Outline showcases iMode at InfoComm

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
Outline showcases iMode at InfoCommiMode technology embeds a Linux-based CPU with integrated DSP chip
USA - Outline will showcase its iMode intelligent digital loudspeaker control platform at InfoComm 2011. iMode technology embeds a Linux-based CPU - with integrated DSP chip, parameter control software and web server - right into its powered speaker systems, thereby streamlining setup and control by eliminating the outboard gear between the console and power amplifier. Winner of a PLASA Innovation Award in 2010, iMode represents the next step in the marriage of loudspeakers, amplifiers and IT, says the company.

"When looking at what the next logical step should be for advancing digital parameter control for its self-powered loudspeakers, Outline decided to go to an entirely different level than anyone in the market by developing iMode," says Tom Bensen, senior vice-president and managing director of Outline North America.

"Not content with simply adding a DSP chip to the integrated power amplifier, Outline has essentially put the computer in the speaker cabinet itself. This allows a user to tune a speaker through any Internet-capable computer, including iPhone and iPad-type smart devices. The entire concept of iMode eliminates reliance on a string of outboard signal processing equipment and external power amplifiers, as the audio signal comes to the speaker cabinet directly from the mixing console."

(Jim Evans)

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