Maiden drummer relies on ConTour Series

Monday, 4 July 2011
Maiden drummer relies on ConTour SeriesIron Maiden are currently touring the planet to promote their new album
World - Iron Maiden are currently touring the planet to promote their new album The final Frontier". An important element for a succesful show is drummer Nicko Mc Brain's HK Audio ConTour Series drum-fill system that has been part of his backline already for more than six years.

Comments McBrain, "Once I have found the equipment that suits my needs best, I like to keep using it as long as possible: I have been using Premier Drums and Paiste cymbals for a very long time and I am very happy with their equipment. Since 2005, HK audio has joined the little group of suppliers I work with. I use two ConTour Series CT 112 monitors and an SL 218 2x18" subwoofer as my drum-fill system.

"We're quite a loud band on stage as you can imagine, so I need a system that has lots of power and headroom. With vocals, three guitars a bass player like Steve Harris and the amount of kit that I have, it is also important that the system offers a very precise and natural reproduction of the given signals - and this is exactly what my HK Audio rig delivers. Over three world tours and several festival shows, this system has never let us down and keeps annoying my band mates night after night as I like it loud," he lstates.

"The mid/high units of McBrain's drum-fill system receive two different sends from the monitor console so that each CT 112 cabinet just deals with parts of the whole bands' signals. The subwoofer receives a mono signal from Bass and Kickdrum. This ends up in a better resolution and more headroom," comments monitor engineer Steve "Gonzo" Smith.

(Jim Evans)

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