Le Mark's Studio Floor for The Angelos set

Friday, 24 August 2012

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UK - Le Mark's Gloss Black StudioTak Studio Floor has once again be seen on one of Channel 4's primetime shows. The floors was used on the main set for a new series of The Angelos Epithemiou Show which has already been a huge hit. Landing straight into a Friday night slot, with some of the UK's biggest names appearing in recent episodes.

Le Mark's Sharon Marshall says, "The set looks stunning and it's always a great achievement to see our stage floor in use, especially on such primetime shows. StudioTak is such an ideal product for non-permanent sets as the floor can easily be installed and removed in minimal time. We've worked with Dormatt Construction Ltd. who have built the Angelos set for a number of years. They're a great team and one we have every confidence in making sure our studio floors look amazing every time."

(Jim Evans)

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