Free Advice Session for freelancers at PLASA Focus

Tuesday, 21 April 2009
Free Advice Session for freelancers at PLASA Focus
UK - If you're an established freelancer or just starting out in the industry, you can take advantage of a free advice session being run as part of the programme of seminars at next week's PLASA Focus event in Leeds (28-29 April).

This one-hour session, which takes place at 12pm on Wednesday 29 April at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, will provide freelancers with an overview of a wide range of areas relevant to their working lives, including an examination of key legal requirements and responsibilities.

Its main focus will be an introduction to Health & Safety law for freelancers, including a review of risk management, individual levels of responsibility and risk assessment practices. It will also provide an understanding of financial issues such as IR35 and what it means for an individual's self employment status, outlining the measures that can be taken to protect it. There will also be a brief update on copyright and IP law and the session will conclude with a quick introduction to the range of legal, financial, technical and health & safety advisory services provided by PLASA.

A Q&A forum will be available followed by a brief networking session where attendees can talk with a range of specialist advisers on all the above issues, together with experts on copyright protection, insurance and healthcare.

To register for the seminar, you also need to register to attend PLASA Focus - all of which is free (plus there's a free lunch too). Simply log on to the website address shown below.

If you'd like further details in advance, please e-mail

*In other news from the organisers of PLASA Focus, PLASA Events Ltd report that next week's event has attracted close-on 2000 visitor pre-registrations, while recent exhibitor bookings include Harlequin Floors - the specialist in flooring surfaces for the performing arts - and Road Ready Cases, manufacturer of flightcases and bags for the entertainment industry.

(Lee Baldock)

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