Color Force at NSW University

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

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Australia - The Venue and Events department of the University of New South Wales has recently invested seven Chroma-Q Color Force 72 / 1.8m LED battens to provide wash lighting effects for its various productions. The Chroma-Q Color Forces are mainly used in the University's Science Theatre which hosts a variety of performances including dance, theatre, community projects and award ceremonies.

"It was time to replace our old tungsten cyc lights and moving towards an LED future was the best option," commented Padaric Meredith-Keller, senior theatre technician. "Not only will we save energy but also hours of labour time spent replacing gels and bubbles that would regularly die."

The department already owns several Chroma-Q products all of which have performed flawlessly. "We've been happy with our Chroma-Q products as they have a great light quality plus they have a really good reputation," Meredith-Keller said. "Jands gave us a demo of the Color Force battens and we really liked the natural amber that they delivered as well as the nice, smooth transitions. I've found that similar fixtures on the market tend to be a lot jerkier.

"They're going to work really well in our venue - the quality of the cyc lighting is now much better and the options we have with them is much greater. We run these fixtures twelve hours a day during periods of high occupancy and are looking forward to all the advantages of the 50,000 hour lamp life now afforded to us."

The Color Force fixtures were supplied by Soundcorp.

(Jim Evans)

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