aldchairjohannatownpresentsmichaelnorthenawardtojackcolemanALD chair tightens association’s focus
Monday, 19 March 2018

UK - At the start of 2018, Johanna Town stepped into the office of chair for the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD). Just two months on, she has solidified the manifesto that will steer her course and chart the direction of the association, as she embarks on this role.
Town’s diverse career as a successful lighting designer contrasted against the learning struggles she faced at school inform her manifesto. Starting in the 1980s at Manchester’s Royal Exchange, where she applied for and successfully completed a two-year apprenticeship course, Town later became head of lighting at London’s Royal Court, where she remained for 17 years having lit over 50 Royal Court shows, before embarking on being a solely freelance lighting designer.
Town says of her new role that she would like “to be a springboard to bring out the best in people who have plans and ambitions, and this includes equality and diversity. As an individual who’s passionate and believes in theatre, I want to be able to reach out and help as many others as I can.”
Following a two-day strategy meeting of the ALD executive committee, where the goal of all participants was to “to help make lighting in all its practices a rewarding and fulfilling industry for everyone to work in, and to contribute to create an industry that can be sustainable for future generations of lighting practitioners”, Town announced the initiatives that would drive the ALD forward under her guidance.
The ALD’s mission statement now reads, “The ALD is a collective and inclusive voice to effe

robe-db-audio-namibia-lt-with-spiider-2dB Audio Namibia adds Robe Spiiders
Monday, 19 March 2018

Namibia - dB Audio in Namibia has continued its investment in Robe moving lights with the recent purchase of 12 Spiider LED wash beams adding to their inventory of over 150 Robe moving lights, the largest Robe stock in Namibia.
The lights were supplied by DWR and are the latest addition in a steady commitment to the brand which dates back 13 years by dB Audio, one of the busiest rental and production specialists in Namibia.
Owner and founder David Benade started the company in 2004, initially as an audio supplier, however it soon made sense to offer other production disciplines like lighting and rigging. At that point, audio was his specialist area, a competitor moving brand was dominant in the region, and, being a start-up, budget was tight.
When it came to purchasing some new LED washes, Spiiders were an obvious choice as specified by the dB lighting team led by Gillroy Barmann who comments: “Our Robe LEDWash series fixtures have worked extremely hard, so it was time to invest in the latest versions and take some pressure off the older stock.”
The first job for the new dB Audio Spiiders was the Windhoek Jazz Festival in Independence Stadium, Windhoek (LD Ramon le Roux). dB’s Gillroy Barmann and Geraldo Papo then used them for the Hunter’s Roadshow, a high-profile party in Ongwediva in the north of Namibia for the top SA cider brand - which needed to look fantastic. Ramon Le Roux included them again in his design for international singer Joss Stone’s one-off performance at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek.
(Jim Evans)

bobs-3-doors-downChauvet sets the mood for Bob’s Biker Bash
Monday, 19 March 2018

USA - Even before the opening notes were sounded for Bob’s Biker Bash on 4 November, John Garberson knew it was going to be a great night. Behind the stage, the setting Arizona sun was blazing a glorious red that looked as if it came out of a classic western movie.
“It was the perfect setting for an outdoor concert, and everything that followed lived up to this beginning,” said Garberson, who served as the lighting and video production manager for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital fundraising concert, which was headlined by 3 Doors Down.
Contributing to the smooth flow and good mood of the evening was the versatile and power-packed lighting rig that Garberson and his team at Creative BackStage put together for the show. Anchoring that rig was a collection of 15 Maverick MK2 Spot, 25 Rogue R2 Wash and four STRIKE 4 fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
“We’ve been a part of Bob’s for six years,” said Garberson. “Pro Productions has us do the lighting and video with the mandate to create a rig that can create the most excitement for the crowd that turns out to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The thing we like about the Mavericks and Rogues is that they deliver a lot of pop, which allows us to create arena style looks at a one-off outdoor show.”
To maximize the versatility of the moving fixtures in his rig, Garberson flew them on three rows of truss, which was based on the 3 Doors Down lighting plot. The multi-platinum selling band’s LD Jay Branson, a partner and the principal designer at Two Pair Creative of Las Vegas, r

featured video
Studying Theatre Sound
Student and tutors talk about how the Theatre Sound Design degree course at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama teaches the art of integrating sonic worlds into dramatic narrative using state-of-the-art equipment.
hard-rockPowersoft drives Bucharest’s Hard Rock audio
Monday, 19 March 2018

Romania - In need of an audio infrastructure upgrade, Bucharest’s Hard Rock Café turned to integrator Paradigma Teknik for a system with power, clarity and above all reliability, featuring Powersoft’s latest fixed install Quattrocanali and Ottocanali amplifier platforms.
Paradigma sales manager, Laura Angelescu, recommended a system of Martin Audio loudspeakers, and turned to Powersoft’s Romanian distributor AudioVision Store, for the amplification aspect of the installation.
AudioVision’s Marius Craiu, explains: “We have a very strong relationship with Paradigma Technik. We have worked with them for many years and Powersoft aligns very well with Martin Audio for many reasons, but primarily because of the powerful DSP: a kind of Formula 1 for series cars.”
Understanding the end-user’s needs from the installation, AudioVision specified Powersoft’s DSP+D versions of Ottocanali and Quattrocanali amplifier platforms to form the powerful and uncomplicated backbone for the restaurant’s multi-zoned audio system. Powersoft’s green energy product solution, packed with innovative signal processing and backed up for redundancy, ticked every box. The installation is managed by Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio suite, which offers complete and user-friendly web-based control of the system.
Every Hard Rock Café centres around its all-important rock stage, and here Angelescu specified eight Martin Audio W8WDQs supported by four WS218X subs, which Marius met respectively with the power of two eight-channel Ottocanali 12K4 DSP+D and a s

beijingWang Feng tour flies high with L‑Acoustics
Monday, 19 March 2018

China - Rock icon Wang Feng kicked off one of the country's most highly anticipated live music events in September 2017 with The Times tour. The major national tour supports his latest album 29, Guoling Lane which has propelled Wang Feng to even greater acclaim.
Debuting at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, the tour has the popular singer performing in 30 cities over the course of 2017 and 2018. The production requested a sound system without delays on the field, to preserve sightlines and budget. Sound designer Mr Shaogang Jin chose an L-Acoustics K system, supplied by rental company Lab Beijing, for its long throw and even coverage.
One of China's most renowned sound engineers, Mr Shaogang Jin has designed sound and manned FOH for Wang Feng over many years both on tour and for the prominent reality TV show The Voice of China. He has also worked as master sound engineer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In addition to the powerful throw of the L-Acoustics K system, he cites L‑Acoustics' rugged and waterproof design, and ease of tuning, via LA Network Manager as the main factors influencing his system choice for The Times tour.
The system design consists of a total of 44 K1, 96 K2 and 24 Kara, plus 24 K1-SB and 40 SB28 subs, with K1 and Kara used for the main L/R hangs, K2 for out-fill and Kara for front-fill. Consistent bass coverage across diverse venues was accomplished with flown K1-SB and ground stacked SB28 subwoofers. The entire system was driven by 86 LA8 amplifier controllers.

dpa-microphonessnake-and-chopper-with-dpa-on-drumsphoto-credit-helene-marie-pambrunDPA microphones on drums for Harry Styles tour
Monday, 19 March 2018

Europe - Snake Newton, FOH engineer for Harry Styles, relies on DPA Microphones to mic up the entire drum kit for their current world tour production, performing over 20 confirmed dates across Europe before jetting off to Australia.
Snake opted for DPA d:dicate 4011 Cardioid Microphones on the snare top and ride, a d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphone on the hi-hat top and d:dicate 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid mics on the snare bottom, rack toms and floor toms.
His choice won the approval of monitor engineer Charlie ‘Chopper’ Bradley, who says, “I usually defer to Snake on microphone choice unless there is something that really isn’t working for me in the mix. On this occasion I am very pleased that he’s using DPA on the drum kit because I now have one of the most dynamic and natural sounding drum mixes I’ve ever had on a live tour.”
Harry Styles’ current tour has been travelling around the world since March 2017 and will complete in California at the end of July 2018. DPA microphones have been on the equipment list throughout and were chosen because they are a tried and tested solution, says Audio Crew Chief Rod Clarkson.
“We have been touring theatres in 2017 then arenas worldwide in 2018, with a relentless schedule,” says Clarkson. “Several of the theatres in the 2017 run could be said to be bucket list venues for a solo artist, but are certainly much smaller than those Harry has previously played. Many of the venues certainly have their own acoustic and logistical challenges for a show of this nature.”
Coping w

digicoBCS Audio chooses DiGiCo for major tours
Monday, 19 March 2018

UK - Born out of the back of van 24 years ago, BCS Audio has gone on to become one of the UK’s premier, multi-faceted pro audio companies. BCS owner David Shepherd explains why DiGiCo’s latest console, the SD12, was “an obvious investment” and the appropriate choice for the current James Arthur and Tom Odell tours.
“When the SD12 was launched, I could immediately see it being a very popular console because it’s such a great fit for both small and large jobs,” explains David. “The footprint of the console means it will fit into a bus or trailer, whilst its twin screens give it the feel of the larger consoles in the range, which helps Front of House engineers with speed of workflow. That’s why we bought two of them and they worked hard all summer on the tours, as well as for the both artists’ appearances during the busy festival season.”
“I was using an SD10 before going onto the SD12,” says Davy Ogilvy, FOH for Tom Odell. “It took a little while to adjust to the SD12, but it's a great desk. The smaller footprint made it easy to squeeze into crowded FOH tents during the festival season and the built-in UB MADI and DMI-Dante card have been endlessly useful.”
“It’s really affordable for smaller shows,” continues David, “and adding optics means it can be used in a much more flexible way with our existing consoles – we already have a large stock of DiGiCos including SD10s, SD8s and SD11s – whilst using SD Racks gives the SD12s more flexibility with the rest of our stock.
“I bought the consoles before any

luz-studioLüz Studio lights Børns with GLP X4 Series
Monday, 19 March 2018

Canada - Lüz Studio continues to provide highly inventive lighting solutions from its base in Montreal - currently for American singer-songwriter, Børns, on his Blue Madonna world tour. This opened in Oakland, CA, at the start of the year and will travel the globe during 2018.
Set up in 2005 by lighting/video designer Matthieu Larivée, Lüz Studio has frequently turned to GLP’s X4 platform for its requirements, and this latest tour has been no exception. The LD has made versatile use of 16x X4 Bar 20 battens and 14x impression X4, supplied by Upstaging of Chicago.
Børns’ 2016 Dopamine tour had been non-production tour, with no lighting whatsoever, so instead Lüz Studio designed a backdrop that would be fun to be lit by local LD’s. “There were three separate layers of Red, Blue and Green, so depending on the lighting used, a different backdrop would be created.” Lüz themselves were involved in lighting some of a few bigger shows.
When they started working on what would be Børns’ first full production tour a few months ago, Matthieu Larivée wanted to do something special with the lighting that reflected the artist’s world. “He is always super chic, has a super strong artistic vision and his music is poetic,” he said.
“Designing a club tour usually means a lighting floor package. I wanted to keep that in mind but I wanted to have a visual reference that would differentiate a Børns concert from the other acts that play in a club.”
His idea was for a unique canvas that would work well with the lights.

beer-park-3PixelFLEX creates rooftop experience at Beer Park
Monday, 19 March 2018

USA - Located on a 10,000sq.ft deck overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio, Beer Park at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino provides an exciting rooftop experience.
With over 100 eclectic beer options, including 36 beers on tap, the developers of the flagship location wanted the outdoor atmosphere to be a shining example of how to best enjoy the Las Vegas life. In this environment, they now needed a high-definition video display to be a focal point in the dynamic audio/visual design, so they worked with the design specialists at Ponto Solutions who chose a FLEXUltra 1.9mm LED video solution from PixelFLEX.
“The restaurant/bar design market is a big industry for us, and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the developers of Beer Park,” comments Matt Abbrederis, Ponto Solutions. “They really wanted this location to be a premier entertainment experience through an environment that’s exciting and upbeat. They also wanted to be able to draw people in off the Las Vegas strip, so we put together a complete audio/visual package that would help them accomplish all their goals, which ultimately included the high-definition FLEXUltra LED video display.”
Abbrederis continues: “In our initial design concepts, we wanted to wrap the LED video around the entire centre bar to resemble the NHL centre-ice or NBA centre-court scoreboards. Since this was the inaugural Beer Park location, we ended up first installing a four-panel LCD wall. After things got up and going, they saw the need for the LED video, so we flew them down to N

cafe-havana-2Harman fuels the rhythm at Café Havana
Monday, 19 March 2018

Philippines - Audiophile Components recently upgraded Café Havana Greenbelt’s aging sound system with a modern live audio solution by Harman Professional Solutions.
Founded by hospitality pioneer Larry J. Cruz, Café Havana is a traditional Cuban restaurant located in the Makati district of Manila. In its quest to celebrate all things Cuban, Café Havana features a nightly line-up of live salsa music for standing room only crowds.
When the restaurant’s previous sound system began to show signs of wear and tear after extensive use, management hired Audiophile to install a dependable, high-quality audio solution. Audiophile selected a complete Harman live sound reinforcement system comprised of JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers and Soundcraft mixing consoles.
With Café Havana’s nearly around-the-clock hours of operation, Audiophile faced a very limited timeframe to install the new system and rewire the existing audio and power cables. The seamless design of Harman’s audio solutions enabled Audiophile to overcome this challenge in a timely manner, ensuring the new system was installed and ready for the next day’s live music schedule without missing a beat.
For the main house system, Audiophile installed four JBL VRX932LA-1 compact line array speakers with JBL’s lightweight neodymium magnet Differential Drive woofer for high-power capacity. The VRX932LA-1 speakers were paired with two JBL SRX828SP dual 18-inch subwoofers.
The JBL speakers were powered by Crown XTi 6002 amplifiers. For mixing, Audiophile included a Soundcraft Si

solaframe-familyPL+S 2018: Hands-on with High End Systems
Monday, 19 March 2018

Germany - High End Systems is gearing up to exhibit its latest products on a dedicated stand at the upcoming Prolight + Sound trade show in Frankfurt. From 10-13 April, visitors can discover and explore a selection of products from the console and automated lighting manufacturer, in Hall 4.0 - D59.
The show will offer an opportunity for hands-on demos of a selection of High End’s Hog 4 family of lighting control consoles, designed for markets of all shapes and sizes - including Hog 4, Full Boar 4 and Road Hog 4. Visitors can also expect a surprise or two, and there will be a chance to see the new Hog 4 v.3.8.0 software, featuring a new desktop colour scheme called 'stealth,' and added external monitor/touchscreen capability for HedgeHog 4 console models.
A recent introduction to the Sola Series family of automated luminaires, SolaFrame 750 boasts a compact footprint but a huge feature set. A perfect fit for smaller to medium-sized venues, this fixture cuts through the competition with its 11,300 field lumens, 6–50 degree zoom, rotating gobo wheel plus fully continuous animation, and much more. SolaFrame 750 offers the widest array of effects currently available in a fixture of its size.
SolaFrame Theatre is the industry’s first automated LED luminaire to deliver completely silent operation. Engineered with no fans, it features a special high-CRI LED engine, delivers 15,000 field lumens, and features High End’s acclaimed full-frame shuttering system. SolaFrame Theatre is a natural fit for designers who work in television, film, t

avocast-switzerland-ltor-alain-suard-product-managerthomas-gottschlich-sales-silvio-cibiencast10Cast appointed Swiss distributor for Avolites
Friday, 16 March 2018

Switzerland - Avolites has reached an agreement with Cast Swiss Light Consulting for distribution of its full range of Titan lighting control and Ai media server products in Switzerland.
For more than 24 years Cast Swiss Light Consulting (Cast) has been a leading supplier of fixtures, lighting control, staging, power, signal distribution and accessories for the entertainment, theatre, studio and film industries. The agreement now sees the company become the sole distributor of Avolites control consoles and media servers in Switzerland.
"We were looking to expand to meet demand from our client base for top-class consoles and media server technology and we realised only a major player like Avolites could fill the gap," says Silvio Cibien, Cast's chairman. "We believe we are a great match - both companies are focused on delivering the best quality equipment for the industry and ensuring end user satisfaction."
Cast will now carry all of Avolites' Titan consoles and Ai media servers for the Swiss market. This includes everything from the Titan One to the Sapphire Touch console, from dimmers to the Ai line of industry-leading media servers.
"Like Cast, Avolites prides itself on its belief that 'the people' part of the equation is vital in ensuring our position as market leader is maintained," says Koy Neminathan, sales director of Avolites. "We are excited to work alongside Cast in Switzerland to deliver the very best complete visual control products to the vibrant industry there.
"As the Swiss market reaches new heights, and Avolites gears u

adamson-vannghegroup-mar18-hrVan Nghe Music is latest E-Series partner
Friday, 16 March 2018

Vietnam - Adamson Systems Engineering and its Vietnamese distributor, Van Lam Audio Equipment, have welcomed Ho Chi Minh City’s Van Nghe Music Centreas Vietnam’s first E-Series partner.
Following the delivery of Adamson’s Applied Certification training for Van Nghe Music Centre’s technicians, the company will demo its new system at Ho Chi Minh City’s Demo ProSound in Vietnam 2018 trade show from 22-23 March 2018.
“I had an opportunity to hear several products from Adamson’s E-Series and S-Series at an intimate demo in Hamburg last year, and was immediately impressed by the audio quality. I knew right there that we’d found the high-end system we’d been looking for that will help scale our company to the next level,” says Mr. Hieu Van Nghe, the owner and namesake of Van Nghe Music Center. “The support we’ve received from Van Lam, Sonos Libra in Thailand, and Adamson has been world class. We’re very confident in our decision and look forward to putting the system to work on larger events.”
The company’s new Adamson system is comprised of 24 E12 three-way, full range line array cabinets with 6 E219 and 8 E119 complementary subwoofers.
“We’re very happy to welcome Van Nghe Music Centre as our first E-Series partner and newest member of the elite Adamson Network,” comments Nguyen Duc Cuong, Owner of Van Lam Audio Equipment. “Our pro audio market in Vietnam has been advancing in recent years, and Van Nghe Music Centre is a major part of that trend.”
(Jim Evans)

aes-hearing-conf-2018AES hearing health conference set for Chicago
Friday, 16 March 2018

USA - The Audio Engineering Society will hold its third International Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders at Columbia College in downtown Chicago from 20-22 June.
The conference will focus on strategies and technologies for safer long-term hearing outcomes in the music industry and includes two days of papers and presentations augmented by lively panel discussions. Registration is now open, with Early Bird pricing through 15 April.
The Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders will feature presentations by a roster of notable audiologists and researchers. The keynote speech, Music for Brain Health will be delivered by esteemed scientist, inventor, and musician Nina Kraus, PhD, of Northwestern University.
Other notable presenters include Sharon Kujawa of Harvard, Dr. Marshall Chasin from Toronto, research psychologist Elizabeth Beach of Australia’s National Acoustic Laboratories, and Dr. Cory Portnuff of University of Colorado. Opening and closing remarks will be delivered by conference co-chairs, Bob Schulein of ImmersAV Technology and Dr. Michael Santucci, AuD, of Sensaphonics.
Panel discussions promise to bring key issues into sharp focus for conference attendees. Benj Kanters of will moderate an audiology panel on teaching strategies for hearing awareness and conservation. Another panel will feature touring audio engineer Mark Frink, addressing safe and effective mixing of in-ear monitors.
Overlooking Grant Park on Michigan Avenue in the heart of downtown Chicago, Columbia College offers a conv

bas-hoksbergenBas Hoksbergen joins SixEye in development role
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - SixEye is a new technology startup developing a flexible remote management platform which allows manufacturers and system integrators of lighting and audio-visual controls systems to provide a unified remote management solution under their own brand.
Bas Hoksbergen joins as SixEye is starting to bring on board manufacturer partners to integrate their products with its platform. His role will see him build relationships with new and potential customers and identify new markets for SixEye’s product.
SixEye CEO, Simon Hicks, describes the appointment as “The ideal combination of person, product and timing – we’re very pleased to be working with Bas as we bring SixEye’s solution to market. Having deployed large projects of exactly the kind that SixEye is designed to manage, Bas’s contribution will be invaluable as we add new features and fine tune the offer.”
Bas brings well over a decade of experience in the architectural lighting industry from previous roles with Philips ColorKinetics, Philips Lighting and Pharos Controls. In fact, Bas will continue to work part-time as Architectural Market Manager for Pharos Controls during the early stages of SixEye’s growth.
Pharos has signed up with SixEye as a partner manufacturer, so for Bas there’s a natural link between the roles. Bas comments, “SixEye’s approach to a remote management solution demonstrates a deep understanding of the needs of control system manufacturers and their customers, unrivalled in the market today. I’m excited to be joining them at the start of their

chris-philpott-operations-director-at-saville-avSaville AV appoints head of operations
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - Following a management buyout in May 2017, technical production company Saville is continuing its expansion of its in-house expertise with the appointment of international live event specialist, Chris Philpott, as head of operations for the live events division.
With over 15 years’ live events’ experience, Philpott has been brought on board to join the evolving senior leadership team and help shape the new generation Saville. The company has recently consolidated its national live event network to form two main operational hubs, located in Leeds and Guildford.
Joining Saville AV from Dubai-based Digicomm, where he was director of projects, Philpott was responsible for delivering technically challenging event experiences across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, for top global brands.
Colin Nixey, managing director of Saville Live Events, comments, “The live event industry is moving forward at an unprecedented pace and Saville fully intend to remain a leader within the technical production arena. Adding the kind of experience and expertise that Chris brings to the table is key to ensuring we achieve this.”
(Jim Evans)

allen--heath-c3500-surface-for-modern-servicesCathedral Church invests in Allen & Heath
Friday, 16 March 2018

USA - The Cathedral Church of the Advent, a 3,600-member Episcopal church in Birmingham, Alabama, recently completed installation of an Allen & Heath dLive system with C3500 Surface, CDM64 MixRack, IP8 Remote Controller and eight ME-1 Personal Mixers for the musicians.
Kent Michael, the Advent’s mix engineer, says, “We had recently ushered in a service on Sunday evenings that incorporated more modern instrumentation, so we needed a system that would be versatile and powerful enough to mix a full band for the evening service and simple enough to operate by our volunteer staff for the traditional services.”
dB Integrations of Gainesville, Georgia designed the Cathedral’s new audio system, installing the C3500 Surface on a rolling cart to make it easy to access for the church’s modern service. They also provided an IP8 Remote Controller for volunteers to mix the traditional services.
Catering for the different services, Michael uses dLive’s layers to manage the church’s multiple sources and scenes to select and route these sources for each service. “I’ve got a scene for the modern service, another for the traditional morning service, and a scene with Automatic Mic Mixing for events and services that are unmanned,” he said. The traditional scene assigns selected channels to the IP8 and Michael notes, “I’ve got the IP8 paired with the MixRack so we don’t have to roll out and set up the full surface for our traditional services.”
The church’s new system also includes eight Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Mixers an

miller-holiday-lites1Elation Q7 PARs weather the cold in Milwaukee
Friday, 16 March 2018

USA - Clearwing Productions of Milwaukee used Elation Professional’s Level Q7 IP RGBW Par lights on Miller Holiday Lites in Milwaukee for the entire month of December in cold weather with no issues then rolled them right into ‘big game’ festivities in Minneapolis in January, where they continued to perform in even colder weather.
Clearwing, who stock hundreds of the Level Q7 IP Par lights, provided all of the lighting, decor, video and audio equipment for Miller Holiday Lites in partnership with GMR Marketing, their second year decking the halls on State Street with GMR Marketing and Miller Brewery.
Miller Holiday Lites is a yearly family-friendly tradition in Milwaukee, where guests are invited to take a mini-tour down State Street, decorated with festive holiday lighting courtesy of Miller Brewing Company. Guests had the chance to view a five-minute programmed light show before enjoying other Miller Brewery tour activities, such as experiencing the caves and sampling a wide variety of Miller products.
Used for uplighting and wash lighting in several areas of the production, the Level Q7 IP fixtures, which house seven 15W RGBW LEDs for nearly unlimited colour options, were the “workhorse” of the Holiday Lites display according to Mercer Pinkston, account executive at Clearwing.
“Honestly, the most impressive feature of the Level Q7’s is the durability,” she said. “All of these fixtures sat outside in freezing temps, snow and heavy wind for well over a month. An interesting thing to note is that these exact fixtures went s

plymouthYamaha training visits dBs Music in Plymouth
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - Yamaha Commercial Audio UK has a key commitment to training the sound engineers of the future. One of the ways that the company achieves this is through taking training ‘on the road’ to education facilities around the UK. BA (Hons) Live Sound degree students at the Plymouth campus of dBs Music have been the latest to benefit from a session, provided by Yamaha’s Tom Rundle and Chris Irvine.
Founded in 1998, dBs Music provides a range of professional sound courses, aimed at students who want to be a DJ, composer, performer, producer, a live or studio engineer. The Live Sound degree course started in September 2017, with the emphasis very much on practical experience.
dBs has invested in a Yamaha CL5 digital console, plus Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D I/O units, for the course. To give the Live Sound degree students a more comprehensive rundown on Yamaha’s digital mixing systems, Tom and Chris travelled to Plymouth with QL5, TF5 and TF3 consoles, a second CL5, plus DXR10 loudspeakers and headphones.
“An important part of our Live Sound degree is guest lectures and technical presentations to enhance the curriculum, allowing students to see the latest technologies and to network with audio professionals and subject experts,” says course leader Jim Parsons.
“We have a long relationship with Yamaha Commercial Audio and it was an excellent next step to get an expert like Tom to explain the more complex aspects of our CL5, as well as demonstrating other consoles in Yamaha’s digital range.”
Tom led the day with a series of practi

old-dominionOld Dominion hit the road with GLP’s Force 120
Friday, 16 March 2018

USA - Experienced production designer Travis Shirley has recently been turning to the GLP fixture portfolio in order to meet some of his more demanding challenges.
Having used the company’s new revolutionary JDC1 hybrid strobe with his long-time charge, Enrique Iglesias, he has now become the first major adopter of GLP’s new Force 120 high speed, variable direction fan unit with internal RGB LED lighting - this time with country rock band, Old Dominion, having been introduced to the five-piece on their previous tour by manager, Will Hitchcock.
In mapping out their touring plan for 2018 the band chose to embark on their own arena size tour before supporting Kenny Chesney on stadium dates later in the year. “There was a determination to have a presence throughout the entire year, whether in a support or headlining capacity,” acknowledges Travis.
With the need to be adaptable between both scenarios, the LD had become aware of the Force 120’s impressive launch at last year’s LDI Show, and subsequent videos of the unit in action at the expo confirmed his belief that this could provide a unique design solution. He duly spoke with his vendor, David Haskell, president of Nashville based Morris, and the two men were soon heading to GLP’s US HQ in Los Angeles to take a first-hand look.
They spent a day at the facility, thoroughly checking suitability for the design, as well as the deployment requirements. “The moment I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the band,” Travis confirmed. “We wanted to look at the light and durability

ice-hockeyChristie technology scores with Golden Knights
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - The Vegas Golden Knights hockey team not only continues to impress the sporting world with its outstanding play, they are doing it in typical Las Vegas-style. A striking projection mapping show uses Christie projection and processing technology coupled with the expertise of Image Engineering to engage the crowd and bring the story of the Golden Knights to life on the ice at T-Mobile Arena.
Bringing a professional sports team to Las Vegas – a city known for showmanship and world-class entertainment is no small feat, and the Vegas Golden Knights have embraced the challenge of playing their home games in the Entertainment Capital of the World. One of the top priorities of the team is to create a truly memorable fan experience. The first-year National Hockey League (NHL) club uses 12 Christie WU20K-J projectors, Christie Mystique Install, Christie Pandoras Box and Christie Widget Designer to create the on-ice show.
Leading up to the team’s inaugural home game on 10 October 2017, the Vegas Golden Knights and Image Engineering had been collaborating and planning for months on the pre-game and in-game entertainment. However, when the horrific mass shooting occurred in Las Vegas on 1 October, the team wanted to respond to the tragedy and do its part to help the community grieve, heal and persevere. This necessitated building an entirely new show.
“We wanted to honour the victims, the survivors and the first responders - months of planning turned into a few days of planning. We were listening to the community and seeing what made the most sense,

mcnallyMcNally Enterprises adds EAW Adaptive
Friday, 16 March 2018

USA - McNally Enterprises is a 30-year old family-run business that has grown into one of the biggest scenic event companies for corporate events in California. The company recently made a substantial investment in Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) loudspeakers by adding a 12 enclosure Anna Adaptive System supported by six RADIUS RSX218 dual 18-inch subs as well as 24 RADIUS RSX208L line array cabinets, six RSX12M stage monitors and four RSX12 subwoofers to their inventory.
“My Dad started out years ago with EAW JF80s and KF300s,” explains Patrick McNally, director of events. “When we decided to upgrade to newer technology we checked out Anna and RADIUS. It was perfect, almost like coming full circle. Between both systems, we’re confident that we can provide our customers with the very best for years to come.”
Anna made its McNally Enterprises debut at a pregame event for the NBA All Star game held on the Event Deck in the Staple Centre parking lot. Like many of their jobs, the company provided the audio, staging, lighting, video and custom scenery for the occasion.
“When we fired Anna up it sounded amazing,” says company owner Meg McNally. “Our client was beyond happy and everyone involved with the event just couldn't get over how great it sounded. Anna really hit a home run for us.”
“EAW has already proven to be a company that supports their partners, which is something we value,” concludes Patrick McNally. “The training and help we have received is really impressive. We are very excited to be working with them again an


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