DDP develops low profile linear fixture

Wednesday, 27 July 2011
DDP develops low profile linear fixtureThe WashGrazeLV lighting system incorporates secondary optics
USA - DDP has developed a line voltage linear lighting fixture optimized for continuous surface grazing and wall-washing applications. Designated WashGrazeLV, the low-profile LED lighting fixture offers "seamless light quality and substantial energy savings for new installations and lighting retrofits requiring high-efficacy white light".

Part of the Emerge LED Lighting product family, the WashGrazeLV lighting system incorporates secondary optics that allow lighting designers to select up to six beam angles and six colour temperatures to illuminate or accent any intricate architectural lighting application.

Designed to operate from 120VAC to 277VAC without remote drivers, the WashGrazeLV lighting fixture consumes only 17 watts per foot while providing upwards of 850 lumens per foot and efficacy of 50 lumens per watt.

"We designed our WGLV lighting system in response to numerous requests from specifiers for line-voltage LED lighting applications. Our challenge was to incorporate optics, high-efficacy LED technology and integral drivers into a small, linear mechanical design that is easy to mount and conceal. We designed this product to enable lighting designers to specify a long-life LED optical device that delivers the appropriate light color seamlessly and precisely where the designer needs it," said Tony Toniolo, DDP president.

(Jim Evans)

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