GearSource Europe looks east

Thursday, 12 July 2012
GearSource Europe looks eastIrina Gromova - area consultant for Russia and CIS countries
UK / Rusisa - GearSource Europe has appointed Irina Gromova as an area consultant for Russia and CIS countries. Irina has a long and varied background in the entertainment industry, having specialised in foreign trade for leading Russian companies over the last 10 years.

Gromova comments: "The offer made by Garry Nelsson was a challenge for me, which I accepted with enthusiasm. I have known Garry for many years, and was excited by the chance to join his professional team. The first task was to take over the existing operations of GSE in Russia and other East European and Asian countries of the former USSR, as well as to develop sales and increase exposure to the product range in this territory. I am totally committed to using this chance to develop the GSE business here, and make it of benefit for both the company and our customers."

Garry Nelsson adds: "We saw the Eastern European market as one that showed great potential for what we offer so needed a person who could take over and widen our operations in this area, bearing in mind the differences in legislation and border issues. With her long-term background in the entertainment industry and understanding of operations relating to import matters, Irina seemed to be an ideal candidate for this role. We expect her to bring a fresh approach to this market and establish a firm and long-term presence for GSE."

(Jim Evans)

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