DPA enhances Vienna Boys Choir in KL

Tuesday, 3 January 2012
DPA enhances Vienna Boys Choir in KLThe Vienna Boys Choir performed at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Malaysia - The Vienna Boys Choir performed in the Plenary Hall of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in November, miked with DPA 2011C mics provided by Orange Events, a KL-based rental company.

Blurr Wong, owner of Orange Events, Blurr used two matched-pairs of DPA 2011C twin diaphragm compact cardioids from DPA's new Reference Standard series to mic the 30-piece choir. "These mics are special," says Blurr. "The twin diaphragm capsule design, combined with meticulous engineering, has resulted in the product being a good all-rounder mic. It sounds luscious."

Blurr also used a sensitivity-selected pair of DPA 4099P instrument clip mics for miking the grand piano, with one mic positioned at each end of the strings and the lid half open. "The 4099's small but packs lot of punches, allowing you to achieve studio-like quality in a live environment," continues Blurr. "With the extensive range of DPA mounting accessories available, these mics may also be used with other instruments, giving a flexibility which is extremely useful for rental houses."

(Jim Evans)

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