HK Audio pleases Polish dancers

Tuesday, 29 July 2008
HK Audio pleases Polish dancers
Poland - Home to a classical dance group and offering courses in competitive rumba, tango, and waltz, the local dance hall in the lower Silesian city of Bielawa attracts fans of many different dancing styles.

The venue's owner Waclaw Szwaczka has furnished his 300-capacity hall with lavish appointments. On the audio front, he has opted for two CTA 208 high-/midrange enclosures and two CTA 118 subwoofers from HK Audio. The Polish HK Audio dealer AMTEC installed the units after a live demo.

Waclaw Szwaczka comments: "I had several reasons for choosing the Contour Array. On the one hand, the system's dimensions are compact, yet it provides enough power for this relatively big dance hall. Its sound is articulate and good.

And because it is an active system that does not require a separate rack, amp, or controller, we don't have a mess of cables in the hall. What's more, the system is so easy to handle. So far, dance groups and organizers' response to the system and the sound has been altogether positive, which is very gratifying."

(Jim Evans)

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