Artistic Licence releases Art-Net 3

Thursday, 28 July 2011
Artistic Licence releases Art-Net 3Art-Net3 retains all the popular features of its predecessors
UK - Artistic Licence Engineering has announced the release of Art-Net 3. Fully backward-compatible with previous versions, this free-of-charge Ethernet protocol is now capable of handling a staggering 32,768 universes (or 32 'Kiloverses')of DMX lighting control.

Art-Net3 retains all the popular features of its predecessors (Art-Net I andArt-Net II), being simple to implement, highly efficient and available in the public domain, says the company. Crucially, all existing Art-Net I and II devices will operate seamlessly with Art-Net 3.

The key difference of Art-Net 3 is its data capacity - at least two orders of magnitude greater than the 256 universe limit of Art-Net II.

WhenArt-Net I was released about a decade ago, lighting control demands rarely exceeded a handful of Universes. By the time Art-Net II arrived in 2006, thebenchmark had increased to a few dozen. Today, fuelled by the explosive growthin LED technology, the largest installations have already reached the 250Universe mark.

"Given the rate at which the data volumes are increasing, the need for Art-Net 3 is absolute," says Artistic Licence Engineering technical director, Wayne Howell. "Already, numerous Kiloverse projects are under discussion worldwide. This will still seem inconceivable to many."

(Jim Evans)

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