at international exhibitions including Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, WORK PRO has concluded new distribution arrangements for its LightShark lighting console.
Effective immediately, the following companies are exclusively responsible for LightShark sales, support, training and marketing in their respective territories: United States of America — Blizzard Lighting; Canada — AVL Media Group; France — Freevox; Switzerland — Plus Music; Colombia, Panama and Venezuela — Audio Concept.
“LightShark was something of a bold departure for WORK PRO, going way beyond the capabilities of any lighting control products we’ve released in the past,” explains Juan Jose Vila, WORK PRO’s chief sales officer. “Awareness of the console and its advantages and impressive price point has spread fast and orders are very healthy. Very rapidly following its launch, we were aware that we would need in some cases to create completely new international distribution channels for the product, distinct in certain territories from our existing routes to market.
“We have made great progress in the past few months putting those channels in place, and are delighted to announce these new partnerships in LightShark’s key markets. Of course, we are continuing to negotiate arrangements for LightShark distribution in other territories; we will be making more announcements about these in the near future.”
(Jim Evans)

featured video
Frameset UK 2.4m x 1.2m Flat Panel
No more wooden flats! Frameset UK Instant flat panels weigh just 5Kg, go up in 1 minute & fold down for storage / transport. Reversible covers available in 59 different colours, plus options for printed graphics. Available in any size you need. Purchase or Hire. Great ROI.
sd7DiGiCo’s SD7 takes a Quantum leap at AES
Monday, 15 October 2018

USA - DiGiCo’s AES stand at Manhattan’s Javits Convention Centre this month will feature the highly-anticipated SD7 Quantum engine, which is now shipping to SD7 owners around the globe.
Developed with seventh generation Super FPGA devices that further increase audio processing power, Quantum 7 expands DiGiCo’s flagship SD7 to over 640 channels of processing in 96kHz operation that can be connected in the outside world to approaching 3000 potential I/Os. The engine is also equipped with eight newly assignable MADI connections and two DMI slots (DiGiCo Multi-Channel Interface) for AoIP and other connectivity options from the complete family of DMI card options. There are other powerful enhancements, too, including Nodal Processing and True Solo.
Nodal Processing means that for the first time processing can be applied to any node on the auxiliary section of the console, allowing engineers to send unique processing on each Aux send from a single, or multiple channels. This level of creativity will allow engineers to tailor and deliver dedicated mixes that were simply not possible before Quantum 7.
Coupled with Nodal Processing is the new True Solo system that allows the operator’s monitoring system to Solo almost any section of the console, and how that source is being processed and heard. This saves time and speeds up the process of managing the potentially daunting number of channels and busses available to the user.
Also shown on stand #629 will be the new DiGiCo 4REA4 audio solution. Designed to expand DiGiCo’s live performance re

zero88-at-ldi-2018-flx-rangeLDI 2018: Zero 88 returns with latest FLX
Monday, 15 October 2018

USA - UK lighting control manufacturer Zero 88 will have a strong presence at the 2018 LDI expo, for the first time in several years following on from the success and buzz of their FLX range of lighting consoles, first launched in 2015.
Zero 88 product specialist Jon Hole, commented, “LDI is well known for the high-quality of its visitors which includes a big percentage of lighting designers, directors and programmers. In addition to all those from North America, Canada and Latin America, we are also expecting to see people from Asia and the Pan Pacific regions. It should be an excellent chance for us to get the brand and products in front of new contacts and a completely different audience.”
An international Zero 88 product specialist team will be demonstrating the FLX and FLX S ranges of powerful and intuitive lighting desks on Booth 962 (co-exhibiting alongside Lehigh Electric Products Company), and there will also be the chance for visitors to win an FLX S24.
The original Zero 88 FLX console was designed after extensive research to give users working in all sectors – theatre, television and all types of live shows and events - more time to be imaginative, inventive and efficient.
Offering up to 8,192 freely assignable control channels with no fixture patch limitations and supported by four rotary encoders, there are 24 dedicated playback faders (with 10 pages) and four UDK’s (User Definable Keys).
Two-and-a-half years after the launch of the FLX, the Zero 88 team produced FLX S24 and FLX S48 consoles as a solution for small-

kinesys-at-ldi-apexLDI 2018: Kinesys highlights Apex hoist system
Monday, 15 October 2018

USA - Following a very successful LDI last year and substantial growth in its American market, Kinesys returns to LDI to meet industry influencers, decision makers and movers & shakers - creative and technical - who will visit over the three days.
Kinesys will be highlighting its innovative new Apex hoist system, as well as its industry standard Elevation 1+ system and will be getting interactive on the stand, where visitors can control both Apex and Kinesys converted CM Lodestar hoists running with Elevation 1+, side by side. This is designed to provide a real hands-on and tactile experience, so people can appreciate what the two different systems can offer in terms of performance and smoothness of operation. It will also provide an authentic comparison between these two versatile platforms of chain hoist control.
Attendees can also check out the Kinesys’ DigiHoist fixed speed chain motor controllers and the LibraCELL / Libra NODE load monitoring system, an invaluable tool for any rigging scenario to ensure that loads – static and dynamic – are constantly and accurately monitored in real-time.
Both Vector and K2 control options will be demonstrated, as well as a few little surprises.
Apex incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive knowledge and practical experience of working with variable speed chain hoist technology … to create a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid hoists and controllers - designed to maximize creativity for show, stage and environment designers and operators in all entertainment sectors.
Central t

tmb-logoLDI 2018: TMB highlights new technology
Monday, 15 October 2018

USA - At LDI 2018, TMB will again show a wide selection of new technology in a comfortable, social atmosphere on booth 1568.
The new ProPlex IQ Tester LV, Ethernet/DMX tester/analyzer, recognised with a PLASA 2018 Innovation Award, is a must-see. The first Ethernet tester designed for entertainment production, this tall-in-one device easily performs many functions essential and useful for setting up and trouble-shooting today’s show networking. A short list includes: Wireshark for analysis of any Ethernet protocol, plus network troubleshooting; PoE tester; SMPTE Timecode, LTC receiver/analyzer and LTC transmitter; full DMX analysis, control, and testing; RDM controller; and bidirectional Ethernet-DMX gateway. Also, update Solaris/ProPlex firmware without a PC! Extremely compact and rugged, the ProPlex IQ Tester goes anywhere.
TMB will also introduce ProPlex Cat 6a extended cable, the first Ethernet patch cable with full-verified Cat 6a performance up to 100m. This one-of-a-kind, stranded, flexible patch cable is suitable for all gigabit and 10-gigabit applications and features renowned ProPlex durability, reliability and handling characteristics.
Entirely new to the TMB range of brands is FloppyTape, a complete selection of high-quality, professional-grade LED tapes. Not your father’s LED tape, these bright, colour-correct, and consistent LED tapes feature very high CRI and brilliant colours. Available in Premium and Standard versions, a comprehensive range of standard and custom profiles, plus diffusion accessories are also available, as well

nx-2LDI 2018: Obsidian debuts ONYX platform
Monday, 15 October 2018

USA - Obsidian Control Systems will be showcasing the first three lighting control products under the ONYX lighting control platform. Designers, programmers and operators are invited to Obsidian Control Systems Booth 1135 for a first look and hands-on demo of the powerful NX 2, the portable NX Wing and the convenient NX DMX.
The NX 2 is a compact yet fully-integrated lighting controller with all the connectivity and power the ever-increasing size of shows demands. As a member of the innovative ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems, the NX 2 is feature rich and never restricted in its capabilities.
Utilizing the latest in industrial components, the NX 2 contains a powerful Intel Hexa-Core processor, high-speed NVMe SSD drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 64 Universes right inside the console without the need for costly external processing networks result in unprecedented power in this small form factor.
NX Wing is the complementary USB control surface to the ONYX platform. Based on the NX 2 console, the NX Wing utilizes the same rugged design and components with an identical footprint and layout. Through its USB connection, the NX Wing provides a responsive professional hardware surface to operate ONYX on any PC system without compromises. Any user of ONYX will feel instantly familiar with the NX Wing and no setup or additional installation is required.
The NX DMX is a USB –powered, plug -and –play, two –port DMX Node for ONYX. It provides instant access to DMX In and Outputs

hippoGreen Hippo and Kinesys masterclass
Monday, 15 October 2018

UK - Green Hippo, in partnership with Kinesys, is running a two-day Automation Masterclass. Held in Kinesys’s London demo room – just 20 minutes’ drive from Heathrow airport and fully-equipped with chain motors, rotators, trolleys and truss – the course is designed for anyone looking to explore integrating moving elements with Hippotizer. No prior knowledge of Kinesys automation systems is required, though a good understanding of Hippotizer and basic SHAPE functions will help attendees get the most out of the sessions.
Course content includes: Classroom component to comprehensively cover all aspects of automation, including connecting to an automation system, to visualising and pre-programming your show; Hands-on sessions in Kinesys demo room where students will work with hardware, practicing object alignment, parenting and automation scripting; Use of Kinesys Vector and K2 motor control systems, throughout the two days, for 2D and 3D motion control, as well as a variety of chain motors and trolleys suspending projection screens, and truss and video panels. Complimentary lunch and refreshments are provided.
The dates are Tuesday 4 December and Wednesday 5 December 2018. Booking details are at
(Jim Evans)

logoAudio-Technica captures Youth Olympics
Monday, 15 October 2018

Argentina - Microphones from Audio-Technica are being used to capture both live and broadcast audio at Youth Olympics Games, taking place now in Buenos Aires.
The Youth Olympic Games, held every two years (Winter and Summer games staggered in years opposite the adult games), are an international multi-sport event organised by the International Olympic Committee. Buenos Aires 2018 is the scenario for 32 sports and 36 disciplines.
A wide selection of Audio-Technica microphones are being employed, including BP4071 Line + Gradient (Shotgun) Condenser Microphones, BP4073 Line + Gradient (Shotgun) Condenser Microphones, AT899 Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphones and BP4001 Cardioid Dynamic Microphones (handheld, for interviews).
“We are pleased to be participating in the technical setup at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games,” stated Audio-Technica’s Michael Edwards. “We know that these audio professionals need the peace of mind that can only come from dependable products, and we are proud to be a name they turn to for these high-profile events.”
(Jim Evans)

sslkyliegavintempanySSL Live proves Golden for Kylie
Monday, 15 October 2018

UK - Monitor engineer Gavin Tempany has been out on tour Kylie Minogue. He has chosen a Solid State Logic L500 Plus for the shows, supplied by UK tour and events company Capital Sound Hire.
Kylie's latest world tour follows the release of her new album, Golden. It's a project heavily influenced by the Nashville country scene, which follows through onto the stage via set, costume, and narrative in a typically theatrical set. Kylie is joined on stage by five musicians and two backing singers, and all are supported at monitor world by experienced engineer Gavin Tempany (Dave Gilmour, Hans Zimmer, Will Young, OMD) and a Solid State Logic 500 Plus console.
While Tempany describes the 50 or so instrument and vocal inputs from show as "not too much compared to my usual madness", the aesthetics and design of the show have created a few side challenges. First, the monitor console position is under the stage, so video feeds are used for sight to stage. The backline is also under the stage, out of sight, as are the guitar and bass pedal boards.
These things all make good communications even more critical than usual, and as Tempany is also the hub for band-to-band and band-to-crew communications, the monitor position has additional critical roles. “There are a lot of talkback mics," says Tempany. "I think I'm up to 17 channels of communications now. All the musicians and techs have shout mics and there are a few techs with switches that route their talk either to the band and crew or just to the crew.
"The production comms are also fed to my cu

veldVDO Sceptron dazzles Veld Music Festival
Monday, 15 October 2018

Canada - Lighting designer Robert Sondergaard of Electric Aura Projects and Solotech recently deployed Martin by Harman VDO Sceptron10 LED lighting fixtures to create a dynamic and innovative stage design for Toronto’s Veld Music Festival.
Now in its seventh year, the annual EDM and hip-hop music festival was held in Toronto’s Downsview Park. The line-up featured Marshmello, Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Benny Benassi, Lil Yachty and more. Each year the festival strives to create an ambitious and eye-catching stage design, and this year they wanted to incorporate the VELD logo as a dynamic centrepiece.
Festival organisers hired production and lighting designer Robert Sondergaard, who collaborated with video and sound provider Solotech to create an ambitious design using Martin VDO Sceptron10 LED Fixtures and custom-fabricated set pieces.
“The big thing they wanted to do was make their stylized ‘V’ logo the focal point of the stage,” said Sondergaard. “Working with Solotech, we designed a perfect representation of their ‘V’ logo using Sceptron fixtures. We also rigged a series of seven truss claws that come out and wrap around the front edge of the roof. We lined those with Sceptrons as well, so at night it looks like it's being held up by hands instead of a structure that everything is hanging from.
“On stage, we had a bunch of stacked cube structures featuring a mixture of Sceptrons, video screens and traditional lighting. Using lighting controls, we were able to have texture and movement effects move fluidly through the cube

abandomanChauvet creates stadium atmosphere for Abandoman
Monday, 15 October 2018

UK - After a successful year of headline festival slots and TV appearances, Rob Broderick, a.k.a. Abandoman recently embarked upon a sell-out tour to take his comedy hip-hop around the UK. Like his multi-talented client, LD Robbie Butler also went outside the box to create something original. Helping him in this endeavour were 21 Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 FX-B and 21 Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures.
Although lighting for a live music venue tour, Butler followed his client’s wishes and created the kind of “stadium looks” more commonly associated with large rock concerts.
“Rob (Abandoman) is a big fan of Kanye West, so he wanted the show to rival a Kanye concert in terms of production value,” commented Butler. “All this had to be achieved on a modest budget, and the show had to be able to turn around within the space of a half hour, so there were significant logistical problems on top of that.”
Key to Butler achieving this epic set of visuals was his incorporation of the Rogue R1 FX-B into his rig. Poised strategically above the stage on trussing, the fixtures shower Abandoman with multifaceted throws of illumination. Given the innumerable features of the Rogue R1 FX-B, such as infinite rotation of both pan and tilt for each of its five individually controllable 15W RGBW LEDs, Butler was able to create crisp beams, rocket quick movements and colour blanket effects to sculpt a stadium-like atmosphere.
“Thanks to the five heads in one batten design, you get that extra layer of versatility, which allows for more dynamic effects,”

venuetechAPG appoints distributor for Middle East
Friday, 12 October 2018

UAE - APG has announced the appointment of Venuetech as its exclusive distributor in the Middle East. The partnership was officialised at Prolight+Sound Middle East in Dubai, where Venuetech displayed a broad range of APG products on its substantial booth.
As APG’s exclusive distributor in the region, Venuetech will cover the UAE, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain. This partnership opens a new market for APG - and is in line with the company’s strategic expansion: After reinforcing its presence in France and European countries (including Spain, Denmark and Benelux), the French loudspeaker manufacturer successfully developed its brand in Asia with the opening of regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Grégory Dapsanse, APG’s marketing & business development director, explained: “The Middle East was for us the next logical step for our regional expansion, and this move further validates the strategic alliance with our sister company, Active Audio, who has been represented by Venuetech for a number of years already. We are thrilled to welcome this amazing partner as our latest distributor.”
Elie Khairallah, technical director & products manager, commented: “Our partnership with Active Audio encouraged us to extend our relationship with the group, due to their constant support and swift action. APG have great products, particularly the Uniline Compact and DX series, the former of which represents a breakthrough in its field with its Isotop coaxial driver. I truly believe its performance / size ratio will su

manewslogo1170x695MA continues fight against illegal software use
Friday, 12 October 2018

Germany - For quite some time consoles from China have been brought onto the market by a German distribution company. With regards to the key arrangement, these consoles are based on the MA onPC wing devices. In addition, these consoles - if the grandMA2 software is installed - illegally unlock parameters.
By preliminary injunction of the Munich Regional Court, the distribution company concerned has now been prohibited from distributing MA Lighting grandMA2 onPC software on devices other than original MA Lighting hardware. The infringer now faces a fine of up to 250,000 Euro for each case of a violation of the court ban and up to six months in custody if the amount cannot be raised. In order to avoid further legal disputes, the distribution company concerned has also committed itself to the complete cessation of sales of ‘Kolibre’ devices from the Chinese manufacturer YEL Technology, subject to criminal prosecution.
Says MA Lighting, “We have information about Chinese consoles in the country and strongly recommend that companies owning such consoles - regardless of type or Chinese manufacturer - do not use them with our grandMA2 onPC software at events. Users and operators should refuse to use such a combination for a show in order not to expose themselves to such liability risks and to make themselves liable to prosecution for an illegal act.
“The circumvention of technical protective measures of copyrighted software and unauthorised interference with technical protective measures of such software for commercial purposes is punishable by

e350-02LDI 2018: GLP creates latest impressions
Friday, 12 October 2018

USA - GLP will sport a new booth display and location (#573) at this year’s LDI Show.
Sharing their largest booth to date with their distributed brands, Scenex Lighting and Cosmic Truss, GLP US is taking a twist away from their consecutively award winning ‘black box’ presentations in favour of a customer-centric experience with a free flow of information and hospitality.
With the impression E350 supercharged LED moving head, GLP has “moved its development programme into the next generation”. The advanced LED engine offers “unprecedented output in its class, making the fixture perfect for any type of showcase event or installation where dynamic, articulated lighting is a key component”. At the same time, this quiet, flicker-free luminaire also meets the stringent criteria required by the broadcast / TV world.
The impression S350 is characterised by its white light LED-engine with full spectrum to create saturated and pastel colours (with optimised CRI in excess of 90). The other outstanding feature is the four-blade framing system, with each blade of the framing system able to fully close across the beam and pitch through 60 degrees. The whole framing unit can be rotated through 90 degrees. Smooth dimming and even field distribution are other stand-out features.
The IP54-rated KNV LED system can be used either individually or in combination. Designers can take advantage of two basic forms: the cube-shaped KNV Cube and the KNV Arc, a device in the form of an eighth circle. Billed as the first frameless LED module in the market to c

rayzor-760LDI 2018: Elation launches RAYZOR effects
Friday, 12 October 2018

USA - LDI 2018 will be all about originality for Elation Professional with a string of premiere product launches set for display at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
Showing at LDI Booth 931 for the first time anywhere in North America will be two all-new visual effects that feature TwinkLED, a novel, patent-pending LED twinkle effect that uses dedicated high-brightness pixels inside large front lenses to provide additional layers of creativity for the lighting designer. Both the RAYZOR 760 and IP65-rated Proteus RAYZOR 760 incorporate the TwinkLED system.
RAYZOR 760 is a compact yet powerful LED wash effects luminaire with 5 to 77-degree zoom projects intense, well-defined mid-air beams, as well as an exceptionally wide and even wash coverage.
The RAYZOR 760 is available in a compact and lightweight weather and dust protected IP65 version, the Proteus RAYZOR 760, for use in any environment. The Proteus RAYZOR 760’s multi-environmental design makes it the world's first IP65-rated luminaire with continuous pan & tilt rotation. It offers the identical feature set as the RAYZOR 760, including the TwinkLED system.
Elation will be showcasing a range of other lighting tools with impact, continuing the company’s efforts to bring innovation and best-in-class ROI products to the market.
(Jim Evans)

robe-at-ldi-2018-t1-profileLDI 2018: Robe unveils T1 Profile
Friday, 12 October 2018

USA - Robe launches its brand new T1 Profile luminaire at the LDI 2018 expo in Las Vegas next week – on booths 2503 and 2603 – revealed for the first as the show opens.
The exclusive reveal of the T1 “illustrates the strategic importance of the North American market to Robe and recognizes the growing international composition of the trade show and its visitors”.
In addition to this, part two of Robe’s Lost World Trilogy is set to wow the crowds - another stunning immersive theatrical stand design, complete with an energizing new live performance developed especially for this once-only occasion at LDI 2018.
The lightshow will include Robe’s newest technologies like the just launched SuperSpikie and iParFect - the first in a range of IP rated luminaires - together with Robe’s RoboSpot remote follow spotting system, Tarrantula, a large LED washbeam and the ever popular MegaPointes and Spiiders.
All of these and more will be incorporated into the booth design and the spectacular show which will run every hour on the hour.
Robe’s latest luminaire, the T1 Profile, is specifically designed to fulfil the challenging requirements of three very diverse disciplines – theatre, television and touring - in one comprehensive fixture. The new MSL (Multi-Spectral Light) LED light source is impressively bright, yet the T1 Profile is full of theatrical subtlety.
With CMY colour control, and a radical new custom colour creation system and wide ranging CCT control from 2700K to 8000K, all variations of colour are possible.

hiltonSOS makes difference at Hilton festival
Friday, 12 October 2018

South Africa - With a general insanity and a profound love and belief in the arts, Sue Clarence and her team staged the 26th Hilton Arts Festival, hosted at Hilton College in KwaZulu Natal. This year DWR Distribution’s SOS Charity Fund and the Hilton Festival stepped in to make a difference by bussing in 70 children from the Thembelihle Primary School to see three plays and attend two workshops.
Apart from the stunning weather on all three days, which was a first, what meant the most for Sue was the massive team effort from sponsors to high quality productions at this years’ festival. Everyone stood together from technical teams to cleaners, box office to arts, crafts and foodies. “We were one team and all equally important,” said Sue. “Another vital component is that the festival inspires creativity which is essential for the soul of a nation.”
Earlier this year, a conversation between Sue and DWR’s Michael Taylor-Broderick, sparked an idea! They decided to make a small difference and plant a seed to develop the love of arts in the lives of 70 children in grade 7 and 8, who would otherwise not have the opportunity or means to experience the festival.
“The kids arrived by bus and were given a packed lunch by the festival,” said Sue. “Furthermore, a selected group got to work alongside Hilton college boys in a piece of street theatre which performed over the festival weekend.”
The children are all ecstatic, counting the sleeps until 2019 and are overwhelmed by the opportunity, reported Kate Coleman, the marketing and comm

teja3maxBassist Téja switches on to Sensaphonics
Friday, 12 October 2018

USA - One of the most common problems for touring musicians is losing the seal on their custom acrylic in-ear monitors. The result is a loss of low frequencies – obviously a huge issue for bass players. Téja, the bassist for Janelle Monae, knows this from personal experience.
“It’s a real distraction on stage, because we depend on our in-ears,” she says. “It was frustrating, because they sounded good when the isolation was there, but the seal would always pop when I was singing, or even just smiling too big, and I would lose all the bass response. I had them remade several times, but nothing helped.”
Before a recent Janelle Monae show in Chicago, band and crew members met with Sensaphonics personnel Claudia Pyne (artist relations) and Dr. Laura Sinnott, Au.D., about hearing health and in-ear monitors. During the discussion, Téja brought up some of her questions and concerns, especially regarding her difficulty in maintaining a seal on stage. She was excited to learn about the flexible soft silicone in Sensaphonics earpieces, which provide significantly more isolation and a stronger, more persistent seal.
“When Claudia showed us these soft, pliable moulds that fit deep into the ear canal, I was like, ‘this is what I’ve been wanting!’ Until that moment, I didn’t even know that soft molds existed,” says Téja.
After listening to and loving the accurate, neutral response of a Sensaphonics dual-driver sample, Téja ordered the 3MAX triple-driver, single crossover model designed to deliver a little extra bass sound. She re

wizkhalifa-photocredittoddkaplanChamSys powers Dazed and Blazed tour
Friday, 12 October 2018

USA - In 2009, a friend introduced Jason Bullock to an early model of the ChamSys MQ100. After playing with the console, Bullock took it out on the Summer ’09 NINJA tour he did for Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction. “After the tour, I was convinced the ChamSys was the console for my style of show,” recalled the New York-based designer.
That style, with all of its big looks, bold statements and roaring intensity was on full display this summer in Bullock’s work on the 27-city Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd Dazed and Blazed tour. Running the boards for both artists, Bullock took audiences on a breathtaking visual ride. Only now, instead of his original MQ100, he ran his 25-universe (not counting video) 250-fixture show with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ300 Pro supplied by Upstaging, Inc. out of Chicago.
“Justin Collie and the team at Nimbilist were responsible for the overall design of this tour,” he said. “Their design combined a brand-new set and video system that exemplified the direction of Wiz’s new album, Rolling Papers 2. My long experience with Wiz as director allowed us as a team to get this tour together in a very short timeline, even with the new systems.”
There were multiple features on Bullock’s ChamSys console that made this process go very smoothly. “Being able to import cue lists from prior tours -- button settings, titles, timings etcetera - saved us hours during the programming phase,” he said.
Efficiency was extremely important to Bullock when preparing for the Dazed and Blazed tour. “When th

erjalyytinenTop guitarist tours with Allen & Heath SQ-5
Friday, 12 October 2018

Europe - Voted ‘Best Guitarist’ at the recent European Blues Awards (2017), Finnish guitarist and singer-songwriter, Erja Lyytinen, hits the road this autumn to begin her Another World tour across Europe, accompanied by an Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixing system.
Supplied by Allen & Heath’s Finnish distributors, F-Musiikki-Oy, the single SQ-5 handles both FOH and monitor duties for the tour, with Lyytinen herself commenting favourably on the sound of the SQ: “The new SQ mixer works great with the IEM and the whole band has been very satisfied with the improved sound quality.”
The compact set-up comprises an SQ connected via SLink to an AR2412 AudioRack for remote I/O, which is rack-mounted with a wireless IEM system and positioned on stage for a fast, simple set-up at any venue.
Sound engineer Olli Huttunen adds, “SQ-5 is a compact, versatile and exceptionally good sounding console. I love the ability it has to change the surface to just the way I want, this is particularly useful when handling IEM´s from the FOH position.”
The tour currently consists of 40 shows across Europe, starting in Finland and making its way to the UK and Germany this November, and supports her new single Another World, released 5 October.
(Jim Evans)


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