Infinity laser projectors with updated features

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Infinity laser projectors with updated features
Germany - MediaLas has added new enhancements to the high end Infinity show laser projectors. Already the recipient of two industry awards, the Infinity is still MediaLas' "top-of-the-line product with many unconventional und extremely useful features for professional event companies and exclusive clubs."

"Besides the well-known, superb beam and color quality, the Infinity has been enhanced on the processing side," says the company. "A new firmware boosts both safety and reliability of the entire system. The computerized safety inside the Infinity even corrects user programming errors in some ways, be limiting the single point exposure time of the laser deflection system, and therefore smoothing the total irradiance of high powered laser rays. Further firmware updates have been released for the network client inside the Infinity, that allows to control the entire system via standard CAT5 network. Up to 255 units can run simultaneously and independent."

Latest optics and laser development has been applied to the 2012 Infinity model, to take brightness and laser beam impact to a new level. The divergence angle has been reduced, and colour match improved for even better colour saturation.

(Claire Beeson)

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