Clay Paky with Jennifer Lopez in Minsk

Friday, 19 October 2012
Clay Paky with Jennifer Lopez in MinskJennifer Lopez live in Belarus
Belarus - Jennifer Lopez's dynamic Dance Again World Tour came alive in Minsk with the help of a super-bright rig of Clay Paky luminaires.

Lighting designer Sean Burke's vision was for a fast-paced lighting show to match Lopez's dance-inspired music and passionate choreography - and it was met by Belarus'-based Ilya Piatrouski of FE Belimlight whose inventory of Clay Paky fixtures stepped up to the challenge.

"Arriving in Minsk, all luminaires needed to be sourced locally, so we were relying on local supplier Belimlight to come up with the goods," explains Burke. "The system was to comprise of Clay Paky units in the majority. Given the quantity of fixtures required for the performance we had a mixture of different types of Alpha profile and spot fixtures. Having not used them many times I was looking forward to seeing what they could do."

Belimlight's Ilya Piatrouski comments,"Sean wanted super bright, super fast fixtures to deliver the beam effects his design demands, so we chose to use Clay Paky Alpha Spots HPE 1500, Clay Paky Sharpys and A.leda Wash K10 because we felt the Alpha Spot is the better spot on the market.

"Sharpy is an amazing fixture," continues Piatrouski. "They provided stunningly bright and fast beams. Sean was looking for a small, powerful unit to position at the bottom of the screen to fill stage with dynamic beam - and he got it."

However, it was the K10s that provided the real surprise for Piatrouski - "They really are much brighter and faster than comparable fixtures on the market. Sean used it with aerial beam effects and like a wash fixture and said he was amazed how effective it was."

(Jim Evans)

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