J-Series arrives at Sun City Super Bowl

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
J-Series arrives at Sun City Super Bowld&B J Series line array system heads for Sun City
South Africa - Sun City Resort is home to one of Southern Africa's major venues for entertainment, the Super Bowl. This indoor venue, which can seat 6,855 people for a show or handle up to 10 500, with a standing configuration downstairs, has recently taken delivery of a new J-Series line array system, installed and supplied by Stage Audio Works.

The new sound system, designed by Gustav Barnard from Stage Audio Works and Stefan Goertz from d&b Audiotechnik, comprises of 16 J8 and four J12 Line Array modules, together with flown arrays of five deep J-SUB per side together with four J-INFRA and Q-Series out-fill. The entire system design was first conceptualised and designed using d&b's ArrayCalc and simulated in acoustic prediction software, EASE, to ensure optimal design.

Alan Barry, head of sound for the Sun City entertainment department commented, "After quite a few years of deliberation and homework, we finally got the budget to replace our old faithful PA system that has served us so well for the last 22 years. Technology has radically changed in those years, and it was time to get up to date. The decision to go d&b was not taken lightly, and there are many variables that had to be considered."

"The support and enthusiasm from d&b locally and internationally leading up to the purchase of the system, was a major factor in Sun City buying d&b. I am confident that we have made the right choice and look forward to a very successful d&b partnership."

Gustav Barnard from Stage Audio Works added, "It is great to have d&b installed in such a prestigious venue with a long standing heritage of hosting both international and national touring shows. The system ensures maximum flexibility to adapt to the demands of the venue."

Onsite training and commissioning was overseen by Barnard and Goertz. The d&b remote network allows the system to be monitored anywhere in the venue. Artists to perform on the new system for the first time include, Jeff Dunham, Sun City Spring Break DJs and virtuoso South African artists during Huisgenoot Skouspel, South Africa's premier Afrikaans concert.

(Jim Evans)

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