Lightweight Pixled LED screens at LDI

Monday, 9 November 2009
Lightweight Pixled LED screens at LDIJay-Z was one of a number of leading acts to tour with Pixled LED screens this year
USA - In its first year of production, Pixled products have been used on tours including Keith Urban, Coldplay, Pink and Jay-Z as well as many televised events including the Eurovision Song Contest. Pixled, which was well received during its official European launch at PLASA in London in Septemberwill be presented at the upcoming LDI in Orlando this month.

Originally beta tested as the F LED 11 and the Spider 40, the products were lauded for their exceptional light weight yet uncompromised quality of the LED video imaging, says the company. Pixled's entire product line, ranging from the high resolution F-7 7mm to the transparent and bright F-40 40mm resolution, offers users a wide variety of options from cost-efficient high-resolution LED solutions to ultra-lightweight, virtually transparent screens.

The Pixled product weighs about one-fifth of many other products on the market enabling LEDs to be installed in more places and ways than before. "Timing could not have been better to introduce Pixled to the industry," says Norah de Bekker, sales and marketing for Pixled. "With the economic climate this past year, the determining factor for many of our clients to use the Pixled products was the enormous savings.

"Besides labour and transport, we have seen tens of thousands of dollars in savings on the reduced rigging costs alone." With less technical limitations for creative designs and faster installations requiring smaller crews and less rigging, designers have been freed to bend a few borders, curve a few walls regardless of designing for spaces large or small.

(Jim Evans)

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