ahgdistributorzirbo-zambia600x400Zirbo Zambia to distribute AHG’s LD and Gravity
Friday, 1 December 2023

Zambia - The Adam Hall Group is further expanding its international sales network. With Zirbo Zambia, the event technology provider headquartered in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, has gained an experienced sales partner in Zambia. Zirbo Zambia is one of the largest AV and event technology providers in Zambia and is now the exclusive distributor for solutions from the Adam Hall Group brands LD Systems and Gravity.
Zirbo Zambia's long-standing success is based on three service pillars: consultancy and planning, rental and installation. Founded in 2004 by Italian pro audio veteran Alessandro Borzi and based in the Zambian capital Lusaka, the company regularly works for government institutions, international artists, places of worship and local events and also offers its customers its own AV studio for extended content production.
"We are very pleased to be able to represent two strong brands exclusively in Zambia with LD Systems and Gravity," comments Alessandro Borzi, founder and managing director of Zirbo Zambia. "Zambia is a comparatively young and dynamic country with numerous events and lively construction activity. We see a lot of potential here for the solutions from LD Systems and Gravity."
Alessio Foti, global business development manager of the Adam Hall Group, adds: "Zirbo Zambia impressed us with its extensive experience and established company and customer structure. We also see great opportunities for the African market and are delighted to have found the perfect partner for the Adam Hall Group and its LD Systems and Gravity brands in Alessandro Bor

sienaConcerto per l'Italia immerses with L-ISA
Friday, 1 December 2023

Italy - Siena’s Concerto per l'Italia is an annual classical music event that takes place in the city’s Piazza del Campo each July. With its 102m-tall bell tower, and 2,500 seat-capacity, Piazza del Campo hosts various events, from seasonal initiatives to music festivals, throughout the year.
The Piazza is an essential cultural hub in Siena and the wider Tuscan region, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the square’s historical and architectural beauty, and to experience the vibrant energy of the city's public life.
Over the course of three consecutive summers, the square has been the chosen outdoor setting for the Concerto per l'Italia, featuring classical orchestras and soloists from around the world. In 2023, the concert was directed by Daniele Gatti, and featured renowned musicians such as pianist Lilya Zilberstein, and the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, who opened the show.
Considering the open-air setting of the concert and the wide area to cover, it was essential to design a sound system capable of providing comprehensive coverage. Sound D-Light, a recent addition to L-Acoustics L-ISA Rental Network, were trusted with the responsibility to design and install the sound system. This assignment was facilitated by Sound D-Light's existing professional relationship with Sisme, L-Acoustics’ long-standing certified provider distributor in Italy.
The primary objective was to deliver clear sound all along the 333m, U-shaped square, not only for the 2,500 seated audience, but also for the patrons in

chrisrakestrawWaves plugins mix Megadeth 2023 tour
Friday, 1 December 2023

USA - Front-of-house engineer Stanley Soares (known for his work with Sepultura, Devin Townsend, Motörhead, and Meshuggah) and producer/monitor engineer Chris Rakestraw (who produced/engineered the last two Megadeth albums) have chosen to mix Megadeth’s recent stadium tour with Waves plugins via the Waves SuperRack plugin host, seamlessly integrated in their DiGiCo Quantum 338 and Avid Venue S6L consoles.
Soares’ current setup when mixing Megadeth includes a DiGiCo Quantum 338 in conjunction with Waves SuperRack, Waves’ Mercury, the Studio Classics Collection and Abbey Road Collection bundles, all powered by two Waves Extreme SoundGrid Servers.
His setup involves three dedicated computers: the first hosts Waves SuperRack, the second manages recordings and virtual soundcheck through a DiGiGrid MGB interface, and the third handles Smaart and walk-in music duties.
“The Waves integration provides a clean and efficient workflow, allowing me to keep focus on the mix,” Soares says. “Several plugins are my go-tos. I consider the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ as the ‘The Swiss Army Knife’ of plugins. I’m a huge fan of dynamic EQs and the F6, with its real-time analyser, is a perfect fit for many of my applications, not to mention that it’s zero latency. I apply it on my snare bus, for instance, to expand 4-5 kHz range at every hit, adding a crisp top-end bite to the snare tone without introducing excessive hi-hat bleed.
“I also use it on bass guitar to selectively subtract and expand certain frequencies. This approach makes it eas

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A Focus on Sound Control with HOLOPLOT
Quality audio without distractions heightens an audience’s connection to the performance, making for more meaningful moments. HOLOPLOT technology dramatically improves the clarity and presence of content by controlling unwanted reflections and reverberation, making every seat the best seat... READ MORE

footprint1-sml-jesse-colocadoLIT Lighting and ACT light Footprint Centre
Friday, 1 December 2023

USA - LIT Lighting in Tempe, Arizona recently specified, designed, sold and installed new lighting and production equipment in the Footprint Centre, home arena of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. The installation, which comprised a new entertainment lighting solution, included Ayrton, MA Lighting, MDG and RapcoHorizon brands, all exclusively distributed in North America by ACT Entertainment.
“Pro basketball is not just a game anymore, it showcases elements promoting crowd activation and interaction, which at the Footprint Centre include a dance team, half-time performances often by A-list artists, and a dunk team with trampolines and the team mascot,” says LIT Lighting project manager Casey Jones. “There are a ton of moving pieces that now require entertainment lighting solutions to guarantee that fans have a better experience at games in every possible way.”
LIT Lighting, which specialises in professional lighting, video and special effects production and staff for live events, selected 27 Ayrton Huracán LT fixtures at the heart of the system. The Huracán LT combines exceptional power with an ultra-intense beam and long-throw capabilities to deliver a formidable tool for large venues, such as arenas and stadiums.
Twenty-six of the Huracáns are active with 20 mounted in 40ft truss in each corner of the court where they can cover “anything, anywhere with spots, gobos and colour”, notes Jones. Six Huracáns are under the east and west videoboards, three per side, to ensure great facial lighting.
“Prior to i

evolutionmediapress-16Celestial’s Evolution showcases in Bristol
Friday, 1 December 2023

UK - This week, Celestial’s epic drone light show, Evolution, was showcased for the first time ever at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club in Bristol to a select audience in preparation for launching the show to the general public in December. Drone light technology is being used to tell ‘the greatest story of all time’ - The story of our evolution.
The story, narrated by Tara Fitzgerald, starts with the Big Bang, the explosive inception of the universe and journeys into the emergence of the sun, our solar system and the planets that inhabit it.
The cosmic voyage accompanied by a cinematic soundtrack, guides viewers through the origins of conscious life on Earth, from the humble beginnings of single-cell organisms to the awe-inspiring reign of the dinosaurs and culminates in a celebration of the diverse tapestry of life on Earth today.
Evolution shows will take place this December in Wolverhampton and Bristol. The event is created by Yuup (the local experiences company), and Celestial (creators of drone light shows for brands across the globe), in collaboration with venue partners Seat Unique Stadium (Gloucestershire County Cricket Club) in Bristol and Wolverhampton Racecourse in the West Midlands.
Dominic Mills, founder & CEO of Yuup comments: “The feedback we have had so far has been extraordinary, and we are more excited than ever to bring this new type of winter entertainment to the UK.”
John Hopkins, Celestial co-founder & chief creative officer adds: “This ground-breaking show tells the age-old sto

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ETC Hyperstar
ETC introduces the High End Systems Hyperstar: a new, companion to the popular Lonestar automated luminaire. Powerful, compact, and optimized for projection versatility, Hyperstar will help create uniquely beautiful designs for a variety of venues. Hyperstar is the same size as Lonestar, and is just as bright, compact, and affordable.
prolightsAmadeus rocks with Prolights’ Astra Wash
Friday, 1 December 2023

Austria - For its global premiere on the stage of Vienna's Ronacher Theater, the musical Rock me Amadeus - The Falco Musicalwas illuminated using Prolights' Astra Wash.
This musical, with evocative scenes, intricate choreography, and dazzling costumes, demanded an extraordinary lighting setup to properly showcase the spectacle and celebrate the life of the musician Falco.
The design, crafted by the lighting designer Howard Harrison and musical lighting supervisor Lucas Berger, featured various mobile wash lights from Prolights' Astra Wash series - specifically, the Astra Wash19Pix and Astra Wash7Pix.
Harrison's choice to incorporate the Astra Wash19Pix into the lighting rig on both the ceiling and side walls was not only for their versatile light effects but also for their decorative potential, thanks to the integrated pixel ring.
Meanwhile, the Astra Wash7Pix found its place on the speaker truss, lowered from the loft during the musical sequences of the show - a distinctive installation made feasible by the compact size and reduced weight of Prolights' wash lights.

sonus-exsertus-2023-02-03-hr-90LNDT upgrades with Optocore
Friday, 1 December 2023

Lithuania - The current reconstruction and expansion of the famous Lithuanian National Drama Theater (LNDT) in Vilnius includes a complete sound system makeover, masterminded by Sonus Exsertus.
This €19m euro upgrade of a building founded in 1940 is its largest in 40 years. Last year a New Hall was opened, followed by a Small Hall for experimental and small-scale productions. With the existing newly refurbished Great Hall, the LNDT - which is one of the country’s foremost publicly funded cultural institutions - this will provide an overall seating capacity of 1,200.
Once fully commissioned by the end of summer 2024, the three separate spaces will have their audio interconnected through an Optocore AutoRouter smart fibre patchbay, which will provide enormous routing flexibility in a fully redundant solution.
Sonus were already earmarked for the project’s New and Small halls by the time they took on the regional distributorship of Optocore, back in November 2021.
Since they were already the DiGiCo distributors, part of the attraction was the Optocore console integration, offering remote preamp and SD series compatibility. According to Sonus Technology engineer and service/support manager, Darius Valikonis, all three halls are equipped with DiGiCo consoles in the control positions and SD-Racks.
The Small Hall boasts an SD9 console at FOH with the Meyer Sound PA connected through DiGiCo SD-NANO Racks (with an additional large SD-Rack on stage). In the New Hall an SD12 has been detailed at FOH, and in the Great Hall, the FOH console i

james-schultz-as-the-grinchMasque Sound brings The Grinch to life
Friday, 1 December 2023

USA - Masque Sound has once again teamed up with sound designer Joshua D. Reid to bring the travelling productions of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical to life with a custom audio equipment package, for both its East and West Coast tour.
Featuring the hit songs You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch and Welcome Christmas, The Grinch discovers there’s more to Christmas than he bargained for in this heartwarming holiday classic. Max the Dog narrates as the mean and scheming Grinch, whose heart is “two sizes too small,” as he decides to steal Christmas away from the holiday-loving Whos.
In designing the sound for this year’s Grinch tour, Reid's goal was to create a flexible and efficient touring sound system that could capture the magic of Dr. Seuss' classic holiday narrative while providing the highest level of clarity for audiences, as well as a consistently enjoyable experience.
Reid faced the added pressure of providing sound systems for two tours, an East Coast and a West Coast touring route, that were built simultaneously. “Each venue on our tour route has its own acoustical qualities and coverage areas for the audience that have to be taken into account and we want to provide every audience member with the same high-quality experience of the show at each performance,” says Reid.
“Our biggest design challenge is always designing a sound system that is compact enough for efficient touring, while also expansive enough to provide optimal coverage and an equally fun experience for audiences at

chauvet-ldiLDI 2023: Chauvet fuses physical and digital
Friday, 1 December 2023

USA - Creativity is set free when it reaches the edges of the physical world. This spirit is at the heart of Chauvet Professional’s LDI booth (1261), which is dedicated to the goal of converging physical and digital worlds.
Designed by Studio Lab, the booth utilises disguise, Unreal Engine and other emerging virtual production technologies to celebrate the fusion of the physical and digital. In the process, it also highlights the latest innovations from Chauvet Professional, ChamSys, and Kino Flo that will help designers ‘Reach Across Worlds’ to create transformative productions for concerts, tours and broadcast applications.
Entering the booth, visitors will be able to see and feel the immersive, reality-bending effect of new, innovative products like the REM series of video panels. Featuring two products: the cinema-grade REM 1, an 800 NITS indoor panel with a 1.9 mm pitch, and REM 3IP, a 3.9mm pitch all weather panel.
Both products offer a high-speed 7680 Hz refresh rate making them ideal for broadcast applications. A wide colour palette in both panels opens ‘unlimited creative possibilities’. The two panels feature NovaStar Armor A10 Pro processors run on the NovaStar COEX VMP platform. These and other features result in high-quality signal processing for VR/XR applications.
Also opening eyes and imaginations to greater possibilities at LDI, will be the new arena-grade, IP65 rated Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash. Featuring two independent zones of zoom control, this high output fixture with a 4.6° to 53.6° zoom range, makes it possib

dmxcat-e-hardware-and-smartphone-app-1-straight-viewLDI 2023: City Theatrical debuts DMXcat-E
Friday, 1 December 2023

USA - City Theatrical will be introducing three new solutions available for demonstration in Booth 809 at LDI, including the DMXcat-E, Multiverse Connect Module, and Wing Nut Socket. These products are expansions of City Theatrical’s award-winning DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool system, family of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology, and expansive hardware collection.
City Theatrical will also be offering an LDI event giveaway of one DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool or RadioScan Spectrum Analyser, at the winner’s choice, to one randomly selected event participant who registers with the City Theatrical team in Booth 809 before the event concludes. The winner will be announced via email one week after the show.
Available to demonstrate at LDI Show 2023 and shipping in 2024, City Theatrical’s new DMXcat-E (P/N 6100) is an expansion to City Theatrical’s DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool system of solutions that allows for Ethernet control of a lighting fixture. In addition to all the functions DMXcat users currently enjoy, including utilisation of the DMXcat free smartphone application for iPhone and Android to plan, install, operate, and maintain theatrical and studio lighting equipment, DMXcat-E allows users to view and send Ethernet protocols, including ArtNet and Streaming ACN (sACN).
DMXcat-E also allows users to perform cable testing of five-pin XLR and Ethernet cables via an included external remote.
DMXcat-E can read SMPTE timecode as well as MIDI timecode and regular MIDI for audio and other entertainment projects. DMXcat-E uses

amadeusc3c4100dpi1800pxAmadeus unveils miniature speakers
Friday, 1 December 2023

France - Amadeus unveiled its new shallow-depth point-source miniature speakers at JTSE. The C Series was created in 2018 through a specific custom development, carried out in coordination with the technical sound team from the Paris-based Chaillot National Theatre. The new C3 and C4 miniature speaker models are available now for ordering from Amadeus and can be used for many applications.
“We wanted to combine frequency response, intelligibility, and directivity control over an extended spectral range while maintaining a point-source - not a line source - design,” says Marc Piera, director of the sound department at the Chaillot National Theatre.
The C15 was thus born, integrating a triaxial transducer, three ways mounted on the same axis, including a 15” (38cm) neodymium magnet woofer, and two compression drivers loaded by a large horn. The range has been subsequently extended with the C12, C10, and C6 models, respectively featuring 12, 10, and 6” coaxial transducers.
“The revival of multichannel sound diffusion, the democratization of sound spatialization, the proliferation of immersive systems as well as our developments around active acoustics have for several years encouraged the design of products and ranges created specifically for these new uses. Expanding the C Series by adding two extremely compact full-range models was a logical and necessary extension,” explains Gaetan Byk, president of Amadeus.
Unlike the C15, C12, C10, and C6 models designed using a 'bass-reflex' architecture, the new C3 and C4 models are closed boxe

eps-outdoor-uvNexo looks to the great outdoors
Friday, 1 December 2023

France - Built on the platform of Nexo’s PS Series point source loudspeakers, the ePS Series has quickly gained a reputation as a ‘no frills’, install-only range that makes Nexo performance accessible to a wider range of projects.
Now comes ePS Outdoor, a range of four weatherproof loudspeakers engineered and tested for use in outdoor installations.
ePS6-EN54, ePS8-EN54, ePS10-EN54 and ePS12-EN-54 loudspeakers partner high-excursion 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch LF drivers respectively with a 1.4" diaphragm HF driver (ePS12/1.7") in 15mm Baltic birch cabinets protected by a high-grade polyurethane coating. The IP55-rated loudspeakers deliver a clean and tight low-end response, and their asymmetrical horns can be rotated to ensure optimum directivity for every installation.
Exceeding the requirements of EN54-24 certification, ePS Outdoor loudspeakers have been further developed and tested to ensure consistent performance and long product life, even in the most severe conditions. From the use of high-grade A4 stainless-steel screws to UV-protected front cloth and polyurethane coatings, every detail has been considered and the final designs have been subjected to 800 hours of salt spray testing (ISO 9227 standard) and 600 hours UV testing (DIN 75220 standard). Connections on the rear panel are made through two (in/out) pairs of terminal blocks with an IP cover for moisture protection.
A small, but flexible, range of mounting accessories is available. Cabinets feature two M6 with 80mm pitch and one M10 fittings on the sides for mounting to a U Bracke

cable-testerProlight invests in testing equipment
Friday, 1 December 2023

Europe - Prolight is reinforcing its commitment to excellence in cable manufacturing through a substantial investment in cutting-edge testing equipment. The collaboration with Distro Design yielded a remarkable achievement when tasked with developing a new cable tester.
The Cirris powered tester manufactured by Distro Design for Prolight is the largest to date with over 380 test points. This tester was a great challenge, something we relish doing. Working with Prolight was seamless and very easy something we hear a lot around the industry. They are a growing company with a great reputation we are immensely proud to have been asked to work with them in designing ‘the beast’,” says Distro Design MD, Ben Stearn.
Chris Beesley, product sourcing manager at Prolight says: “As the cable department grows here at Prolight, our need for a centralised, rapid test facility has far outgrown the large collection of individual, single function cable and appliance testers. After reviewing a number of options, it was clear we needed a custom-built option, configured not only for the most common plug to socket cables but also with the capability of testing more complex cables such as socapex spiders and motor looms.”
This strategic investment emphasises Prolight's dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality in cable production. The integration of advanced testing equipment not only ensures superior manufacturing but also enhances operational efficiency. Prolight is now equipped to provide comprehensive testing documentation along with cables, a

solotechcdpqnewsCDPQ makes major investment in Solotech
Thursday, 30 November 2023

UK - Global investment group CDPQ has acquired a minority stake in Solotech. The goal of this transaction, which represents the largest investment in the company since 2013, is to support Solotech’s acquisition and organic growth strategy to expand its presence in various markets and create more value for its customers.
“With this investment - the largest in the last decade for Solotech - CDPQ will support the company in its next growth stage. Aligned with CDPQ’s priorities, this means not only shifting activities into high gear, but also facilitating the company’s global expansion and promoting its audiovisual and technological know-how,” said Kim Thomassin, executive vice-president and head of Québec at CDPQ.
“CDPQ’s commitment is a gauge of confidence in our business model, and their financial investment will allow us to seize new business opportunities as a global audiovisual and technology consolidator,” noted Martin Tremblay, president and chief executive officer of Solotech.
“We enthusiastically welcome a new world-class partner like CDPQ. We firmly believe that we will benefit from an expansive additional network that will enhance our perspectives on the board of directors, notably in terms of growing Solotech,” added Pierre Boivin, president and chief executive officer of Claridge and chair of the board of directors of Solotech.
Martin Tremblay concludes: “We’re thrilled by the new possibilities for our teams that CDPQ’s arrival will provide to further promote their expertise and talent. Serving

shure-q-systech-partner-programShure joins Q-SYS partner programme
Thursday, 30 November 2023

UK - Shure has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme. This programme enables software and hardware technology partners to create market-ready solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform.
As part of the programme, Shure has worked closely with Q-SYS, which has fully vetted and endorsed Shure’s MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone Plugin integration with a Q-SYS certified badge (developed with Q-SYS and supported by Shure and Q-SYS).
“Joining the Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme is a phenomenal milestone that ensures AV integrators and IT professionals benefit from streamlined deployment and scalability, making it easier than ever to deliver outstanding performance in collaborative, modern conferencing environments,” said Jose Rivas, VP global sales at Shure. “Moreover, this certification enables easier integration for Q-SYS users to experience Shure high-quality audio standards with the MXA920”.
Thanks to this certification and participation in the programme, AV integrators and IT Professionals can now access and download the MXA920 Control Plugin through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager within Q-SYS Designer Software. This compatibility ensures smooth integration with the Q-SYS Platform for easier installation and management, ideal for professionals who utilise Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager to install and monitor AV tools in corporate, higher education, and government spaces.
The Shure MXA920 is also selectable within the Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) v3 plugin (

chamsys-logoChauvet France to distribute ChamSys
Thursday, 30 November 2023

France - ChamSys has announced that, starting 1 December, its entire product line will be distributed in France by Chauvet France, a wholly owned subsidiary of ChamSys’ parent company Chauvet.
In its new home, Chauvet France will sell, service, and provide training for the full line of ChamSys consoles, including the popular Stadium series, which has been used at major concerts, festivals, and theatrical productions throughout France. The new distribution arrangement will also allow ChamSys to broaden its French language training programmes.
Concurrent with this development, lighting programmer and designer, Rémy Rouvoy has joined Chauvet France as the ChamSys business development and support manager. Rouvoy brings considerable experience to his new position, not only through the many shows he has worked on personally, but also as a result of the key positions he’s held as a trainer for ChamSys products in his previous missions.
“We are very pleased to welcome the ChamSys brand to the Chauvet France roster,” said Martin Fournier, Chauvet’s European sales director. “There is great synergy between our two sister companies in terms of our philosophies of striving for constant improvement and innovation. ChamSys is a benchmark in light control for operators worldwide, and Rémy Rouvoy is a precious addition to our team! We thank Sonoss for their help in ChamSys distribution over the years.”
Fournier added that Chauvet and ChamSys also share a common commitment to providing quality service to all customers. This, he says,

mediapower-teamMediaPower appointed Pliant distributor
Thursday, 30 November 2023

Italy - Pliant Technologies has announced a distribution partnership with MediaPower, expanding its reach to the Italian market. For 30 years, MediaPower has provided its clients with design, distribution, and the implementation of AV services and IT workflows. MediaPower will now offer Pliant Technologies’ wireless intercom solutions throughout Italy.
"Pliant's product range has a long history of providing intercom solutions for both the broadcast and production markets,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales at Pliant Technologies. “This new partnership with the renowned MediaPower in Italy will enable us to expand into very promising markets, given its strong presence and experience with major broadcasters, regional media, digital media, and the entertainment industry, areas where our wireless intercommunication technologies are crucial for professionals.”
Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of MediaPower adds: “We are delighted to add Pliant Technologies to our already extensive portfolio of prestigious brands and products. MediaPower's offering is now even more comprehensive, with Pliant's line of professional wireless intercom solutions ranging from simple plug-and-play configurations to large-scale projects with extensive coverage and multiple simultaneous users.”
Included amongst MediaPower’s latest offerings from Pliant Technologies will be the brand’s complete range of CrewCom and MicroCom wireless intercom solutions.

pixera-usaAV Stumpfl opens Pixera office in LA
Thursday, 30 November 2023

USA - Following the opening of the new Pixera UK office in London last month, Austria-based AV Stumpfl has announced that Pixera, its real-time media server platform, is expanding its physical presence in North America as well.
With continuing growth across all target markets in the US, as well as the company’s strategic priority to provide more responsive support and active participation with current customers, prospects and key industry partners, it has added a west coast office in Santa Monica, CA, to complement its eastern presence in Atlanta, GA.
The high concentration of users and industry partners made opening an office in Los Angeles a natural choice, says the company.
The expansion coincides with the promotion of Conor McGill to director, Pixera USA. Having overseen the highly successful growth of Pixera from its introduction in the US market to its current state of promise and prominence, McGill will lead the North American Pixera business and directly oversee the operations of the new Los Angeles office.
“I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to strengthen the Pixera user experience with the addition of our new office in the entertainment capital of the world. Our arrival signals, we hope, that we are dedicated to our customers’ success and we are here to stay,” said McGill.
“The Santa Monica office will be home to our West Coast team members and will be our hub for training, R&D, product demonstrations, repair, and marketing events.”
The office is located just off Interstates 405 and 10, close t

actpledgeannouncementlogosACT’s ACPD joins BTS support programme
Thursday, 30 November 2023

USA - Behind the Scenes has announced that AC Power Distribution (ACPD), a brand of ACT Entertainment, has joined the Pledge-of-Support Programme. ACPD will contribute a portion of the profits from their new LunchBoxPD data and power distribution system to the charity.
ACT Entertainment is a leading supplier of entertainment industry products across six different end markets, including professional lighting and control equipment; audio, video, fibre and power distribution; cables; connectivity; metalwork; custom manufacturing; and design.
ACPD’s LunchBoxPD integrates power and data distribution into one device without compromising either. The LunchBoxPD nodes offer four DMX ports to break out from an Ethernet data network, while still allowing data to pass through. In doing so, it delivers CRMX wireless DMX data directly to a traditional lunchbox power solution, providing robust DMX throughput as well as six individually optically isolated outputs. The LunchBoxPD will be on display for the first time at LDI 2023.
AC Power Distribution products vice-president James Davey stated, “BTS is an amazing organisation providing much needed support when members of our industry need it most. We're very proud to help support this worthy cause.”
Rick Rudolph, BTS Foundation chair commented: “Behind the Scenes is immensely pleased to have an industry leader like ACT Entertainment join our Pledge-of-Support Programme. Their dedicated support is an integral part in sustaining our mission.”
The Behind the Scenes Foundation provides financial

martinAudio Inc moves forward with Martin
Thursday, 30 November 2023

USA - Since investing in Martin Audio’s small-format WPM line array, shortly followed by the larger WPS PA last year, New Jersey-based Audio Incorporated has rarely looked back, taking full advantage of the optimised series’ breakthrough scalable resolution. While the two-way WPM houses 2 x 6.5” drivers, the slightly larger WPS is a 2 x 8” 3-way array.
The two 16-element rigs, complemented respectively by eight SX118 and eight SXCF118 subwoofers, provided them with the capacity to handle a myriad of different events across the tri-state area, but specifically some very challenging art gallery spaces. By this time, they had already boosted their rental fleet after investing in 16 of Martin Audio’s powerful XE500 floor monitors, and some auxiliary XE300s.
Head of audio systems, Stephan Wojtecki, recalls the day the WPMs arrived. “They came off the delivery pallet and were immediately loaded onto our truck to go out next day.” And they’ve barely been in the warehouse since.
Similarly voiced, the two complementary systems often work in tandem for the production house, with the smaller WPM taking on delay and fill duties from the main WPS FOH PA.
The vast roster of shows they have reinforced during the summer alone has ranged from a classical spectacular by the Riverside Symphonia, to Carnegie Hall's Musical Connections programme at Sing Correctional Facility, run in partnership with the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Here they presented Metropolitan Opera’s Dead Man Walking, with some o

treetopsadventuregolf-1EM Acoustics drives Gateshead golf
Thursday, 30 November 2023

UK - Treetop Adventure Golf recently announced the opening of a new site in Gateshead. Treetop have taken the idea of adventure golf and brought it up to date, with imaginative set designs and interactive features that whisk players away to far-off and mystical lands during the course of its 18-hole games.
To power this story-driven experience, Gateshead required a complete audio system that could handle the demands of a busy visitor attraction whilst providing clear and consistent sound over two floors and two carefully designed courses. A system based around EM Acoustic’s EMS series proved the solution.
Lighting, sound and visual providers Full Production led the integration of the project, having previously worked successfully on the Birmingham branch of Treetop Adventure Golf. AV designer Dan Roncoroni was invited to work on the project after being approached by Full Production to collaborate on the new Gateshead facility.
“Steve Richardson from Full Production invited me to the Birmingham site to explain the project and from there I began planning what we could do for the audio at Gateshead,” recalls Roncoroni. “I’ve completed a few projects using EM Acoustics in conjunction with TiMax processors and Powersoft amplifiers, and I’ve been very happy with the results of this combination.”
To further confirm the choice of EM Acoustics, Roncoroni made use of EM’s facilities to invite the CEO and founder of Treetops to the factory for a demo. “After hearing content through the loudspeakers and touring the factory, they were wo


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